jk we're not

  • Every fandom ever: omg my ship is so perfect, why can't they see they're meant for each other???!!
  • Carry on fandom: AHAHAHAhAHAhaHAAHAHAHAahaAHA
  • Carry on fandom: IN YOur FACE
  • Carry on fandom: TAKE THAT *punts carry on cover art*
  • Carry on fandom: AND THAT *rolls in romantic quotes*
  • Carry on fandom: AAAANNNND THAT! *hurls chapter 61*

@noonicorn replied to your post “so many people have copied your theme lmao”

yep im guilty
i was like “heck yes i love sandy’s theme”
so i stole it
*lenny face*
and i would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling anons


Icecream Taco sketch dump. Because why make comic pages when you can MAKE THISS!! 


i reckon that star wars and harry potter have a lot in common in that neither of their creators were really prepared for what they created and so their fiction just isn’t strong enough. Like they’re both amazing (harry potter is my favourite thing ever really) but their worlds and plots are both so shaky when subjected to the level of dedicated scrutiny by the fanbase. And that’s because they were never really intended to be so carefully analysed, a great deal of effort went in to them of course but neither Lucas or Rowling was expecting to garner such a huge following. And they’ve both responded in the same way which is to try and expand and to come up with increasingly complicated  solutions, which has led to…mixed results i guess? But at no point would they be allowed to just say “X is like that because it’s fiction, I wrote it 10+ years ago: I didn’t think i would need to have some grand unified theory of this world.” They could never say that because it would ruin their world for so many fans and it would mean giving up creative control of this thing that they worked so hard on. Idk if that’s a bad thing or not: like u do u n all, but they aren’t and never expected, nor in all probability wanted to be, Tolkien even if we persist in treating them as such.

Edd: “Y-yeah…”

Matt: “E-Edd … I’m scared…”

Edd: “I’m … I’m sure it’ll be fine, Matt … We gave them back their letter…”

Patryk: “…”

Patryk: “Looks like these are the guys.”

Paul: “What about the third one? Tom?”

Patryk: “I’m sure the Red Leader could take him. Besides, it sounds like Tord has some personal business with him.”

Paul: “Fair enough. Let’s just not tell him we purposefully didn’t shoot the third one…”

Patryk: “Yeah … we don’t want to be discharged from the Army.”

Edd: “I … I can’t believe Tord is alive … that he would do this to us … that he would want us dead.”

Paul: “Oh no, not dead.”

Patryk: “Yeah. Just forgotten.”

Edd: “!!!”

Edd: “Wait, what–”


-Mod Matt

Honestly I hate snotstrid so much because I’m just trying to write a nice awkward conversation after they threw joint tantrums and flipped each other off in public and they just have to start arguing until Astrid angry throws paper into the trash and snotlout just HAS to compliment her aim even though she’s calling him concussed and they should just MAKE OUT AND PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY BUT NO THAT WOULD BE TOOOOOOO NICE