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percival graves? oh yeah what an asshole what a - [trips] [hundreds of printed headcanons fall off my pockets] h-he’s unimportant to the franchise i swear i didn’t write those im just [gathering them up, frantically sweating] i don’t like him or anything okay i - [thousands of pictures of percival graves scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend juSt listEN

I used to love J.K. Rowling as a person, but once Cursed Child came out, it seemed to me she’s only been trying to squeeze out as much money she can get from the Harry Potter franchise. I know she’s donated lots of money to organizations, but it just doesn’t add up. If she really cared about this franchise she wouldn’t ruin it with something like the Cursed Child.

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how do u feel about adlock

i was debating being serious and going In or making a quip here but i truly fucking honestly hate adlock with everything i have in me and like i already regret this bc i know every time i say some shit people jump on my posts and are awful (remember when we couldnt block people LMAO) but adlock is literally horrific and is the root of multiple sherlock related anxiety triggers for me like it’s…HELL on earth i cant even think about it for more than a few seconds at a time

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How do you feel about jikook recent back hug?? Jikook Is not my bias ship but jungkooks expression caught me off guard literally like comparing their hug from the previous year it feels totally different . Don't know how to feel about this anymore ...

Every backhug jk gives jimin feels kinda different, sometimes they’re playful, other times they give a kind of dominant vibe and sometimes they feel like well this,, soft, sweet, the relaxed expression on jk’s face like he finally found his safe place after a long tiring day. Honestly that’s totally how it looks like.
But it’s not a totally new thing: his soft smile and content expression during the “which scene are we?” back hug
[ https://twitter.com/BTSArmyJiminie/status/728165497926234112 ]

And even when it’s jimin who hugs him he pauses a second to appreciate the moment
[ http://bkayl.tumblr.com/post/150025582370/jikook-back-hug-part-7557885 ]

Well! I think it’s safe to say jimin is jungkook’s home

What do you think happens in very specific cases where people who are also horcruxes die?

For example, say Harry had been hit by a stray curse any time between 11 and meeting Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest that killed him. Would the horcrux have… resurrected him? Protected him? Kept him in a state similar enough to a coma for the rest of his life in case Voldemort died?

Would it have returned to Voldemort? Would it have just latched on to the next closest thing or person? And speaking of, how even do horcruxes work? How do they revive the creator of the horcrux if/when they die? Is it a ritual? Does it just spontaneously happen? How does any of this even work? Is there a wikipedia page or something on this?

story time: middle school!mark

soooo @limitlesshaechan told me that one of her classmates in band went to the same school as minHYUNG f*cking MARK LEE in Korea in MIDDLE SCHOOL !!! and.. idk they were on separate floors??? but one time this classmate was coughing really bad one day in the hallway and MARK was walking down the hallway too and I thought Kena was gonna say smthing like “Mark asked, ‘r u okay?’” or *gives her a tissue* but NO—



Monsta X Reaction: You Flinch During A Fight

Shownu: *ignore the text*

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He’d be so hurt and so angry- but not at you, at himself. He hated the fact that his actions would drive you to be scared of him that he would just shutdown.


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He had taken a step closer to you for a hug; he was tired of fighting after all– but he would freeze once you flinched. He wouldn’t know what to do and would leave you alone for a few hours before coming back to you to talk.


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He would try his hardest to make you smile, but after a few minutes, you’d be able to see him slowly breaking down; his voice cracking, his eyes glistening with tears, etc. But he would still be trying to make you smile.


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Although he’d be on the verge of tears while doing it, he’d want to talk to you about what had just happened instead of letting it sit. He’d make sure you know that he’d never hurt you.

Hyungwon: *try to ignore the water?*

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He would start tearing up right then and there. You would watch as he lowered his head, not wanting you to see him cry.


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He would pamper you for the entire day eternity, making it known that he would never lay a hand on you in that way ever.


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He would leave you alone for a few days so you could calm down and he could collect himself. He’d be hurt that you’d think he’d hurt you above all.