jk what do i know

Also, do you wanna know why it makes no sense if Graves never comes back? Because a huge part of Credence’s story and Credence’s character was shaped by him. The man used and manipulated him before betraying him in the worst way possible and there is no way that Credence won’t remember it for years to come. As we already know that Credence is going to become an important character in this story, I cannot believe that Rowling could let such an important thing for him go without ever being mentioned or solved again. It has to be discussed at some point. It has to. So there’s still hope.

tbh Baz with eyeliner is the only thing i need in my life

baz with soft smudgy, dark dark dark eyeliner

baz with killer winged eyeliner, so on point you could stab someone with it

baz with glittery eyeliner that brings out so many colors in his eyes

baz with eyeliner

Finally did a sketch I like for my fav part in @gutter-girl-100‘s story, And There were Daffodils in Her Eyes. Go give it a read!

(I will digitize this later this week, happy V day tho.)

They like to wear skirts and makeup together sometimes (*´▽`*)

stop holding onto the past



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ur profile picture is almost the same as my crush's profile picture on instagram, and everytime i see it in the corner of my eye my heart skips a beat

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