jk thats all there is to me

People who can ship characters with multiple partners blow my mind. Like, they’re just so lucky?? If they don’t find any fic with person A+person B, they might find something with person B+person C, and all that means is more fics! All the things!

I totally respect all ships, but most of mine are so fixed/perfect in my head that I just haven’t been able to get into other pairing combos.


                                             All that for a cat?!

Seitarou: “Why is there a cat in the guard room? I greet him out of habit, but…”

Yamato: “Who are you calling a cat?! Watch your mouth! Kuu-dono is your superior!”

Seitarou: “I’m outranked by a cat?!”

Sugoroku: “Well he is my cat, and he’s been working here longer than you have.”


how come in every coldflash fic it’s always Barry that has to ask Len/the rogues for help with something? why never the other way around?

I want a fic where the rogues get stuck in some fucked up situation and they can’t ask anyone on their side for help bc hmm? sorry can’t help?? no matter how much pull you got in the criminal underworld, no crook’s gonna stick their necks out for you sorry buddy ring me if you don’t die

and so the only person left to call for help is a dumbass superhero with too many morals who’d run into danger even for his villains if he had to, and for once it’s /Barry who gets a chance to come in all expertise saving the damn day showing everyone up with his contacts and shit making all the rogues uncomfortable

I was going to stare wistfully at the Gorillaz Super Deluxe Vinyl Box Set and sigh about it (bc fcccccccck it’s $350) BUT ITS ALREADY SOLD OUT??? (i dont know why im even surprised, though). Now I can’t decide if I’m gonna get the Deluxe CD or the Vinyl ;__; I think the Deluxe CD has an extra 5 songs BUT THE VINYL.

My birthday is next Friday and I’m so excited!!!!!!!

(The 31st!!)

when you accidentally write a tragedy instead of a sin

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Hi, I was wondering if you and Michelle are really dating? I see the tags and I was just curious.

i call her my girlfriend and i like her lots. 💕 @beanboyjoseph

but unfortunately, no we are not “dating”. but we don’t mind being shipped and we like being cute and all over each other and each other’s blogs so sorry guys.

our love is a special one and i just really appreciate her existence. she makes me really happy and i know i can turn to her for help or support. all in all, i just love her.

and yes i am accepting relationship applications. please submit them here.

there are requirements:
-be over 19
-love on all your pets
-be kind
-you gotta like twenty one pilots bc thats all i listen to and play

(im jk about the app but i mean tell me about yourself anyway. you never know)

RULES:   tell  us  one  favorite  character  from  ten  fictional works ( shows, films, novels, etc. )  &  tag  ten  people !!

  1. [K]: Neko aka Ameno, Miyabi ( obviously. i ∞/10 would give my life for her )
  2. Nanatsu no Taizai: Diane ( my giant goddess )
  3. Boku no Hero Academia: Yagi Toshinori aka All Might  ( LET HIM LIVE )
  4. Vanitas no Carte: Dominique de Sade ( my beautiful queen )
  5. Psycho Pass: Shuusei Kagari ( IM SO SALTY HE DESERVED BETTER )
  6. Donten ni Warau / Gaiden: Nishiki ( my princess )
  7. Arslan Senki: Arslan ( a godsend pure bean )
  8. Black Clover: Fuegoreon Vermilion ( wake me up inside can’t wake up )
  9. Pokemon: Mimikyu ( the true star tbh )
  10. Eldarya: Leiftan ( the mom friend that i want )

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Namjoon Lip Appreciation



i really like his lips

like i could look at them all day

is my favorite 

i think


i dont think i have a favorite 

i think all of them

are my favorite

they’re so nice

I just wanna

run my

lips across his

is that too much to ask

pls god

i promise i wont sin

anymore than i already do why you lyin kaylee god knows that ur lyin you sinner

they look a lil chapped

there thats better

pls dont bite ur lip sir

dont lick ur lips sir

dont wink at me sir

juST DONT do anything

imma kill you 


u big fluffball

leeps are da best

and i promise u that im not a sinner jk i am

gifs and pics aren’t mine

I wonder if JK Rowling knows now what she instigated when she wrote the phrase “All right, Evans?”

It amazes me how one small, insignificant piece of dialogue spoken by James Potter to Lily Evans in a pathetic attempt at flirting has spawned so many URLs, blog titles, etc. across multiple fandoms.

my 18th birthday is friday and all ive done so far is get into a few colleges i cant afford

christian pulisic is 6 months older than me and has single handily saved US soccer so far


a͏̸̨L͜͏L̷͜ ̵̧̛͟t͘͠҉H̢̛e̵ ̀͠͝G̡̀̀͟͠i͏͞k͡͞͡A̴̧͡͡B̨̛͜͞i͏̨̧͠ş̶

Well, my main ones - I’ve got a bunch of others for the anime characters, some bosses, more minor characters, etc… 

Back in the days I wanted to introduce each one separately… needless to say, I never managed to go even halfway. So I made this instead ! Inaccurate heightchart warning though, I’m bad at group pictures orz

Annnd the Robobot spoilers under the cut !

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I was gone for one day y'all

Just one!! And shit happened!!! So many damn emotions…at least Niall hasn’t hurt me. Think I might rethink who my fave is lol
JK! I could never turn my back my smol Louis. Or on Larry/Ziam. Gotta admit my heart broke a bit seeing Liam’s announcement. Two BGs..thats too much. But then seeing Louis perform..wow! That was 🔥! So incredibly proud of him and he was able to continue to honor his mum. All the Tomlinson-Deakin family posts had me 😭! And when you think things couldn’t get more intense here comes Mr Harold Edward MF'n Styles!! Like wtf Harry! The blank pics on insta and changing his profile pics to blanks too. I was already hyperventilating and then 💥 💥 we got a commercial. No name at all but EVERYONE knows who it was. I died and was reborn and still pretty much in shock. This must be 1Ds’ way of say don’t fucking take a break for a day. Learned my lessonf

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MOM THIS SLOW BURN IS K I L L I N G ME!!!! LIKE, JUST KISS ALREADY!! I HATE U (jk ily, this is the best thing i’ve read in a while, and i’ve just started chap 4. kill me it’s so good. also, idgaf about hockey bc i am jon snow [i know nothing], but i want to protect all of them????????? mother, what have u done?)

“NHL my dream… [b]ut you my dream too” whAT THE FUCK??? THAT’S SO CUTE OMG I’M DYING MOM. BEST FIC EVER OMG ILY SO MUCH RN. I feel kinda empty inside now tho 😭😭 wtf am i supposed to do with my life now? ty mom for this wonderful recommendation

a BEAUTIFUL SAGA IN THREE PARTS, these were incredible to wake up to i swear you guys make my day every day <3