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I have a theory about WINGS era.

Right here goes nothing:

So in this era it has been made pretty clear that Tae and Jin are parralels or opposites (Tae being the “tempter” and Jin being “purity” in BST, Tae’s top being an inverted version of Jin’s in the YNWA photoshoots, Tae and Jin taking off their jackets in sync and doing the framing with their fingers motion in Spring Day etc…). And the 2 latest videos seem to centre around JK. 

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Originally posted by changkyuh

If you noticed in Not Today Jin and Tae were flanking JK in the running scenes with a great distance between them and the other members. Tae was on JK’s left side while Jin was on JK’s right side. This may just be coincidence or it could be referencing the left and right hands of God.

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The left hand of God is the place that Lucifer (Satan) once sat while the right hand is seen as being occupied by Jesus or Gabriel (depends who you ask). So it seems fitting that Tae, the fallen angel, is on the left side; with Jin, the person Tae tempted (which is almost like how the Devil tried to tempt Jesus while he was in the dessert), on the right. But what does this make JK?

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I beleive that JK is Abraxas. Mainly due to these quotes:

“That which is spoken by God[-the-Sun] is life; that which is spoken by the Devil is death; Abraxas speaketh that hallowed and accursed word, which is life and death at the same time. Abraxas begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness in the same word and in the same act. Wherefore is Abraxas terrible (- Carl Jung, Seven Sermons of the Dead, Sermon 3)” In Carl Jung’s book Abraxas represents the driving force of individuation (synthesis, maturity, oneness); while God and the Devil represent the driving forces of differentiation (emergence of consciousness and opposites).
In Spring Day, JK sees himself on the train. The him on the train appears to be maturer than the one that the train passed, coinciding with Carl’s idea of Abraxas. Also you’ll notice that once again Jin is one JK’s right side and Tae on the left but this time behind the other members.

Another quote is from Herman Hesse’s Demian:
“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God’s name is Abraxas.” If you combine these two quotes with the reflection in JK’s eye after the other members got shot, he is standing in the centre with what looks to be a gun. 

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A person born must first destroy the world. The members are JK’s world as shown by the worry on his face in Spring Day when he couldn’t find them. 

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And the reflection JK appears to be staring right at him because the bird flies to Abraxas. Reflection JK is JK’s shadow from the Begin short film, the shadow shown to have wings at the end. Two halves of one whole. As stated before Abraxas represents indivisualatity and JK is now alone.

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Also from the short film is the painting. Blood splatters onto it while JK is crying. May or may not be foreshadowing, I don’t know.

One final thing I have to add is that if you watch Not Today before Spring Day its almost like JK is reminiscing the times he had with his friends before they died. There is a scene on the train where JK is alone on the cart then opens his eyes and everyone is there, almost like he’s wishing they’re there. (Sorry about gif quality)

Not only that but in the behind the scenes RapMon said that they’re filming his birthday scene. But why was JK infront of the cake? Why did he look so sad? Then there was a similar scene where JK is alone in the room with a match, it goes out then time appears to reverse and everyone is there. He misses them. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a scene that took place not long after he shot them. 

Sorry if this makes no sense, its 3am roughly.

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let us discuss.,, tiny mochi jimin,, and big muscle pig jungkook

Here are the facts:

  • Jeon Jungkook’s height is 178cm
  • Park Jimin is 173cm

It is the perfect height difference for back hugs (and back hug scenes).

JK also has a thing for Jimin’s small stature. He’s even made a rap about it. And he has also revealed that he thinks Jimin as his “jjokkomi.”

  • Jungkook weighs 70kg
  • Jimin weighs only 61kg

Jungkook carries Jimin like he weighs nothing.

  • Jungkook’s wrist width is 16.4cm - the thickest out of everybody in Bangtan. (Even Tae, who has the biggest hands in the group can’t fully wrap his fingers around JJK’s wrist. Let that sink in for a sec..)
  • Jimin’s wrist is 15cm - the thinnest out of everybody. He also has the smallest hands.

Jungkook likes to hold and pull Jimin by the wrist.

And so I can scientifically conclude without any bias whatsoever that Kook/min have the best physical chemistry together. The data also shows that Jeon Jungkook may have a size kink. I’m going to err on the side of caution and say that he definitely does. 

Haven’t posted on here because we’ve been doing nothing. Jk. We’ve been doing lots of boring stuff for example school and homework lol ~ nessa


Nah jk lol she did a fuckton of things wrong. But she also did these things while suffering from severe mental illness. And yeahhhhhhh, I know that mental illness doesn’t excuse a person’s crimes. But it sure as hell makes them a whole lot more understandable. 

See, here’s the thing. Mental illness is something that could happen to anyone, including you or me, and it’s something that fundamentally alters chemical balances and neurological pathways in the brain. It’s strongly implied that Rika is suffering not only from depression and anxiety, but some form of psychosis as well (delusions and such can be brought on by more severe cases of depression). In this state of mind, she’s really no more in control of her actions than Saeran is. People in this fandom are so quick to jump to Saeran’s defense, claiming his very questionable moral decisions are not his fault and that he didn’t want to act in those ways, but the same argument could be made of Rika. Do you really think someone who founded a fundraising organization solely for the sake of helping people would want to hurt the people she loves? Why do you guys think the insanity plea exists? Because the justice system recognizes that certain mental conditions incapacitate your ability to think rationally and make controlled decisions. She’s done some terrible things, definitely, but she’s not evil herself. She’s just severely ill. 

And that’s just the thing. Rika isn’t an angel like the RFA members thought, but she also isn’t the demon that this fandom makes her out to be. She’s human, and that’s what makes her such a fascinating character. She has flaws and weaknesses that aren’t all neatly wrapped up by the end of the story, which leaves room for growth and development and (hopefully) recovery.

Which leaves only one thing to be said…

@cheritzteam Rika route pls. 

Jungkook cover/song masterlist

I got this idea from @namroll ! She made a “NAMJOONS MUSIC MASTERLIST” here!

Covers ( in no particular order ):

Nothing Like Us - Justin Bieber

Purpose- Justin Bieber

Paper Hearts - Tori Kelly

Lost Stars - Adam Levine

양화대교 (Working) - Zion.T (자이언티)

양화대교 (Working) - Zion. T&JK

Sofa (소파)Crush(크러쉬)

Fools - Troye Sivan (RM&JK)

Waterfalls [歌詞&日本語字幕] (RM&JK)

Rainism (레이니즘) - Rain (비)

If You - Big Bang

I’m In Love - Narsha (JK&Lady Jane)

Self-produced(composed)/taking part of the song:

BEGIN - Jungkook

알아요 (I Know) (produced by RM, Pdogg, performed by RM&JK)

Outro: Love is Not Over - BTS (방탄소년단)

Outro: Love is Not Over - BTS (방탄소년단) full ver.

DAT Trash Can

Fun fact about me (my life, nah, jk), less than a year ago, I didn’t like yaoi or gay stuff, I didn’t hate it (of course not, I’m not a jerk) but I wasn’t into it and then, there was this (AMAZING) day when my brain just embrace the cuteness of 2 boys loving each other (thanks Free!), yeah I lost my yaoi virginity with MakoHaru (what a beautiful start) ;P

Anyway, I here am now, reading gay smut at almost midnight in my bed instead of studying, BUT I REGRET NOTHING ! *^*

I’m so proud of the trash I became, so happy to suffer by reading fanfictions about my non-canon ships and drown into an ocean of tears and time to time : happiness xD

If there’s one thing to remember about all that useless post is : BE PROUD OF WHAT YOU ARE ! BE PROUD OF THE HUGE TRASH CAN YOU BECAME ! And most important : DON’T EVER STOP SHIPPING PEOPLE TOGETHER ! (you’ll killed me if you do that, literally) x’)

Anon: this is just my guessing since I love ji/kook so much. So, first in the season greeting cut, Suga picked V over Jimin bc he’s bad at archery, then in the next cut, Jungkook didn’t score in archery (I didn’t know about the whole game since I didn’t see the whole video yet) and my mind kept on like brainwashing me that maybe JK did that purposely to make Jimin laugh bc I believe Jimin must’ve hurt by Suga’s word (I know Suga just joking and it’s nothing in their friendship). So, your opinion?            

I have also yet to see the whole video, but I have seen some clips here and there (mostly Kook/min stuff because lol of course I would) and it seemed like everybody was confused about JK’s poor performance during that round. I didn’t see anything too strange until the penalty kicks when Jimin volunteered to be Blue Team’s keeper.

JK was forced to take the kick for his team and he pulled an England (shh is ok) and missed Jimin’s body and the net by a wide margin. Like by a mile. Maybe it was just an off day for him or maybe he didn’t want to hurt Jimin?

Right after that was this moment:

V. Source/Credit

On Tae’s pk, JK noticed the ball was way too near the keeper, so he moved it back despite being on the opposite team. (That’s why Jimin ‘thank man’ed him) You would think that he’d want every advantage since his team was losing but he put Jimin’s safety first. 

So I don’t know if Jungkook was necessarily trying to cheer Jimin up because of Yoongi.. I just think that JK is naturally thoughtful in his own quiet way. (I’ve also noticed that whenever Jungkook gets really nervous about Jimin’s feelings or whatever, he kind of hovers and drapes himself over Jimin or at least initiates some sort of skinship > >)

the harry potter books rated by mentions of eloise midgen
  • the philosopher's stone: zero mention. understandable as jk rowling is still establishing the series, and most of the best characters weren't introduced until later on. 2/10
  • the chamber of secrets: again, nothing. a little disappointing. 1/10
  • the prisoner of azkaban: okay, this is getting ridiculous. 0/10
  • the goblet of fire: here we find out that eloise midgen was sent to the hospital wing for trying to curse her acne off, and madam pomfrey had to reattach her nose. ron then says that her 'off centre' nose is the reason he wont go to the yule ball with her, despite hermione saying that she's very nice, and her acne's getting better. definitely eloise's best book, with multiple mentions and the continuity of her nose plotline. 10/10
  • the order of the phoenix: hermione says that the curse on the DA sign up sheet will make eloise midgen's acne 'look like a couple of cute freckles'. this is mean, but at least she's mentioned. no press is bad press and all that. 6/10
  • the half blood prince: here, we hear that eloise midgen's dad pulled her out of hogwarts following voldemorts return. im sad to see her go. 4/10
  • the deathly hallows: absolutely nothing. we get zero closure on her storyline. did she survive the war? did her acne ever get better? how did she fare in wizarding society with no NEWTS? we will never know, and its all jk rowlings fault. look what you've done. 0/10

some things:

  • first of all, mom holy fuck?!?
  • pidge and lance being hella brave!!
  • like “here goes nothing”??? NO lance it’s not nothing i’m so proud of you!!!!
  • “GET SOME OF THIS” pidge holy shit what are you like 14? cut down some of the sass jk never stop, i love you pidge,
  • ok i gotta address the elephant in the room: keith and lance have their-NOPE NOT YET LET’S TALK ABOUT HOW GOOD ALLURA LOOKS. SHE’S BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE HER.
  • new worlds??? i love the underwater world so much, but there’s also the weird techy tree? and the creepy but also kinda cute monster that was by shiro
  • nEW ALLIES??? please be one of the old paladins please be one of the old paladins they’re probably not, but either way i’m so excited!!!!! and keith is the one who found them? NICE.
  • so zarkon knows how to track team voltron hmmm?? ok who else thinks it’s because of shiro’s galra arm
  • MY MAN HUNK looks so good, as usual i pray that you’re not used as comic relief this season. you’re more than just the food guy hunk and i love you. GIVE ME HUNK DOING SMART THINGS AGAIN. and strong things too bc he’s even stronger than shiro please
  • “there is no place in this universe beyond my vision’s reach” damn that’s terrifying. please stay safe my kids i’m looking at you shiro
  • seriously shiro please stay safe, i see you taking on zarkon. we need our space dad alive. the last thing we need is this mysterious ally replacing you. if anyone else is gonna pilot the black lion, PLEASE let allura do it
  • CORAN!! sadly, there’s not much going on with him but i missed him
  • ok so yea lance and keith have their shirts off. freak out. get excited. it’d be cool for klance to be canon but i doubt it’ll happen :(
  • tbh they probably were in the shower or had just come back from training

feel free to add on if you have any thoughts!

Writing Fic Yesterday
  • Me: Come up here! I need to use you as a study for my fic
  • Bae: ???
  • Me: I want to see if this kissing scene could actually work in real life
  • Bae: *runs up stairs excitedly*
  • Me: ok now cup my face
  • Bae: *leans forward* *knocks over bottle of water* *stumbles* *slams into me*
  • Me: dafuq are you doing
  • Bae: I got nervous

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Omg. Omg. Omg. I loved the way you did my imagine boo. But like what if when they did show up here and tried to make sure their Pokémon were safe like the pokeball malfunctioned and nothing came out because HEY. GUESS WHAT. POKÉMON DON'T EXIST HERE. I just for some reason like to see the characters I love suffer. Sue me. Lol. Jk. Pls Don't. I'm poor enough as it is.

Is it bad that I thought of the same thing when I wrote down their reactions? XD

Don’t worry, I won’t sue you. ^^ I’m glad that you enjoyed the imagine! 8) I do enjoy a good angst too, so shhh… It’s okay. XD But here’s what their reactions would be!


- He’ll be crying. Look at what you did! YOU MADE THE POOR SUNSHINE BOY CRY! Hau will be so upset because he grew up with pokémon (like everyone else). He’ll be frantic too since he didn’t want to believe that he couldn’t open his pokéballs. If he does open them and nothing comes out, Hau will be bawling for hours to the point where the person that encountered them will be crying with them. (I’m getting a little teary eyed just thinking about it. T^T )


- Oh gosh, don’t get me started with this boy here. He would be DEVESTATED, especially if it involves his Silvally. He’s been with Silvally through thick and thin, especially when it comes to sleeping at night time. Silvally’s always been there when Gladion needs him. Kukui will have to hold this boy back because Gladion would have pounced on the nearest person near him. He shouts for them to return him home, back to where Silvally’s waiting. He would be shouting for a good while before he grows tired and just kind of…slumps to the ground, unmoving due to the shock he received about his pokémon.


- He’ll be the calmest of the three, but will still be upset about the whole ordeal. Kukui will do his best to calm the poor boys down, but will be held back a little due to his own sadness. He’ll even be more quiet than usual, which we ALL know that usually isn’t like Kukui. The professor will do everything in his power to make sure that all of them can go home where their pokémon’s waiting for them.

Here you go! I hope you enjoyed this little angst from the three boys. ^^

Everyday situations with BTS
  • Jungkook you need to be stopped.
  • These are getting longer.
  • I take requests.
  • *
  • Jungkook crashes into a clueless Hobi who was obscured by a corner that JK was taking at high speeds back stage.
  • Hobi: ?!?! *manages to stop both himself and Kookie landing on the floor* Kook-ah! Why are you running around back here?! It's dangerous!
  • Kook: Omg hyung you scared me. I'm running from noona.
  • Hobi: okay which noona? we have quite a few scary noona's backstage.
  • Kook: *laughs despite himself* y/n.
  • Hobi: oh? What did you do?
  • Kook: Nothing!! I just walked in to show her the trophy. And she gave me that look. You know the one. The one she gave Namjoon hyung when he dropped her iPad and that one she gave Yoongi hyung when he asked her to diet with him for support and thought he was implying she was fat!
  • Hobi: *understanding* ohhhhh. Yeah even Yoongi went paler.
  • Kook: so I ran.
  • Hobi: clever.
  • ....
  • Where's the trophy then?
  • Kook: .... shit. I don't know?
  • *
  • Hobi: Noona! Noona-noona~~~ *throws himself on the sofa next to him* play with my hair, noona? *puts head in lap*
  • You: *laughs* your stylist noona's hate me doing that.
  • Hobi: *pouts* I'm at home though!
  • You give in and it doesn't take long before Hoseok goes from humming contentedly to sleeping. You're happy for now so leave him. Yoongi comes in and is high key jealous Hoseok got there first which amuses you greatly.
  • You: Get here faster next time.
  • Yoongi: I don't care *shrug* *liar*
  • Kookie walks in.
  • You give him a Hobi worthy bitch face.
  • Yoongi laughs mostly in shock, waking Hobi.
  • Yoongi: What the hell? You've been scaring Kook for the last few days?
  • You: *grumbles* Jimin teaches him too much.
  • Hobi: We almost lost the trophy because he was running from you noona. Luckily Jin found it.
  • You: The kid needs to stop ok he is barely 18-
  • Yoongi: 20
  • You: in international age ok!! He's so young!!
  • Hobi: .. What's your point?? He's the maknae?
  • You: I just... he just... Have you guys not watched him on stage?
  • Yoongi: ... Sometimes??
  • Yoongi & Hobi: *confused face at you*
  • You: Don't you think he's a little too... sexy?
  • *brief pause*
  • Hobi: OH MY GOD *flies out of your lap laughing hysterically* Kookie Kookie noona thinks you're hot-
  • You grab Hobi by the shirt and give him a menacing look.
  • You: *chilling voice* Don't spread misconceptions, Hobi-ah...
  • Namjoon: Could you unhand Hoseok before you break him please noona?
  • Jimin: What's happening?
  • Kookie: ... Can I come in?
  • You: Oh god this is actually embarrassing.
  • Kookie: Noona, I'm sorry for whatever I did?
  • You: Oh jeez *feeling guilty* please don't apologise it's not your fault Kookie... kind of...
  • Yoongi: Tell him it's because you find him sexy.
  • You: MIN YOONGI! I swear-
  • Namjoon: wait what noona you like Kookie that way?
  • You: No! He's a child!
  • Kookie: *paralysed with awkwardness*
  • Jimin: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!! *mischievous grin*
  • Hobi: *cackling*
  • You: Look okay, I just don't appreciate it that when I go to support you guys Kookie - and you too as well Jimin - feel the need to be such extra noona killers. You guys are babies to me and it is not okay. I am very angry about the fact foetuses like you make me feel some way I am 100% not okay with it and you need to stop. This isn't a confession either so pipe down Hoseok.
  • Yoongi: Right so. You're mad that you find them attractive?
  • You: In summary, yes.
  • Yoongi: Do you find me attractive?
  • You: Yes?
  • Yoongi: But you're not angry.
  • You: No. Of course not. You're my age.
  • Yoongi: So?
  • You: It's not okay, okay?
  • Jimin: ... Noona you're not making sense...
  • You: *frustrated sound* I am!!!
  • Kook: *cocky af all of a sudden* Oh, noona~ I am so sorry~ *sexy smirk*
  • You: Don't you fUCKING EVEN- I am leaving.
  • You leave with a dramatic slam of the door.
  • Namjoon: *a little stunned* Um. Er?
  • Yoongi: *shrugs* Don't ask me.
  • Namjoon: ... She'll forgive.. you guys soon??
  • Jimin: Hyung how can she we'll always be this hot though. *smirk* *high fives Kookie*
  • Hobi: Ah... you know... I think I just saw her point.
Trying to Move on

Part of the 5 Years Later Series (x)

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to JK Rowling

Italics indicate a flashback

Masterlists Here (x) (x) (x)

“Promise me if you start to feel uncomfortable you’ll send me a message. I’ll come get you straight away,” Elliot insisted as he pulled you into a tight hug. Yesterday when you told your boyfriend you were planning on spending half a day with Fred, he had been nothing but supportive and confident you would be able to handle an encounter. However, on the morning of he appeared to be anxious and was trying to reassure himself that you could handle it.

“Elliot, I’m perfectly capable of apparating myself home if need be. However, I hope it won’t come to that,” you sighed and placed a kiss on his cheek. “I promise I’ll give you all the details at dinner. I don’t want you worrying about me while you’re at work.”

“I know you don’t want me to worry, but this is a huge step for you. I was proud that you were able to tackle weekly dinners but when you mentioned hanging out with him outside those dinners I was surprised.  I know you want to make amends with him, but I thought you’d take your time with this. Jumping to being full friends again might be too difficult right now,” Elliot warned. You wanted to argue, to say that this would work and everything would return back to normal. However, there was no certainty. When it came down to it, befriending him was a test of just how far you were willing to move on from your pain. Sure he might not become your closest friend again, but he’d be in your life and that would need to be enough.

“Elliot, I need to at least try. Going to dinner with the Weasley’s was no baby step ,and if Ginny hadn’t forced me to go I would continue to miss them. We were friends for a long time and we dated for years. At the very least, I need to make it less awkward for the Weasleys when they invite me over,” you reasoned. “This will help me finally move on from what happened. I think you’ll agree that making peace with the source of my grief will help me.”

“Ok Y/N, I know you’re right I just don’t want to admit it,” Elliot sighed and moved away from you. “Just be careful with how far you leap today ok?”  With that final statement Elliot apparated leaving you alone. Once Elliot was gone the weight of what you were about to do hit you. You were going to be rekindling your friendship with Fred after all the pain he caused you. There was so much you wanted to ask him but the question that continued to buzz in your mind was how exactly did you two plan on moving forward. Would you simply let his explanation at dinner be enough or would you dare to ask him why again and again? You wanted to debate which method you’d move on with Fred, but you were positive you’d be late for your shopping venture if you allowed yourself to ponder on the approaches. Today’s goal was to simply be comfortable around him again; regardless of which method you chose, you needed to be able to talk with Fred. With an open mind you apparated to the first of many stores.

“Ah Y/N glad you could join us, I was beginning to think you chickened out,” George greeted. “I know choosing the right crib can appear daunting especially since Angelina and I have been discussing it for months, but I assure you this will be a fun time. Whatever you select is wrong in some other parent’s eyes ,so just be confident and have fun with it.”

You and Angelina both laughed; you were sure you wouldn’t be able to be this bold with Fred if they weren’t putting their full support behind this outing. You looked around the store for Fred and there he was a few aisles over pretending to be interested in high chairs.

“You two can start looking at high chairs, and we’ll head off to the crib section. If you find one you like just let us know. We’ll be a few aisles down if you need us.” Angelina grinned. She gave your hand a reassuring squeeze before her and George went off to look at cribs. Your feet seemed to get heavier as you walked toward Fred so much so you were shuffling them on the floor toward the end. You were tongue tied and when you searched your mind for something to say it was blank. All you could think about was no matter how close you were to Fred physically; you were emotionally far away from him. Perhaps Elliot was right, it was too soon for you to be doing this. You wanted to apparate back to the safety of your home but before you could even picture your living room Fred spoke up.

“I’m surprised they haven’t picked out a high chair yet, you think mum would get on them for not having the basics when Ang is so far along,” Fred said casually. It was the carefree tone in Fred’s voice that put you at ease, perhaps you could handle this day after all.  You took a deep breath and when you felt you were able to form a sentence you spoke up,

“Well perhaps they kept shopping under wraps or didn’t put the item on their registry. Maybe they’ve been busy at the shop. That could be the case, but it seems as if they’ve just been indecisive on what to get. I say stick to the traditional baby items, there’s no need over complicate shopping,” you gestured toward the simpler option.

“No, what baby wouldn’t want a high chair with heated seats and a miniature monitor of moving pictures. Also what parent doesn’t want a self-cleaning chair. Come on with how busy my brother and sister-in-law are they could use the extra time,” Fred suggested.

“I understand the self-cleaning chair, but I don’t think a baby needs all those frivolities. The baby should really be focusing on food, it’s hard enough to feed them as it is,” you countered.

“Valid point, I guess we’ll compromise and get the self-cleaning one,” Fred agreed and placed the high chair in his cart. “George gave me a list of other items they need did you want to help me find those as well?” You nodded in agreement, feeling slightly more confident that the two of you could have a normal day without the past getting in your way.

The two of you had more success than George and Angelina did on their hunt. They still couldn’t narrow down their crib selection and they decided enough was enough.

“You two are good at decisions, can you guys just select from the two we’re torn on so we can move on from this. We can’t really be debating this considering we only have a month left before this baby arrives,” George requested. You didn’t think anything of it as Fred and you walked toward the cribs but when you saw the cribs you felt a wave of pain wash over you. You hadn’t thought anything of baby item shopping with Fred but now that you were in front of cribs you were remembering your own experience when you were pregnant.

“I don’t know why we’ve been staring at them for the past two hours. They’re practically the same,” Ginny sighed.  You shook your head and continued to examine the two cribs you’d narrowed your selection down to.

“Ginny, I know these cribs have high safety marks and that they both go well with the nursery. Selecting a crib is more than that.  I need to be ok leaving my child in its most vulnerable state in the crib. I want them to feel as safe as they feel in my arms when they sleep in this bed. Given all that’s happened, I just want them to go to bed knowing that everything will be ok and nothing can harm them,” you confessed. You felt a lump rise in your throat. You knew that if Fred was here he’d be saying what Ginny was saying, spending this much time on a crib was ridiculous. Your baby probably would be sleeping in the arms of loved ones for many months to come.  

“Y/N a crib isn’t going to do that, your attitude and the way you parent your child will. I know that you feel alone in this but you aren’t. We’ll be with you every step of the way,” Ginny reassured you and pulled you into a tight hug. Deep down you knew Ginny was right, a crib wasn’t going to provide safety you were. “However, if you don’t select a crib in the next ten minutes I will pick one for you and trust me you won’t like it.”

“I guess we’re baby experts. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just pick one of them as they are practically the same,” Fred grinned. You felt that lump in your throat start to rise again. This is the experience you should’ve had with him five years ago when you were actually pregnant. You hadn’t minded the other baby shopping but the crib was different, the crib held a special place in your memory. You hadn’t realized you were crying until you felt Fred pulling you toward him. You knew you should push away and bolt out of the store, but this hug felt better than being alone with your grief. This hug said it all: I’m here now ,and I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you then.  

The story continues (X)


Ohhh Lord IIIM DOOOOONE!  Zzzzzzzz…

Haha jk however IM SO HAPPY THIS IS DONE!! :D :heart:

Now.. their info ;) (pretty much says on pic but rest is here)~

~NightShade!Sans~ The Genocide - Ruthless Brutal Phantom


- He has a deep rough Russian accent.

His Colors: Deep Blue and Deep Purple and his bones is black coal covered color. He has sharp claws and fangs. His eye has three white rings, blue around the pupil, then purple around that.
(He glows so make to have the mode on luminosity mode in drawing)

His personality- Highly intelligent/ tempermatic/ cocky/ selfish/ persuasive/ hateful/ sadistic/ possessive/ deceiver/ sarcastic/ troll/ introvert/ deep talker.

Your misery is all that he wants which is his own guilty pleasure. *wink and nod* He loves all the negativity and wishes nothing more but for you to pass it more and for him to feed on you. He hates when your happy or having fun as it makes him irritable and tries to piss you off through physical violence. He’s the worst person to be with and he loves to torture everything. He doesn’t like to kill though, thinks it’s too “easy” and would rather keep you to himself and make you scream in pain for eternity. He loves to play mind games.

Everything he touches inflicts pain or rotting or melting, depending on what it is. (It IS venomous and will cause great pain but doesn’t necessarily kill you).

He’s the very definition of HELL itself.

He only has one eye which is his right eye and no left eye. He has cracks of shade shining from him along with flames going upwards. The weapons he has are well of course the gaster blasters but he rarely uses them cause he rather deal with things himself and his weapon of choice is poisonous thorns&spears from within his deadly body. (Pretty much the same definition when he touches you, only here’s the steps if your cut by his deadly poison, you’ll feel pain in your whole body then by how deep your cut is by his thorns even a small cut, is very dangerous altho not in terms you’ll die, however you’ll more likey hallucinate and the illustrations are easy going at first but it gets much worse as the time rolls on and from how deep the cut is, defers how long the hallucinations will last.)

He absolutely despises any form of light and if he ever touches it with his hands, it will make him deform, cause him to get great pain, and will not be seen for who knows how long. He has one loooooong tongue and his spit is made of acid. He’s food of choice likes any with poison plants to rotten food. He does need to be alone and as he likes the silence from time to time but mostly loves the screams. He does tell the honest truth but he’s hurtful about it though he can LIE (example: saying everything will be fine just take(steal) it you’ll feel good afterwards… but you won’t.). He does puns but there either dirty or hurtful. His very WRATH will be YOUR MISERABLE END. And let’s just say he’s more dark and ominous than flowey and chara combined o_o  


“You disgust me." 


“Hell-o and welcome to your own hell-a pain” 

“Shade ya later, as I will watch you in the shadows very closely.

"Kill you? Nah. I’d rather burn you alive than give you the releaf.” 

"I will ram everything you hold so DEER HAHAHA." 

"I hate the very existence of you, die in silence.”  

~DayLight!Sans~ The Pacifist - Guardian Archangel

(Some spoilers!) Keep in mind this is Wild!Sans “Infinite Form!” They are one of the same person!  

InfoVoice- He has a deep charming British accent. 

Colors: Golden and white silky outfit. He has golden markings. His eyes are bright with blue around and white golden glow eyes. His shield clock is rainbow and the blades in the middle golden .His staff is skyblue with white swirly vines, with a rainbow colored crystal gem inside on top of the staff. White fur. And the wings glow golden white like a heavenly radiance(luminosity mode). (He glows so make to have the mode on luminosity mode in drawing). 

His personality- Highly intelligent / Speaks in riddles / VERY lovable/ friendly/ high-spirited/ caring/ humorous/ faithful/ outgoing/ honest/ cheerful/ stylish/ protective/ angelic/ generous/ blissful/ positive/ optimistic/ very wise.

HE LOVES ALL EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. He wishes nothing more than for everything and everyone to be happy as it makes him happy and at peace. He will shower you with a feeling of great blissful peace when you’ve been doing the right thing or have done something good. He loves to laugh! His aroma/atmosphere brings peace and harmony to those around him. He’s very fun to be around he will cheer you up as he will be with you and enlighten you for you to feel better. He’s the best person to be around and loves to cheer you on. He does not like when you say hurtful things or do the wrong thing and he will make sure you learned your lesson. He loves to teach and give lessons for those who wish and earn it as he loves to give rewards when you do a great deed. He loves oranges and mango as it feels him with joy, he will also share them with you.

His clothes are of very great silk, his fur is very warm fluffy. His weapons is a celestial clockshield that moves in a clockwork position(For humans, if you battle with him,(which he will be very sad if it does come to that) it will be your death timeclock). The clock can break up into golden spears, bring out four blades, and has circle shaped gears that are “seals” to hold you down (it does not bring you any harm but its only there so you don’t bring any harm to others or to yourself). If you are possessed he will do a bible exorcising on you. He has a bible book(not shown in pic cause I forgot) it is of gold and silver. If you open his book and you are a sinner it will make you blind for all eternity because you probably did not repent for your sins. He has a long staff with a crystal rainbow gem (if you are in darkness and pray to repent and wishes for the dark to be gone, he will show up and will lighten the path to you) He uses turquoise (bright greenish-blue) flames, it will not hurt you as it is a healer for you.    


“Greetings!” “

It’s so good to see you!" 

"Be strong." 

"You bring light into my sky eye sockets." 

"I love the very essence of you, amazing pal." 

"Don’t give up!" 

"I have hope and faith in ya." 

"Courage in the heart is very rare.”  

“I beg you, please pray and repent while your still alive and if you want the pain to end." 

"I’m rooting for you, good luck!”


WELP! It is done. I may add more later on in their descriptions howeves! If you like to draw them.. I salute the GOOD LUCK

but pls leave me credit and link me to em! I always wanna see fanart as I love em blissfully with love and hearts! Hope you like and love! <3 <3 <3 Also! I will be doing livestream Saturday! Come see if your interested in me drawing and being goofy in such with my sillyness and chat with peps! :D <3  

Art DayLight and NightShade Sans /c/ me 

/c/ Undertale


therosemaiden  asked:

*gives Airi a box of chocolate* Here for you. Happy Valentines day.

Airi: Ohh~ thank you so much! You didn’t have to, you know… *hugs her*

Airi: I feel bad now.. I have nothing for you.. v_v

I am not a man, you know… jk xD

Thank you so much~ <333

Ahaha, you know, Airi normally doesn’t care that much about days like that, she thinks if you want to show some affection you can do it every day and days like that are just an excuse or something and force you to do things you normally wouldn’t or would or idk, but in general it’s more a made up thing to rise the sales of special items and yeah.. (*゚∇゚*)
If I wouldn’t have seen all the posts about Valentine’s Day the last days I would have honestly forgotten about it
(*゚∇゚*) …..

But nontheless, I’m happy that you thought about me!

**✿❀  Happy Valentine’s Day ❀✿**

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      daddio. yo it’s just a widowed demon dad ! ! nothing crazy here ( maybe a bit o’ violence ). blog is still under co. but it’d be cool if you could reblog or like this so I can check ya out!! 

  • dork
  • loves his daughter g o d 
  • you will be sick of hearing him talk about her
  • chain smoking himself to death sorry
  • ojisan
  • the kinda guy who shows any and everyone the photos of his kid in his wallet
  • accidentally gives off every stranger danger warning but is completely harmless
  • jk about the harmless thing he’ll kick your ass

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dear evan hansen!!

bless thank u so much.. my fave..

Favourite Character: Jared or Evan, or both…Both.

Least Favourite Character: I don’t have any,,they’re all amazign 

Favourite OBC Cast Member: Ben Platt, Mike Faist, Will Roland….,

Favourite Current Cast Member (If Applicable): Ben Platt (im love him so much im)

Favourite Song: Sincerely, Me (i’ve been listening to it on repeat for days)

Least Favourite Song: i dont really have one, but i dont really enjoy to break in a glove as much as the other songs

Favourite Act (If Applicable): BOTH OF THEM

Favourite Ship: idk… i don’t have one..(yet) (jk im lying to myself its connor/evan)

Least Favourite Ship: i don’t have one of those either!

If There is Something I Would Change about The Musical: im gonna be honest here…nothing.

Ratings: 13/10

send me a musical!