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Anon: I don’t know if I misunderstood but it seems Jungkook always looks like he’s very careful with his skinship with Jimin? Other than lots of back hugs, kook seems (ah i don’t know the word) reluctant? He has no problem lying in other member’s chest or holding his same age friend’s waist or hands or even yesterday he just rest his head near mingyu’s chest. But with Jimin, when he’s about to hold or touch but always seem to hold himself back. I wonder why. TT Btw, I really really love your analysis.

So what you’re asking me is this: besides rubbing his dick against Jimin’s ass all the time, what else has JK done to show that he’s interested in Jimin? I’m kiddingㅋㅋ Sort of. We talk a lot about back hugs because we see a lot of it with this couple but Jungkook isn’t “reluctant” when it comes to touching Jimin at all. It’s quite the opposite. 

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i never thought tae///kook is real because they slept next to each other in bon voyage, i mean i slept next to my best friend and sister so many times, jk said ''i want you'' for jimin for three times, i dont know what else they want

personally, tae/kook has always been 100% bros being bros, strictly-platonic-maybe-they-crushed-on-each-other-for-five-minutes type of relationship to me. I’ve been best friends with the same girl for almost 9 years, and we act like Tae/kook. We used to have a handshake (like tae/kook do), we slept in the same bed before (like tae/kook have), we address each other as best friends as ‘loser’ and ‘stupid’ (like jungkook said him and tae are ‘dumb and dumber’ friends). There has never been a tae/kook moment that made me think they were romantically involved or crushing on each other. It seems like a bro-filled platonic love. So, the only tae/kook moment that i could think of at the time was the bon voyage behind the scenes sleeping photos.
But as I said…. the evidence that Jikook shippers have….. just makes Jikook seem so realistic and pure and full of romantic love. There’s so many instances where I see a Jikook moment and have to take a step back because they were just too REAL. Like this hotel room thing, or the pat on the head in the recent vlive (where jimin had leaned forward as if too kiss jungkooks head), or Jimin’s twitter video on JK’s grad day, or Jungkook physically retracting his hand and curling it into a fist when he accidentally caressed Jimin’s back, or the most recent backhug where Jungkook just seemed… at home with his head resting in Jimin’s neck. It just seems too real to me, so much that it scares me.

me yesterday: who is bella thorne

me today, after seeing that she broke up with her boyfriend to date her cute girl best friend and stated explicitly that she was bisexual: Be be be my BFF Cause IDK what’s coming next And I’ll be LMHO with the rest So TTYLXOX Be be be my BFF Cause IDK what’s coming next And I’ll be LMHO with the rest So TTYLXOX Show up in the same dress We don’t know who wore it best Not make a big deal Act like it’s a new trend Look good when we go round here Try on these boots I found this boy who says you’re sweet He’s got a best friend (You’ll always be mine) Be be be my BFF Cause IDK what’s coming next And I’ll be LMHO with the rest So TTYLXOXBe be be my BFF Cause IDK what’s coming next And I’ll be LMHO with the rest So TTYLXOX I’m a better me When you’re here next to me I’m JK can’t you tell We’re ROTFFL Who needs wo

Dating T.O.P. Would Be Like

yo yo yo I magically finished all my English homework and i’m sitting I’m my school’s lounge as I’m waiting for my friend’s class to finish so I can go home!! yay!! lmao i’m skipping spanish class tho sorry. (jk not SORRY AT ALL IT SUCKS)

  • Okay so here we goo off to a magical land!!
  • he’s such a darling we all know this
  • he would be the perfect gentleman whenever you’re with him!
  • he would always have to bend down a lil bit to kiss u lmao no matter how tall u are
  • u would like…have to hug his waist lol good luck w those back hugs u ain’t getting C L O S E to putting ur chin on his shoulder
  • backlogs are a MUST HAVE in any relationship tbh but especially in this one bc he would just
  • love
  • to hold you
  • I feel like he can be shy w cuddles so u would have to wait until he initiated the cuddles bc he’s tol but he’s a Gentle Tol 
  • but yeah he would literally just encompass you when u cuddled like even if u were laying on his chest his whole body would just wrap around u like a burrito
  • congrats ur the cutest burrito couple
  • ALWAYS the big spoon. always. always. unless ur sick, then u can be the big spoon just bc he loves u and wants u to feel better
  • would be w e a k for u 
  • y'all would have the weirdest fights okay just like
  • “darling can we watch Zootopia?”
  • “No i wanna watch big hero 6″
  • Seunghyun we’ve watched that 12 times this week”
  • “but bae”
  • or about who used the last of the toothpaste and didn’t replace the bottle lmao that happens at my house 24/7
  • y'all would have dates that consisted of take out or one of u 2 cooking, drinking fancy wine(or grape juice if ur like me and don’t like alcohol lmao) 
  • and movie dates if u 2 were feeling extra lazy
  • *and this is where u fight over what movie u wanna watch*
  • usually he wins and ya’ll watch either some weird artsy sophisticated movie 
  • or an kid’s movie 
  • theres no in between
  • you would be watching the movie but he would have gotten distracted by running his hands through your hair and smelling it 
  • bc wow ur hair smells so good and it smells like you which is so comforting to him
  • u 2 would fall asleep holding hands n it would be so cute 
  • u would come w the rest of BB to a tv performance and he would sneakily be sending u hearts as he gets his makeup done 
  • and then Jiyong would catch u 2 and be like. gross. we r in public how daRE U 
  • jiyong chill ur just jealous of our love
  • “U like??” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • top plz
  • “let’s take a selca for instagram!!””okay!”
  • “what r u doing”
  • “smiling??”
  • “no no honey pie do what i do okay”
  • lmao u buy him a chair and he loves it 
  • ur a lil concerned he loves it more then u but that’s okay
  • “hey can we get a couch?”
  • “no.”
  • u actually bought him the chair bc u didn’t want to get him a chair for his birthday but u know what u ended up getting him?
  • a chair.
  • scrolling through his instagram like why tf am i dating this loser
  • then u see a Good Pic of him and that jawline ™ and ur like
  • ah 
  • yes
  • that’s why
  • and that’s a perfect segue into thE SIN
  • doesn’t matter if u don’t think ur in the mood, he’ll have u begging for him  wo him even touching u
  • i don’t really see him as a loud person?
  • more of a grunts and drawn out groans 
  • v v passionate lover
  • he would be a lil shy the your guys first time just bc he’s insecure about himself
  • but can u imagine being able to touch those shoulders????
  • i need a moment
  • loves to leave marks on u 
  • especially if u leave scratches on him he’ll double his efforts to make sure u know who’s who's 
  • specially if u have been hanging out w the rest of BB like even tho he knows he’s ur fav he still is like HHHHMMMMMM
  • but anyways yes 
  • a huge fan of pillow talk here
  • he could lay next to you forever if he could, gently drawing patterns from the base of your spine to the top, just watching goosebumps arise where his fingers were
  • that’s enough thats too much i’m done I’m out i can’t take this nayomre
  • he loves u will all his heart
  • ur his biggest fan <3
  • he’s ur biggest supporter in anything u do like sign me up to date this man bc he will be one of the most supportive people on the planet when it comes to his Bae
  • sometimes u feel like ur dating a 5 yo but that’s fine
  • please remember to love this man and tell him u think he’s stunning and perfect he’s had such a hard time w body image and he needs u to remind him that it doesn’t matter what other people think, u love him and u think he’s the most perfect person on earth even if he can’t cook and he makes u watch weird movies and he refuses to buy a couch 
  • and in return u will literally have the best boyfriend and the most perfect lover u hold his heart and he willingly gives it to you be careful
  • please love him he is a Gentle Tol

i forgot how much i love Top ahh he’s such a cute person sigh okay this took way too long for me to do i’m sorry my lovelies. <3 you!

-Admin Hedgehog

@coffeeandcomposition #INDIFFERENT ABOUT ADA#MY WIFE#WE CAN’T BE FRIENDS ANYMORE#jk i will always love you

I KNOW I KNOW its just that the writers do NOTHING for her like shes so??? boring??? what is her plot?? nothing. i want so desperately for her to be awesome but like she just kinda sits there with her kid, the most badass was when she stood between the gangs in season 1 and then it was like whered she go???

The Signs as Things My Friend's Have Said

Aries: I’m not angry! I don’t care!
Taurus: It’s true, I love food.
Gemini: I swear to god I’m actually Harry Potter
Cancer: Shit. I caught the feels.
Leo: Like I’m sad but also narcissistic.
Virgo: Yeah, I did not sleep last night.
Libra: Do my tumblr quotes show up on your feed?
Scorpio: I really want to go to the Amnesia Rockfest
Sagittarius: No. Like, I’m always right though.
Capricorn: We’re not talking to her today
Aquarius: I’m going to hell. Haha jk already there
Pisces: Only the sun is my friend


What are we suppose to do? Same thing you’ve always done. Protect your friends. Protect each other. 

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Hi Andy! You know I always have an opinion and thank the goddesses for you being so kind and always listening to me! So, here is my take on the j*kook stuff. JK and Jimin have a great friend/broship. Their personalities mesh well, they both like to "stir the pot" and tease everyone. They are both from Busan, giving them that connection, I am sure that being able to talk about home with someones also from there helps esp. when they are homesick. Jimin is also a very warm, loving person, 1/2

2/2 who is always there to take care of his hyungs. The reason I think we are seeing more and more j*kook is b/c BH doesn’t have to force it, they are naturally friends and they are taking advantage of this because not only do they have to protect the Taekook ship, they now have to protect the Yoonmin ship. The subtle and not so subtle taekook like moments between Yoongi & Jimin are happening more and more, J*kook is BH solution to hide their relationships JMO you know how delu I am LOL!

i definitely agree with you on the fact that j*kook are really close and that they can relate to one another and bond over their hometown. as much as i try to not think this way, it does kinda make me iffy about how the taekook and yoonmin moments are a little pushed away. but yeah bighit doesn’t really need to force it a lot to happen but i do think they also have a small part in pushing some j*kook moments, not all ofc.  

Why you all need to accept Mitch Islam as your lord and saviour

We all adore Alexandra Paul, but in our excitement over her incredibleness sometimes Mitch is a little overlooked. So have some Mitch appreciation…

Those edges

That matching

The lines (and all while dancing with grace personified - Miss Alexandra Paul)

He makes everything look easy #chilling

The most underappreciated lifter in ice dance?

He supports his teammates

He cares about the environment

He’s a skilled dancer

He has puns

He’s generous

He’s always sweet and appreciative of his fans

He makes birthday dinners #he’sakeeper

He was an adorable child

He’s an adorable adult

Also adorkable

He gives good face (Worlds was a good time, he was looking well)

He keeps in shape

He isn’t going to deny his feelings 

He’s a supportive partner

and boyfriend - going the extra mile to help Alex in her academic endeavours

If my word isn’t enough, let Alex tell you… Not a bad dude.

In conclusion, Mitchell Islam is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. The Mitch Islam Appreciation Squad is currently seeking new members, please join me in spreading the good news. 

Credits: Mitch Islam, Alexandra Paul, Kirsten Moore-Towers, Melanie Hoyt, Robin Ritoss, Jacque Tiegs, Stephen Potopnyk, the Toronto Star.

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Dear best friend

I see you lurkin’ there

Dear Best Friend, my Bab:

Words will never be able to truly describe how grateful I am for the internet. Without it, I would be getting much more sleep, but a lot fewer laughs. Troue Divan will always have a special place in my heart, and I always eagerly await you to upload your [yet another] Stranger Things fic. Or Gendrya, since that’s how we originally met. I feel as though I’ve known you years, even though it’s barely been 6 months. We laugh about the dumbest darn tootin’ things and ham each other mercilessly, but I can always count on you to listen to me when I feel like no one in “the real world” will. I hope you know that I do my best to do the same for you, because God knows we are SO moving to London together. One day. 

I know in my heart that you will find your place in the world. Even if you feel like you’re lost today, know that I have our bags packed and I’m going to follow you around while you search for said place™. My pull-out couch has your name on it.

Keeping sending the music recs in, girl. I ham you.

Love you loads,
Your favorite Bab

letters to [x]

After All This Time


Sirius Black x Reader

Requested? Yes.

Warnings: Bullying

“Leave him alone,” you retorted, glaring over at James Potter and Sirius Black. They always picked on your friend Severus Snape, and it annoyed the hell out of you. Your other friend, Lily Evans, tried to help out as well whenever you weren’t around to witness Severus being bullied.

“Loosen up, (y/n), we’re just having fun with Sniv-” Sirius began, but only was cut off by you smacking him across the face. You’ve never done that before until now, and you felt great. He deserved it for being an asshole to your friend and you were done with him and his friends. “You have no right to be bullying my friend,” you snapped.

Poor Severus was trying to drag you away, but you pulled your arm away every time he tried to grab a hold of it. He was your first friend in the Slytherin household, and he helped you a lot with your potions whenever Lily was not able to.

 Sirius looked down at you with a glare, maybe even hatred was in his eyes, but if so, then hatred was in your eyes as well. Everyone seemed to know when to stay away from you two when you argued, which happened more than it ever should between two people in general. “That greasy haired slimeball hurt Lily’s feelings, and that hurt James. Why don’t you and that git stay away from us and rot in-”

“Sirius,” began Remus, cutting him off before he could continue and piss you off even more. You never minded Remus, actually, nor Peter for you never actually talked to him.

Ouch, you thought, did that hurt. It really did. Neither of you went as far as that, only to the point where is was a very strong dislike that seemed like hatred. This? Maybe Sirius did really hate you.

Your once cold demeanor dropped, and soon enough you were letting Severus drag you away from the group of Marauders and towards the Slytherin common room.

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The Wedding - Weasley Twin Imagine


Could you do an imagine where you and your best friend are getting married to F&G and instead of a normal wedding entrance, you did the JK Wedding Entrance Dance. Bonus points if Molly is horrified then amused then thinks its adorable.

•(Y/f/n) = Your Friend’s Name•

You and your best friend smiled at each other as you both twirled around in your long puffy white wedding dresses. Ever since you and your best friend were little girls you always talked about your dream wedding and today your getting married to the one you loved for as long as you can remember. “I can’t believe we’re getting married today” (Y/f/n) sniffled “(Y/f/n)! Don’t cry! Your gonna make me cry!” You gave her a sad smile in which she returned. You laughed sadly and hugged her “Believe it or not! We’re getting married!” You laughed briefly “Oh! You two look amazing!” You heard someone gasp. You both turned around to see Mrs. Weasley wiping her eyes on her handkerchief. “I can’t believe my two little boys were able to find such lovely girls like you” wailed Molly. You both went up to her and hugged her tightly “It’s time! Positions everyone!” Molly screeched waving her hands in the air. Ever since Molly heard the news about us getting married, she’s gone bonkers! She’s always making sure everything is perfect for the wedding.

“Oh! They’ve got the wrong cake flavor! Everything’s ruined!” Molly cried, George rolled his eyes making you nudge him in the ribs “Honey! Be nice to your mother she just wants everything to be perfect!” You explain but George just wraps his arms around your waist “All I need is you. I’m happy with just you” he smirks making you blush lightly “All I need is you too but please be nice” you begged “I’ll try” he smiled kissing you on the forehead gently “Molly! It’s okay, the cake doesn’t matter anyway” (Y/f/n) says softly rubbing Molly’s back “No! Everything has to be perfect! Authur?! Authur where are you?!” Molly wailed, Fred grabbed (Y/f/n)’s hand and led her away from his crying mom.

That was just yesterday’s incident, you didn’t want to talk about the other ones. You and (Y/f/n) went behind the rose bushes because that was your position until the time was right. You saw Ron and Harry bickering over something “Oh no! That’s my move mate!” Ron exclaimed “Nope! I got it first!” Harry said angrily “Can you two please shut up and get in your positions?!” Hermione yelled making the boys shut their mouths quickly. You and (Y/f/n) snickered quietly at the boys reaction. “Hit it!” You heard someone say and all of a sudden music sounds the wedding area. The song ‘Forever’ by Chris Brown starts playing. When the voice says four, Ron and Harry grab fake galleons and throw them in the air and starts to awkwardly dance down the white carpet aisle. Ron does the sprinkler and Harry does the Harlem Shake making everyone laugh. “Authur! What are they doing?!” Mrs. Weasley asks clinging onto her husband “This wasn’t part of the wedding! Is it?” She asks confused, Authur smiles at Molly “Just watch”.

Hermione and Ginny slip on their sunglasses before dancing down the aisle like they own this place. They move around with their bridesmaids bouquet of flowers. You hear Molly gasp then smile. Hagrid appears and walks down the aisle waving at a few people “Dance Hagrid!” You heard someone scream probably Hermione. He starts waving his arms around almost hitting a few people in the head. Lee Jordan and Cho Chang dance spinning around each other and laughing like they’ve heard the best joke they’re ever was. Dean and Seamus pop into view, doing whip and nae nae making everyone smile. Neville does the moon walk, with help from the boys he was able to make it perfect. Everybody that already went down the aisle ran down and started from where they started dancing at but everyone noticed that two red heads had join the little group.

When the voice says 'Forever on the dance floor’ the group splits in half and the twins do a forward roll and land on their feet, also adding a dab before sliding to the alter where a wizard awaits to start the ceremony. Everyone that has was up next to the alter started dancing in slow motion telling you and (Y/f/n) to get to your final positions. When the voice says “Tonight” you and (Y/f/n) jump up and down forward, spinning a couple of time making you smile uncontrollably. (Y/f/n) laughs as she spins making her dress flow around her. You both do dabs and whips and a bunch of other crazy moves, Fred and George meet you halfway and loop arms with both of you. You with George and (Y/f/n) with Fred. You slowly stepped side to side with the beat of the music as the four of you move forward. We lock hands as we both stand in front of the ministry wizard. The look on Fred and George’s faces is priceless. “You look so wonderful love” George whispers to you making you giggle “Thanks George, you look quite amazing as well. I didn’t know you can do a forward roll” you whisper making George chuckle lowly “I have my ways”.

After not listening to ministry wizard at all and just repeating a few words that he tells us to repeat, you finally get to say the words you’ve been dying to say ever since you meet George Weasley. “I do” you say loudly “I do” George says biting his bottom lip. I can hear (Y/f/n) and Fred repeating the same words “I now pronounce you Husband and Wife” the wizard says raising his wand making silver stars fall over you and George and (Y/f/n) and Fred. George wasted no time at all to grab your waist and pull you into a deep and passionate kiss making everybody clap and cheer. George dipped you making you smile into the kiss. “So it’s Mrs. Weasley now, right?” George whispered to you “Correct” you smile “(Y/n) Weasley. I love the sound of that.” George smiled one of the rarest smiles you have ever seen. You both turn around to see (Y/f/n) and Fred still kissing but, it looks more like they’re trying to eat each other’s face off. How were the both of you ever so lucky?



HOÉ…. u.. aka the mother 2 my eggs.. the mother to little binch bikch and bich… the first time i ever saw ur url u were draggin my ass 2 hell and tbh if that doesn’t say friendship idk what will like friends that roast together stay together 😩💯 i rmr staying up late over christmas break and getting my ass #Dragged™ by u and laughing so much we haven’t rly known each other that long but u and ur Extra ass self always make me laugh I lov seeing u on my dash or in my msgs 💕I still love u even tho u kr*s on me all of the time and leave me all alone with bich bikch and binch for like 5 days in a row 🙄🙄🙄 ❤

mutuals send me a number and i’ll make a post talking about you!

Tight Comforts: Draco Malfoy One Shot (Requested by Anon)

Request:  I would love it if you wrote a one shot describing a time where Draco Malfoy breaks down and Y/N comforts him! That would be so great, especially since his 35th just past (I love you’re writing sooo much, keep up the brilliant work mate!)

Your P.O.V 

I walked into the Great Hall. The lights were dim, creating a limelight that was so calming. I’ve always loved this place. It was a home inside a home.

The weight of my books sort of brought me down as I sat down at my houses table. I was a Gryffindor. We’re pretty chill if you ask me. Sure, to the Slytherin’s we can be complete rubbish but hey, our house colors are just simply wicked.

One of my friends, Ron Weasley, was chewing away on a chicken wing as he read some prophet he found in the library the other day. Him and his brother Fred went around the little area the other day, scouting about and trying to look for something to entertain them. When he showed me the piece of paper I just brushed it off and said it was rubbish. It literally said “Walkway to the Dormitories” on it. There were drawings of tiny elephants in it.

“Why are you so interested in that piece of paper? All it has is elephants on it!” I said to him, taking a light sip of my water. He just looked at me and rolled his eyes.

“It’s not only elephants, it’s a code. A code I tell ya!” Ron fired back, stabbing his fork onto one of the potatoes on his plate and shoved it into his mouth and continued studying the paper.

“Right.” I said sarcastically. I mindlessly bit down on a scab of bread when Hermione said down next to me. We both exchanged smiles as we began our daily conversation.

“He’s still at that?” She asked, referring to Ron.

“You betcha.” I said back.

She rolled her eyes and started preparing her dish. We were all annoyed with Ronald at this point.

“Where’s Harry?” I questioned Hermione.

“He got into some trouble with Snape and he had to go in the clean the board.”

“Again? That’s like the third time this week!”

Hermione shrugged her shoulders and began to eat. I just brushed the whole thing off and focused back to my meal.

I couldn’t help but look back. I turned my body and faced the Slytherin table. Something was bothering me that day, and I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

My eyes trailed over to the head of pure white hair. Draco was sulking, rolling the spikes on his forks around his puffy mashed potatoes. He showed no interest whatsoever. By now, he’d usually be insulting Goyle on how he handed some first year when he stumbled their way. But today was different.

“What’s up with Draco? Doesn’t seem to be himself.” I asked about.

“His fathers at him again. Something about not be able to live up to his standards or something.” Ron spoke up. He folded up the prophet and shoved it into the pockets of his robes.

“Look who’s finally looking up!” I teased him, amazed. He scoffed.

“But really.”

“I feel bad for him, you know? I mean, his father really is a prick.” Ron continued. I nodded.

“I kind of wish I could do something to make him feel better, despite our rhetorical differences.” I said, looking his way again.

The bell rang and signaled for us to head into the first of our afternoon classes. I had Divination, which was no problem at all.

Even throughout Professor Trelawny’s miraculous lectures, I couldn’t help but have my mind linger back to Draco. He’s just been put into my mind with a big sign that says “I’M HERE. I’M NOT GOING AWAY.” on it. It slowly became a problem. Why was I so worried about him all of a sudden?

After being awoken from this visible trance at least ten times by Trelawny, class drew to a close and I was on my way down the spiral staircase. I softly hummed to myself as I made my way down, trying to distract myself from my precious thoughts.

I was walking through a dark hallway, on my way to the greenhouse when I heard muffled cries coming from behind a closeted door. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked around to see if anyone else was there. The coast was clear.

“Hello? Is anyone in there?” I said aloud, knocking on the door. The cries died out, but came back up just seconds later.

“Please let me in. I know you’re in there.” I said, knocking on the door with a little more force.

At that moment in time, the lock slowly loosened and the door creaked open. I looked around to see the person that was crying. It was Draco.

“Draco? What are you doing in here?”

“Go away!” He cried out. He dug his head into his sleeves, hiding his face.

“Draco it’s only me, (Y/N).” I tried to comfort him but he just retaliated even more.

“A grumbly old Gryffindor. That’s just what I need.” Draco said to himself under his breath.

“I don’t need that ‘bad boy’ game right now, Draco. I’m tired of it.” I told him. He went quiet.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him, sitting down in front of him.

“My father.” He whined.

“What did he do?”

Silent and stuffed up mumbles escaped out of Draco’s mouth before he was able to speak up clearly. He raised his head from his arms, wiping away the tears and clearing his throat before setting his glistening eyes on me.

“You know how my father can be a bit … controlling?” He started, voice cracking a bit.


“Well, um. He sent me a letter this morning. He wrote about how I was such a disgrace to him, and how I’m such a disappointment in his eyes and that I’ll nerve live up to him standards and what not-” Draco began to explain, but the tears came in again.

“Don’t let it tear you down. Go on.” I confronted him, stopping his downfall.

“And I started to believe it, you know. I started to believe that things he said to me.”

“That’s horrible.” I said, taken aback. He nodded his head and cleared his throat.

“I’m starting to think that I’m a failure, (Y/N).” Draco spoke.

“Well, you’re absolutely not a failure. Yeah, you may have some mindful perks but, hey, don’t we all? You shouldn’t be worrying so much about what your father says. You should be worried about what you think of yourself, and how you’re going to restore that courage. Sorry for the language but, fuck your dad. He isn’t going to control your life forever.” I said to him proudly. I scooted closer to him and hugged his side, hoping that he would realize the positive truth and move away from this cloud of negativity.

“Yeah, thank you (Y/N).” He said, looking down to me and slightly smiling.

“Anytime.” I replied, smirking.

“And are you … smiling?!” I gasped, getting up and letting my mouth drop. I began to laugh as he rolled his eyes and blushed, pushing me a bit as he got up.

“Oh, hush it.” He said. I giggled.

“But really, thank you. I appreciate it. If it weren’t for you, I’d probably be in this stingy room until the night.” Draco continued, looking down onto me.

“Again, you’re welcome! No need to get even more sulky!” I teased, making him laugh.

Draco began fidgeting and scaled down and kissed my cheek quickly. I was taken back by surprise as he tried to get out of the door.

“What the-”

“Please don’t tell anyone about this.” He begged. I just nodded and he went off.

“You should be thankful I saved your ass!” I yelled down the hall. I could hear him laugh as he turned the corner.

“Oh, Malfoy. What am I going to do with you?”

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Written BTS ship please? I'm 4'11, Asian, black hair&eyes, fair skin--I've been told that I resemble Taeyeon/IU. Stories are my passion: I write, draw, and devour books esp fantasy/scifi. In private, I lose sleep geeking over videogames/fandoms but I'm publicly known to be a smart and proper lady with enviable cooking and baking skills. I tend to intimidate guys with my ice princess aura but attract babies with my big sis aura. It takes time for me to warm up, but once I do I'm a devoted friend.

I ship you a lot with JK i know he would fall in love with you easily but… your height would be a problem cuz we all know he likes Medium/tall girls… he can be with you and tease you always about it tho… but i sinceraly ship you with JK  or Hobi… now it’s your turn to chose between this Amazing guys. Both of them would fall for a smart girl and the fact that you cook would kill them. and i would love to have you as a friend ♥

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Hope You like the ship my love


160502 Brother Su’s Tweet

방탄소년단 친구들의 스페셜 앨범 <Young Forever>가 발매됐네요!
1년쯤 되는 시간동안 화양연화 시리즈의 작업에 함께 할 수 있어서 저한테도 너무 즐거운 시간이었습니다 😊 너무 잘하는데 거기다 착하기까지 한 방탄이들과 또 멋진 곡으로 만났으면 좋겠네요! 항상 응원합니다 :) #youngforever

BTS friends’ special album <Young Forever> has been released!
It has been such a fun time for me, being able to be a part of the “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” series producing for about a year 😊 Bangtanies, they do so well but on top of that they’re kind/sweet, I hope we can meet again for another amazing song! I’m always cheering/supporting you :) #youngforever

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hello and happy holidays fam! I recently hit my next k and christmas is in a week so I’ve decided to do another follow forever in celebration. I’m so thankful for all the great people I’ve met on this website and I love you all lots and lots. Also special shout out to @lamelucass for making this sick edit 

Special shout outs to my main squeezes :’)

@fuckngcal Brriiii! My long lost sister, my twin, my fav! I’m so glad and thankful we’ve become such close friends in such a short period of time. Thanks for being a great friend ily so much!

@poppunkchristmas you’re okay I guess nah jk sorry I drug you on to this website thanks for everything always ily lots

@tequilashtons pAIGE we need to talk more bc I miss you but anyway ily a lot and you always seem to make me laugh  <3

@calumgirlie ah my fellow washingtonian, we haven’t talked a lot but ily and I love seeing you on my dash! I wish we could’ve met at rowyso 

@harry-s and @adorableashtin tori & lea we haven’t talked in awhile so hmu both of you! ily!!

@louberryswild My long time friend, thanks for being a pal for quite sometime now ily

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I think possibly the only thing that fans will disagree with J.K. Rowling about in the HP universe is that all Slytherins are written as dicks.
Like every time Harry meets a Slytherin they’re always a dick. Nobody is friends with the Slytherins. Is there an asshole? He’s a Slytherin.
But it’s ok. The fans got ur back, JK. We know what you really MEANT to write, we got you.