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How about the gif reactions of the whole RFA + Minor Trio to MC giving them a lap dance~? Have a nice day!

GAH!! My first Gif request!!! Thank you and I hope this is alright!

Jaehee: Jaehee is blushing~~

Yoosung: Let’s be honest he’s just blushing so harshly.

Zen: Zen, he’s just a mixture of shock and temptation.

Jumin: THIS BOY IS SMIRKING… but he does let out a small chuckle.

Saeyoung: Let’s be honest he’s a dork. Even when being given a lapdance. He’s like dancing along to the music like a weirdo. 

Saeran: He looks disinterested but low key is smirking.

Jihyun: what I cant see. Jk. But he’s kinda confused? But once he gets it. He blushes lightly.

Vanderwood: Much like Saeran, he looks disinterested. But like. He’s enjoying it


I remember i watched a video where hoseok (most likely) asked jungkook who he wanted to room with and jungkook replied that he wanted his own room. which he now has. 

then WHY does he keep going to jimin and hoseok’s room and going so far as to ask hoseok to keep it available for him…?? ?  like ??? ?

also where is hoseok sleeping then???  i cant see hoseok sharing a bed when there is another bed available in the dorm. its not like they are pressed for space anymore. OuO

jk, just say you want to be roommates with jimin and be done with it instead of all this moving around. you aren’t fooling anyone. 

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Heyo! So I'm so overly hufflepuff that I almost cried when I found out sunflowers completely die every year (bc they are may babies I love them!) So can I get RFA + V and Saeran for MC in this situation? Sorry if this is weird, luv u ^^

yo yo yo!
Weird is good!
[ Admin Jiyeon ]

RFA + V & Saeran react to an MC who cried because sunflowers died


  • aww what a precious person
  • “so cute, someone protect MC!” 
  • He’d cry too tbh
  • Sunflowers are very nice for him, 
  • They’re bright, yellow (even if it reminds him of yoosung) it’s pure
  • for him, its a sign of hope or something 
  • but he’d also buy you some sunflowers every year (sometimes even the artificial ones so he cant see you cry)


  • cries
  • “Im sad because it reminds me of Rika”
  • lol sorry
  • He’d also cry because this boi is very soft hearted and he’s really a gentle person
  • so yea 
  • sunflowers for him, are kinda like a normal plant that is beautifully simple 
  • It’s plain yellow, then brown and green, simple but beautiful
  • He likes simple things so yes! “Like you, MC, you’re simple but beautiful!”


  • She has neutral emotions for sunflowers so she’d find it sad that MC cries that their sunflowers had died
  • Because it was really pretty and added an old fashion aesthetic to the designs
  • On more serious notes, she’d find it a little weird but she would melt at how soft you are
  • “Aww, MC… that’s.. cute.”
  • and that’s gay but who’s complaining 
  • “It’s okay, MC we can always buy another one every year.”
  • for her, sunflowers are just plants but since she was/is an assistant and im sure she researched plants, she’d know more about the meaning than her own connotative meaning


  • “do you know we can always buy one”
  • “stop crying its making me want to buy you every sunflower that exists.”
  • He’d be more logically thinking and says “its okay. Nothing lasts forever except our love. It lasts.”
  • Sunflowers for him dont really bother him. For him, it’s kinda too plain (its my hc of Jumin okAY CHILL) 
  • Imo, he’d prefer seeing more extravagant and beautiful flowers but there was that time when smol jihyun and smol jumin went to picture sunflowers because his bestfriend is too nice and polite to ask to go
  • like Jaehee, he’d know more about the dictionary meaning than his own


  • “what a crybaby” takes a video for future blackmail 
  • also, he knows 
  • but he’d also feel sad and he gets reminded people and plants actually die
  • He knows MC would die
  • he would die
  • the whole RFA would die
  • Saeran would die
  • just… everyone. and the new generations passes on. 
  • “its okay MC… let’s go buy sunflowers soon, now dont be sad okay? Come, let’s go prank Yoosung!” 
  • Sunflower’s death reminds him of death in general, however the sunflowers remind him of his own eyes. It’s nice, unique and simple

V/Jihyun Kim

  • he’d c r y lets be honest here
  • V is a marshmallow and he loVES PLANTS!! He loves them so much so he also cried
  • sunflowers are precious to him too. It holds memories. Lots of them
  • “Don’t worry MC, till death do us apart.” (idk if its correct rip) 
  • “When we marry, I want you to personally have a sunflower in your bouquet. It will  be our symbol to leave the past behind us and that how soft hearted you are.”
  • What a man!
  • lets pretend he can see ok let me live
  • Symbols of sunflowers for him are pure, sincerity, simplicity, memories of Rika, Jumin and new memories with MC 


  • Why would you cry over a sunflower.”
  • “It’s just flower. Everyone and everything eventually dies.”
  • for him its very weird
  • he prefers you crying over something more meaningful 
  • Im not saying he has a tough heart but the idea for him is a huge turn off (imo) 
  • It’s like saying you cried because your phone died
  • so
  • yeah
  • eventually, he just gets used to MC’s yearly sunflower deaths rants but he still doesnt know why MC would cry over that thing
  • Symbols for sunflowers: he probably doesnt have “its just a flower.” 
Responses to {Part 27} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU Asks~

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(I have also included asks that I received before this IWSY chapter was posted ^^)


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Heeey, honey, please dont feel bad because someone rejected your work, it happens a lot, for example, do you know how many times JK Rowling had her HP books rejected? A fucking lot, maybe she felt really bad, but today look at her! And I bet that those who rejected her feel really stupid right now. Some people cant see a masterpiece even if its in front of their fucking faces, but thats ok, because its going to work, I believe in your talent Ally.❤

Thank you so much. I had a while where I doubted myself, but I listened to In the Heights and it helped, plus all these messages <3 Thank you so much for your support <3 

BTS: Realest OTP Group [NAMJIN]


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JUST LOOK AT THEM. (btw they’re saying hi~)

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OLDIES (grandparents tbh but i love them)

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this ship existed even BEFORE debut of BTS i say!

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the ‘we-cant-dance-line’

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and namjoon’s so tall that Jin could rest on his shoulders peacefully

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I can totally see them having a cook-night-in and joonie destroying the kitchen ^^ (cue sexy bgm)

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doing same things again!

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/jungkook voice/ im done

you know who i’ll be posting next ^6 and im saving the best for the last ^^

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i havent watched wynonna earp and i was wondering if you could explain to me the contents of the show and whats it about so i can see if i wanna watch it?

it’s a shitshow but it’s our shitshow

lol jk anyway there’s this girl wynonna and i cant even begin to unpack her character shes so complex and amazing and i love her anyway shes the descendant of wyatt earp (an actual person so u can just google him) and since she’s the earp heir it’s up to her to use her special gun peacemaker to take out all the revenants (who are the outlaws wyatt killed reincarnated) so she can end the earp curse and it’s a good time go and watch it my pal

like that’s just the base premise of the show there’s so much else to it