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Do you have any jikook fix recommendations??

oh yeah i do! 

Riptide [non au / very realistic / my favorite fic in the world / perfection / must read ]

White T-shirt and Brown Timberlands  [one of the most intense fics i’ve read so far , it’s a divorse au very realistic made me cry my eyes out]

him [don’t wanna spoil it for you but it has a very happy ending yet you might cry i did]

need a little sweetness in my life [sugar daddy au_ongoing it has been 84 years since it has been updated tho]

figuring it out as we go [non au and perfect]

the truth about him [non au]

nice guy [on going _boss JK secretary jimin au]

the good doctor [totally recommend reading it]

always getting what you want [jungkook is cheating on his husband with jimin]

glass diamonds  christmas presents [if you’re looking for a good smut lol]

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Hiiii! Do you have the link of that Jikook AU post where it’s like their IG account and they adopted a lil boy? I can’t seem to find it and I love it so much! 😭😭 one of my friends just started shipping jikook, and I wanna send her it! Thank you! 💜

i’m sorry i haven’t read this one before , if anyone knows it let me know ~~ 

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i never thought tae///kook is real because they slept next to each other in bon voyage, i mean i slept next to my best friend and sister so many times, jk said ''i want you'' for jimin for three times, i dont know what else they want

personally, tae/kook has always been 100% bros being bros, strictly-platonic-maybe-they-crushed-on-each-other-for-five-minutes type of relationship to me. I’ve been best friends with the same girl for almost 9 years, and we act like Tae/kook. We used to have a handshake (like tae/kook do), we slept in the same bed before (like tae/kook have), we address each other as best friends as ‘loser’ and ‘stupid’ (like jungkook said him and tae are ‘dumb and dumber’ friends). There has never been a tae/kook moment that made me think they were romantically involved or crushing on each other. It seems like a bro-filled platonic love. So, the only tae/kook moment that i could think of at the time was the bon voyage behind the scenes sleeping photos.
But as I said…. the evidence that Jikook shippers have….. just makes Jikook seem so realistic and pure and full of romantic love. There’s so many instances where I see a Jikook moment and have to take a step back because they were just too REAL. Like this hotel room thing, or the pat on the head in the recent vlive (where jimin had leaned forward as if too kiss jungkooks head), or Jimin’s twitter video on JK’s grad day, or Jungkook physically retracting his hand and curling it into a fist when he accidentally caressed Jimin’s back, or the most recent backhug where Jungkook just seemed… at home with his head resting in Jimin’s neck. It just seems too real to me, so much that it scares me.

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WOW!!!! You guys coming home from the longest day ever at work to see that I reached over 2,500 followers seriously was so overwhelmingly awesome. I never imagined that in just under 4 months (or ever) I would have such a positive response to my silly writing. I am so appreciative to you all. You have no idea how much I love reading all your asks, comments, reblog tags etc.

To commemorate, I’m going to do my very first follow forever. Idk if I even did this correctly but here it is. The following blogs include content I love along with admins I adore. THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING AWESOME and I’m sorry if I forgot anyone. (this isn’t everyone one I follow but again idk how this works lol) :

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I have a few very special shout outs:

Very first and foremost I would like to recognize my favourite screaming partner @kpopfanfictrash aka @the-princejinyoung … SHAN. Bless tumblr for bringing me a friend like you. You are talented beyond measure and your kindness and willingness to lend an ear when I’m having a bad day or give me an opinion when I’m struggling with my work will never go unnoticed. Thanks for being you. Your writing gives me all the feels I could ever want when reading and your funny quips have me in stitches constantly. Basically, I love you <3

@smutfictionaddicted / @kpopthirstaddicted / @writings-by-cl : Words can’t express how thankful I am to this girl right here. Honestly, if not for her encouragement. kindness and willingness to read/critique my work… I don’t know if I ever would have started in the first place. I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU CL! You are a gifted writer and a beautiful soul. Thank you for being there for me.

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@parkjinyoungology SARA ANNE… You are so wonderful and kind and your writing constantly leaves me on the edge of my seat. I love all the times we get to talk and I appreciate your support always.

@yeol-stole-my-soul MARIA! Seriously, love you girl.. BUT ALSO I’M SO MAD AT YOU FOR RUINING MY LIFE. Jk. you brought the most angelic perfect man ever (Park Chanyeol) into my life and constantly spam me with literal art and I couldn’t be happier. You crack me up and I’m so happy we became friends. PLUS YOUR WORK IS AWESOME. never stop writing.

OKAY SO THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!! I’m so blown away and am silently crying tears of joy. Love you all so much. I hope to keep putting out work that makes you all happy!


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“Divas dont do drama, we do bussiness.”

It’s time for me to make a wish once in a year. Thank you for all the support, for always strengthen me when i am doubting myself, for always be the first one to see how ugly i am when i was crying (lol jk).Thankyou Ma, and my older brother for sending me some love from france. I am new to Brooklyn, I made some friends, i meet some incredible person. I always busy everyday, the new project keep me locked in either my apartment or office so i don’t really have time to even make more friends. But if you want to invite me for anything, i will make sure to save some time for it. I hope this year will be a great year, not only for me but for everyone else as well. I wish us all good luck in our business & harmony in family. I am really grateful, for the past 23 years been so great, laughs and tears, I gained so much life experience. Good news is i will start boxing again. Well.. i guess i talked too much already :) So here is some picture from my loner birthday celebration last night, have some soju and cheers!


Marz & Betsy the hush puppies.

(ooc: its my birthday irl too!)

When Harry and his friends go to Camp Half Blood where the Argo II members are also present. (had none of our favourite characters died)

Fred and George, and Connor and Travis would have had a gala time pulling out pranks on people by using Hermes clevery and magic of the British twins

Annabeth, Reyna and  Hermione would have half the day in the library discussing strategies and how to combine Greek, Roman demigod powers and fighting techniques with magic to make it more effective.

Harry and Grover, Ron and Percy and Jason would have spent the day, doing nothing  and eating a lot.Harry, Percy Jason  would share stories about how prophecies can screw your life serious time. 

Ginny and Rachel would spend a lot of time talking about their hair, both being redheads and what sort of hairstyle would look good on the other.

Frank and Neville would talk about being nervous and what gives them strength to stand up and be the leader.

Chiron and Professor Mcgonagall would just sit and wonder that how things are so calm and peaceful for  a while.

Luna would be entertaining Hazel and Piper with her eccentricities.

Draco would be sitting with Luke happy to find a blondehead and tell him what made him turn good. Jason would listen attentively to what Draco has to say and act like a very food friend.

Snape and Dionysus would sit, drinking Diet Coke and exclaiming that a bunch of morons they have to supervise.

Oliver Wood would be fascinated with Leo’s craftmanship and ask him if he can create him the best flying broomstick and then give him a lesson in Quidditch.

Silena and Fleur will exchange fashion tips  and boys.

Clarisse and Cho will surprisingly become good friends due to reasons unknown to everyone.

Coach Hedge and Dobby would also share stories about how they have saved the lives of the wizards and demigods so many times.

Sally and Molly will form a good bond, discussing how their kids just cant stay out of trouble!

Nico would be watching things from a distance, not sure how to approach the wizards. Hagrid and Remus will find him, and tell him and you should always count on your friends and its a not a bad thing to be the odd one out.

Will will find a friend in Madam Pomfrey and they will spend the entire day talking about healing and medicines.

Hedwig would sit on Blackjack near Festus and enjoy the day.

I would love to see a crossover!

Harry Potter and the American half-bloods

Percy Jackson and the Visiting Wizards!

Dear Friend,

April 1, 2017

It’s April Fool’s day. 
I promise you I won’t be telling you any jokes in this letter. 
Instead, I promise you that it will be a handful of truths that you wish were a joke, or maybe just a story that I’ve made up. 
Unfortunately, my life doesn’t work that way. 
It’s been a mess ever since he left me. 

I don’t think I’ve ever told you his name - nickname at least.
I call him Voldemort. 
Why, you ask?
Well, there was this time in my life - about a year ago - he left to another city up north in Texas called Austin. 
He didn’t tell anyone bye. 
Not even me. 
I didn’t know I was an “anyone” to him. 
I thought I was at least a “someone.”
I guess I was mistaken. 

He left without notice. 
It caught me off guard when he did. 
I sent him so many texts. 
I never got a reply. 

This was going on for over five months. 
Text after text after text AFTER text, I kept giving in! 
Why do I give in?
You would think that after a month of not replying I’d get the hint. 
I did get the hint, I just didn’t want to give up on him. 
He was such a dear friend to me. 
I couldn’t just pretend that he didn’t exist even though he was doing just that to me. 

As the months went on, it got harder and harder for me to think about him. 
Every day, I’d hear his name, see his face, or hear his voice in my head. 
It was so difficult. 
It got to the point that I hated hearing his name so much that when I’d talk about him to my friends I’d call him Voldemort. 

“Voldemort? Who’s Voldemort? Like from Harry Potter?” my friends would question. 

“Yes. Voldemort! That’s what I’m going to call him from now on because I hate hearing his name. He’s my version of JK Rowling’s ‘He Who Must Not Be Named.’”

So, that’s how he got his nickname. 
It’s quite funny though how history decides to repeat itself. 
On January 15, 2017, I sent you a letter telling you about the last time I saw him. 
Referring to that - I still haven’t seen him since then. 
In the past three months, he has only sent me one text message. 
It’s happening all over again. 
And this time I feel like I have lost him for good. 

When he did this to me last year, I was so worried for him. 
I was constantly thinking about him and his health and his well-being. 
I was always wondering what he was doing. 
And most of all, I always wondered if he was happy. 

Now, it’s different. 
Now, he’s not over three hundred miles away from me. 
In fact, he’s less than two miles away from me. 
I haven’t seen him in months. 
I haven’t talked to him in months. 

I still worry about him. 
I still want to know if he’s healthy. 
I still constantly think about him.
And I still wonder what he’s doing,

He doesn’t know this, mostly because it’s a little creepy, but I do take a drive by his house every once in a while.
I got a new car, so he doesn’t know what I’ve been driving.
I always go with the hopes of running into him while he’s outside.
All I want to do is see his face.
Is that too much to ask for?

There wasn’t many differences between the first time he pretended I didn’t exist and the time that I’m going through now. 
The one main difference between then and now, is that I know he’s happy.
He’s happy… 

He doesn’t need me anymore. 
He’s with the girl of his dreams and I’m just figuratively watching him from the sidelines.
I’m watching him be happy with someone else. 
He just used me. 
I was just a distraction until she came back into his life. 
He ran faster to her than he would’ve ever run to me. 
I love him, but he loves her. 
He’s my soul mate, but I’m not his. 

I hate hearing his name again. 
I hate seeing his blue car when it’s not even his. 
I hate going to places where we shared the most memories. 
I just hate thinking about him so much because I know he’s not thinking of me.

I wish I was more prepared for this.
I’m going through the exact same thing as last year, so why does it feel worse than better?
Is it because I want to believe that he was starting to fall for me?
Is it because I know he was happy with me too?
He was.
Is it because he broke the walls around my heart down?

We started doing so many things together. 
He started to make me come out of my shell - as did I with him. 
I saw the look in his eyes when he looked at me. 
I heard the tone of his voice when he told me he really liked me. 
And I heard the sarcasm every time he told me “I hate you.” 
He didn’t mean that. 
Maybe he was secretly telling me “I love you,” but he was just too afraid to say it. 

It’s sad… because I can’t begin to understand what he goes through on a daily basis. 
I don’t know what it’s like to be in love with a guy when you can’t even admit to yourself. 
I can’t begin to understand what he goes through when someone would ask him who I was. 
Was I “just a friend?”
What if they questioned him why we would hang out so much. 
How would I handle that if I was in his shoes?

I want to believe that he was falling in love with me, because it would be the only reasonable explanation as to why he won’t talk to me. 
He got scared. 
I get it. 
His family doesn’t know about his attraction toward men. 
I get it. 

What I don’t get is why he would go back to her?
From what I can recall, in my opinion, she makes him feel so insecure about himself. 
She tells him things like:
He’s a bad influence.
He’s making you do things - drink and other things that happen behind closed, locked doors. 
He’s not a good person. 
You’re better than that. 
That’s not like you. 
You don’t do those things. 

Why does she have to degrade me like that?
And to her own boyfriend too.
I honestly feel like she makes him feel ashamed of himself. 

I hope he doesn’t listen to her. 
I hope he knows that it’s okay to be gay. 
I hope he knows that it’s okay to be in love with a guy. 
Especially someone that would treat him right for the rest of his life.
He’s too beautiful, inside and out to not be treated the right way. 

I remember one thing he told me when he started talking to her again and he and I were on good terms. 
He was telling me that one time when she said something offensive to him, he replied with, “You know what? Sometimes you treat me like a nobody. Unlike Alex, at least he treats me like I’m a somebody.” 

Hearing that brought so much joy to my ears. 
It was wonderful. 
If only he still stuck by that comment and chose me instead of her. 
To be honest, I hope he still compares me to her a lot. 
I want him to know what he’s missing. 
I want him to know what he could’ve had. 
True, real happiness with no judgement. 

I’m not saying he’s not happy now.
I’m just saying, maybe all the comments she made about him not being “him” aren’t true because she doesn’t know the real him. 
Maybe he opened up to me in ways he never did with her.
I feel like I met the real Voldemort.
I feel like I made him feel comfortable. 
He knew I wouldn’t have judged him. 
I think that’s all he needs. 
To be with someone who won’t judge him for what he truly is.  

I want to talk to him. 
I want to hear his soothing voice, especially during sad times like these.
When I’m home alone on the bar writing to you, lights flickering, music playing and surrounded by darkness. 
I feel so empty tonight. 
I wish I knew how to fill this void without needing him.

To be honest, I don’t think it will ever be filled until he comes back to me. 
I’ve tried seeing other people. 
I’ve tried letting someone see my vulnerable side.
I’ve tried finding someone with the same taste in music, games, movies and tv shows like me.
I haven’t found anyone so far.
He and I had so much in common. 
He’s going to be so hard to replace. 

Incidentally, in my previous letter I mentioned some things that I should probably keep you updated on.
I ended up talking to my Management professor after all. 
She almost cried during our talk. 
Her eyes got so glossy, especially after I told her that it’s been difficult for me to get out of bed. 
I could tell that she understood.
She gave me some advice and told me I should go see a counselor - if I wanted to of course. 
She wasn’t forcing the decision upon me. 
I knew she was right when she told me that it would help me a lot. 

Also, my friend from Chicago left this week. 
I miss her already. 
We had such a good time while she was here. 
We went to the beach. 
We went shopping. 
We ate my favorite restaurants. 
I took her to her old home. 
And of course we watched our favorite movies. 
I had such a great time with her. 
I can’t wait until I get to visit her next. 

Love Always,

10 Reasons Why Harry Should Have Named One of His Kids After Hagrid

1) Hagrid was there for Harry his entire life
2) He cried when he had to give him up at the Dursley’s doorstep
3) He spent first term collecting pictures to give Harry his photo alblum
4) He always had Harry and his friends come to his cabin for tea or somat
5) He made Harry Christmas presents every year
6) He was at (almost) every quidditch match
7) He believed in him when most did not(tri-wizard tournament)
8) He always worried about his well being
9) He was with him till the very end (so we thought)
10) He loved Harry unconditionally

Which was actually on March 28, but yeah I haven’t been around.

Hooray! And yay! It’s been a great two years on this blog, and granted most of the time I’m away, but when I’m online, I always feel welcomed. Thanks to everyone who has put up with my blog, and my random disappearances, for the past 2 years, or few months.

Special shoutout to my faves of faves @fastestboyalive who believed in my Barry from the get-go, and whom I’m going to name my firstborn after. I really appreciate the amount of time you spent sharing Wally canons and headcanons with me, as well as all the Barry and Flashfam talk we’ve had. Made me want to explore deeper into the Flashfam canon, and about their dynamic duoness. Now I’m stuck, thanks to you. I know you’re not sorry, and I’m asking you to be ahahahaha;;— I want to cry though. ELISE--What have you done?

Also want to thank @strayimpulse for being Barry’s smallest grandson whom he adores, and I adore because BART ifrigginlovebart. Every time I see a reply, I squeal like a baby. Loads of baby squeals because your grasp on his personality is so spot on. I appreciate you a bunch. Sorry its been so long. I need to get to those drafts;;;

@dementedspeedster I have to apologize to you for all the BARRY WANTS HIS GRANDSON TO LOVE HIM moments and I’m surprised he hasn’t annoyed you (or maybe he has I’m sorry for that too). Glad you stuck around since the get-go too and have been such a great rp partner. I will always love your Thad a whole bunch.  And so will Barry.

@espressiio BABY COME BACK!!– Jk I know you’re busy and I hope everything has been alright on your end. Thanks for always loving my Barry and just being the nicest, most hilarious person ever. Godspeed, friend!! <3

@speedyistheotherguy​ I KNOW WE HAVEN’T GOTTEN TO RP MUCH, BUT KNOW THAT I LOVE YOUR BART SO FRIGGIN MUCH AND I’M CLEARLY MISSING OUT. I also love you as a person. A lot. Very much. Much love!! *curls my body into a heart*

My other faves (whom I see in my notifs all/from time-to-time):

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100+ followers, aaa!! i want to say a quick THANK YOU to everybody who stuck with me && SUPPORTED me, i really didn’t expect y’all to continue following me up to now and it really means a lot! i’ll mainly be writing about people who i’ve had some level of interaction with, but that DOES NOT MEAN i do not appreciate you && your blog! and now, without further ado and in no specific order:

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I hope everyone had a great day yesterday! Now onto my lil squish, the other half of the Daegu princes, Kim Taehyung aka V

  • He would be a preschool or kindergarten teacher
  • Can we just take a minute to imagine this
  • Do you even know how happy he would be like every morning he’d wake up and just be :D bc another day with the kids
  • He’d love his job so so much and all of the kids would l o v e him bc he’s basically a large child
  • He would have s o much fun with them like just chilling and coloring
  • He'd basically always have about three children clung onto him
  • One would be wrapped around his leg, one would be in his arms and the other would just be chilled out on top of his shoulders giggling bc “I’m taller than you now tae tae”
  • Any idea of “Mr. Kim” would be thrown out the window tbh
  • From day one, he’s just tae tae
  • Sometimes he’d come in with a new hair color and they’d all immediately want to touch his hair
  • One lil girl would always inform him of his new hair color every time he changed it
  • “Tae tae I have to tell you something, your hair’s purple”
  • Tae would honestly have to hold back just hugging her bc she was so innocently pointing it out as if he didn’t know and he’d play along and be like wait what I thought it was blue ??
  • One of the pros of teaching kids is that he never had to dress up in uncomfortable suits like they don’t care if he’s in sweats or if he’s in designer clothes as long as he’s down for playing some hide and seek
  • His favorite part though is being surrounded by kids all day bc they’re so lil and cute and just want to play and cuddle
  • They’re always so happy to see him
  • He’d hands down be their favorite teacher
  • He’d slip the lil lessons into the play time so it wasn’t this is what you’re gonna learn today once you’ve got it down you can play
  • He turned it into a “if you count to three, you get a cookie”
  • “Whoever can solve the puzzle fastest gets a hug jk you all get hugs but solve it and you get extra hugs !!”
  • One of your friends had a lil boy that attended his class
  • She often told you how n ic E the teacher was and that he was honestly just the sweetest soul
  • You were kinda just like yeah that’s great when are we getting food
  • You’d never met him or even seen him so she was always trying to get you to come along when she had to pick up her lil boy
  • You had always been busy when she did pick him up so you were never able to come but you did have to admit you were a bit curious
  • Was he taller than you?? Was he as lovely as she said?? Was he even single??
  • Your friend unfortunately couldn’t pick her lil boy up so she asks you if you can take some time off to do it
  • You use your lunch break to head over to the school, lowkey excited to meet this n ic E teacher she’d been telling you about since she’d first met him
  • When you did see him, you had to take a minute to realize that this was the teacher
  • He definitely lives up to your expectations and even goes beyond them
  • His hair was ruffled from running around and from letting the lil girl sat on his shoulders play with it but he still looked s o good
  • He joined in the disappointed groans when it was announced it was time to leave but then he quickly started helping the kids pack up
  • You walk over to your friend’s lil boy, earning a hug and gaining the attention of Tae
  • He didn’t recognize you and he prides himself on knowing all of the students and their parents so he kinda just sets the lil girl down and walks over to you
  • The lil boy introduces Tae to you when he comes over, barely even giving him a chance to speak before he’s just “this is tae tae, he’s my best friend”
  • He runs off to say goodbye to the other kids and then its just you and tae
  • Tae just goes :D and starts asking questions about you and your life bc he’s genuinely curious
  • You two end up getting along super well and he’s really funny and charming and you can already feel the crush forming tbh
  • By the time the lil boy comes running back, Tae’s already got your number and the promise of a date on Saturday
People die everyday.
Friends, family.
Yeah, we lost Harry tonight.
He’s still with us, in here.
So is Fred, Remus, Tonks, all of them.
They didn’t die in vain.
But you will, cause you’re wrong!
Harry’s heart did beat for us, for all of us!
It’s not over!

Happy birthday, Zach (@ryan-potter)! I can’t believe I’ve known you for so long and I remember being so intimidated by you but i’m glad we started talking and now i’m wondering why i was ever intimidated in the first place…..jk. Thank you for being such a joy to talk to and you always have something hilarious to say or show me to make me laugh and you also know all the right things to say. My life hasn’t been the same since i got to know you!! You’re such a great friend and i’m wishing you only the happiest of days ahead ❤️ I pray in honor of your birthday that the atla/lok series gets another season



Why i started liking bts it was because of the vhope kiss thing during that rookie king show !

Then I fell in love with jiminie! who wouldn’t fall in love with a cute mochi mochi muscled kid named chim chim! Moreover, American hustle life didn’t help either and after I realized how much jimin loves jungkook I started being the most stubborn jikook shipper!

First jimin’s body language: the way he tilts his head toward jk and the way his eyes are full of love and fondness to the youngest member was so endearing to watch. The persistence in showing his love for Jung kook was amazing that I found myself rooting for him to win his love ( and you won’t believe how much I am enjoying their recent moments)

The way JK responded then angered me first but it felt so familiar. He was reacting the same way me and BFF were before he became my boyfriend. Even though he was my bff at that time and we were working together he never made me feel like his friend on campus saying that our status as professor won’t allow me to be goofing aroud him so he was mean at times but when we go home or even a nearby café he changes 180°.

Back to jikook, a lot of people always says that jimin lives on the attention he gets from the others , to me it was not it! jimin is a person who lives on his ability to satisfy others! You know  the feeling that you’re satisfied when your beloved ones  or even strangers are too?! I don’t know if I am making sense!

On the other hand, jk was the one feeding from attention. He was the golden makne and he had a standard for himself to meet and a goal to achieve. he felt young and still in the process of learning and on the high of a successful debut but it was not it too they had to maintain their success so they were working day and night plus school and being under the wings of his parents so it was all confusing for him. jimin’s “love” or fondness was sth given and everlasting at least to me it seemed that way.  you know my boyfriend told me once that feeling insecure about your career messes up someone love life so I understood that part and shipped them no matter what!

At the same time JK body language gave him away even if it was for subtle moments: the way JK or JM stares at the other , the way they tilt their heads and the way they touch their neck or lips is a sign of attraction according to some analysis I read long time ago!

The way they spread their legs when they sit facing each other is sign of attraction and showing of “belonging” remember the jimin in ISAC 2015 when he laid his head on jk’s lap and his legs were spread!

They mimic each other’s expression smiles, laugh , sadness…..( mostly JK)


The way JK reacts when jimin is involved with any other person

JK exaggerate his gestures and expressions for a mere smile from our angel chim chim

JK finds a way to face JM when they are gathered within a group

JK’s voice gets huskier or at least he tries to think that it does when he teases jimin about his voice tone

JK puffing out his chest, flexing the biceps or standing so close are his ways of appearing more masculine.

The way they raise eyebrows to each other: jimin when JK was saying :I want you x3 for example

JK and JM find ways to touch each other even if it is irrelevant!

Let me stop now or else I am going to write a book !

 @bs-ent sorry for keeping you waiting i hope it meets your expectation

and anyone feel free to message me for any question!

and this is part one some other day i am gonna continue!

alixismad  asked:

a friend always bullies me saying that i'm kinky because sometimes I mess up and instead of typing DAN I end up with DAD and your url is now a reminder of my flops (jk, it's a good url, i love it)

One time I was drunk at this party and my friends played a game wear we had to say a kink and whoever lasted the longest won and I won so ya kinks man (me the queen of drunk tmi)

me yesterday: who is bella thorne

me today, after seeing that she broke up with her boyfriend to date her cute girl best friend and stated explicitly that she was bisexual: Be be be my BFF Cause IDK what’s coming next And I’ll be LMHO with the rest So TTYLXOX Be be be my BFF Cause IDK what’s coming next And I’ll be LMHO with the rest So TTYLXOX Show up in the same dress We don’t know who wore it best Not make a big deal Act like it’s a new trend Look good when we go round here Try on these boots I found this boy who says you’re sweet He’s got a best friend (You’ll always be mine) Be be be my BFF Cause IDK what’s coming next And I’ll be LMHO with the rest So TTYLXOXBe be be my BFF Cause IDK what’s coming next And I’ll be LMHO with the rest So TTYLXOX I’m a better me When you’re here next to me I’m JK can’t you tell We’re ROTFFL Who needs wo

The RFA as best friends

Yoosung - that friend who’s always there to send you cute animal videos, all day every day. He can get a bit whiney and ranty at times, complaining about not having a girlfriend or Seven hacking LOLOL, but it never lasts too long and he picks himself back up bc he thinks he’s annoying you (tbh he is being a bit annoying but u just gotta reassure him that ur always gonna be there💖) in return, he promises to always have your back and he makes the best listener whenever you’re down

Zen - ready to drag a bitch thru the mud for you honestly he’s such a loyal friend. He’s probably the friend you’ve experimented kissed with when you were like 12 that’s how close you are. Everything’s a laugh with Zen by your side because he always seems to fit in his narcissistic comments somewhere which can be hysterical
(at an art gallery)
You: wow this is pretty boring actually sorry I ended up dragging you here
Zen: I know right why did we pay to come in here when - for free - we can all look at my face- the highest form of art
You: god you’re a piece of shit ily

Jaehee - THE BIG MAMA FRIEND AND YOU KNOW IT. She’s the friend who carries 29 different types of medicine with her, a box of plasters and a pen with her at all times in case anyone needs them. She’s the best at advice and won’t sugar coat anything that needs to be said bluntly. That being said, she’s not a complete hardass though, and she’s the most generous person !!!! In the world !!!!!! Honestly having Jaehee as a friend is all of ur life’s luck used up because she is a gift.

Jumin - such a dry sense of humour he’s g o l d if he trusts you. He’s the guy always getting lost in crouds and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time but you treasure him as a friend anyway because he’s real with you. 

‘Does this outfit look good on me ?’ ‘No.' 
'Does this taste okay ?’ 'No.’
'What do you think of this ?’ 'I mean it’s rather tasteless.’

Sometimes we all need that brutal honesty.

707 - we all know what I’m gonna say here but I’m just gonna say it anyway; he’s the meme man. You send him a meme that’s been dead for over a day ??? You’re dead to him (jk but also not jk) he’s constantly forgetting your birthday and always whips up some little electronic trinket last minute, but they’re still very sweet. Always making you laugh and knows exactly how to ! Quite awkward when it comes to comforting you, but mainly because whenever you’re upset or feeling like shit he can see a lot of himself in your sadness, and that just messes w him and makes him feel like shit bc you feel like shit. Overall he’s a pretty okay friend like 6/10 would maybe recommend. 

I just realized of something. In the Order of the Phoenix one of the most frustrasting things about Sirius’ death is that we cannot have his body to say goodbye. He just disappears without leaving a trace.

Now, in an interview where JK Rowling talked about her mother, she said that she never saw her body when they were in her funeral, and that she always has regretted that.

JK rowling always has said that there are the paralles between Harry Potter and her life, and I especially love the fact that she finds herself in Hermione and one of her friends from adolescence inspired Ron. But this is a situation of her life, and that broke my heart.

There’s a reason, then, why Sirius’ death was the one that hurt us the most, at least to me, and it’s because it’s the one that in a way represents the death of her mother. James and Lily died when Harry was really young so he never felt it for real, and even if he remembers a bit, he has repressed it, as we saw when he was practicing the Patronus charm with professor Lupin. But Harry saw Sirius leaving. He saw when Bellatrix killed him, when she attacked him with the killing curse, so this death felt different for him, it felt real, in the flesh.

Sirius crossing the veil is Jo’s mother leaving her.

I don’t know how Snape thought those memories were supposed to make people like him.

Like, literally the only glimpse we ever get of the Marauder’s Era is through Snape’s perspective (other than just people talking about the past), through his memories.

And yet in those memories, he decides to explicitly portray himself as the villain, by showing that he was friends with Death Eaters basically from when he started Hogwarts, then shows himself calling Lily a slur, shows himself saying he doesn’t care if James & Harry die just not Lily.

And yet apparently those memories are supposed to portray him as a good guy, according to Snape, Harry and JK Rowling.

But he’s literally showing that he was always a loyal Death Eater until he found one person he didn’t want to die, fuck everybody else in her entire life, just her!

Even though we only see what Snape wants us to see, he’s still the villain.