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(A/N: I’m also using the official screenplay for this scene to describe some of the actions)

Right, so in this scene you have the two couples of the movie – Newt/Tina and Jacob/Queenie.

First of all, let’s start with the obvious Jacob/Queenie in the scene:

  • The screenplay states that they are “getting on famously” – he’s watching her intently as she talks, hanging onto every word she says and clearly taking an interest in what she’s saying.
  •  He obviously feels sad for her (and Tina) when she tells him about their parents because she says “oh, you’re sweet!”
  • Then he says to her, “Could you stop reading my mind for a second?” – she looks a little offended, a little upset, and that’s probably because she’s used to people asking her to stop reading their minds even though she can’t help it. He sees that because he hurriedly says “Don’t get me wrong, I love it!” – and she giggles (HER GIGGLE IS EVERYTHING OH MY GOD)
  • As written in the screenplay: “QUEENIE giggles, delighted, captivated by JACOB” – SHE IS CAPTIVATED BY HIM, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
  • Jacob compliments her on her cooking, saying that it’s “the best meal” he’s ever had – and he’d know because he’s a cook as well; Queenie obviously knows this because she’s so touched and laughs “Oh, you slay me!”.
  • “I ain’t never talked to a No-Maj before!” – don’t you just love how Queenie is as interested in his life as a No-Maj as he is in her life as a witch? It’s so wonderful how they take a genuine interest in each other’s lives from the very start
  • Screenplay: “QUEENIE and JACOB gaze into each other’s eyes” :’)
  • “I am NOT flirting!” – oh, but you kind of are? Just a bit?
  • Screenplay: “JACOB is suddenly very pale and sweaty again, although still trying to look good for QUEENIE”.
  • Queenie immediately appears concerned and asks “Oh, hey, you okay, honey?”
  • SCREENPLAY: “As TINA shuts the door, JACOB gets a quick glimpse of QUEENIE in the other room, wearing a much less demure dressing gown”
  • “Thanks…very much” *obviously staring at Queenie*
  • Queenie knows – of course – and she’s fucking beaming at him like a saint, I LOVE IT

Like, seriously, this scene is so wonderful for them :3

Now we have Newt and Tina’s slightly more subtle relationship emerging:

  • Not really a Newtina thing, but Tina’s face when Queenie says “Tina is the career girl” – like, gosh, absolute FUCKING cinnamon roll right there. And don’t you love how it cuts to a shot of Newt reacting as well? JJJ
  • When Jacob says “this meal is insanely good”, Tina looks over at Newt – the filmmakers didn’t put shots of them sharing looks for no reason, THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON FOR A SHOT
  • Screenplay: “NEWT and TINA sit opposite each other, uncomfortably silent in the presence of such affectionate behaviour”
  • Tina is totally wishing she could flirt like Queenie in this scene, don’t lie, which is why Queenie then announces “I am NOT flirting!”
  • And then Tina looks totally embarrassed because Newt looks at her like “???” and she’s like “FUUUUCCK”
  • She takes a really long moment to start speaking, it’s like “okay, how do I recover from this, how do I pretend I wasn’t just thinking about cute his freckles are in the candlelight”
  • Screenplay: “TINA looks put out.”
  • Can we appreciate how she offers Newt (and Jacob) the bedroom, like, she barely knows them and yet she offers them beds.
  • “Okay, you guys can bunk in here” – Newt looks kind of like “…Oh…right…”
  • Tina then tilts her head, and I honestly think she’s thinking to herself in a small voice “I’m just trying to be nice though”.
  • Tina knocking on the door “tentatively” (screenplay words, not mine!)
  • SCREENPLAY: “TINA, with some frustration, pointedly places his cup on the bedside table”
  • She’s noticeably irritated that he doesn’t even react or move (again, screenplay says it)


  • what she says : i'm fine
  • what she means : PERCIVAL GRAVES. Where is he ? Who is he ? What happened to him ? WAS HE RESCUED AFTER THEY FOUND OUT ABOUT GRINDELWALD? How does the Director of the fucking Magical Security recover from having been defeated and then impersonated by the enemy ? Speaking of which, how long had Grindelwald been playing this role ? Was it before Newt came to New York ? After ? Was Graves actually on Grindelwald's side all this time and let him borrow his persona ? How in the FUCK did NO ONE notice it wasn't Graves ? And if they're in a period of War, shouldn't they have reinforced security measures like spells to detect Polyjuice and other things when it comes to entering important places, like, say, the MACUSA? Was Percival Graves really so focused on work that he didn't form any type of relationship with anyone ? Not even those who probably went to school with him ? How guilty is everyone going to feel once they find out their Director was missing all this time ? HOW. IS. PERCIVAL. FUCKING. GRAVES ?!

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Why do you think JK never made Snape care about Harry? I always expected thats where the story would go at one point but then it didnt at all... like at least a moment of effection or something

Several reasons, I think.

First, as I said in the other post, it was too late for Snape. He is the antihero, much more than Voldemort ever was, and he was set up to fail from the start. He would die with his unresolved issues deep in his soul - the guilt, the rage, the inability to trust and love another person (perhaps for fear of what that love would do to them, because look at what it had done to Lily). By the time Harry crashes into his life, Snape has find a modus vivendi - it’s dark and unpleasant and it keeps him in a lot of pain, but it’s all he knows, and we’re all afraid to let go of things that have kept us safe for years - even if those things are chains and cages. So, even at this moment when Snape would have the chance to start over and teach Lily’s child in the way he wishes he himself had been taught (the fact he was disagreeing with old textbooks at the age of sixteen shows quite clearly what he thought of the whole system) - well, that’s not something he considers. Consciously or subconsciously, he must have worried about what would happen if Harry refused him and mocked him, like James had done. What is colleagues would say if he suddenly changed his demeanour. What Harry himself would know about him - Snape doesn’t know how Harry grew up - what if Petunia had told him everything about ‘the Snape boy’, the weirdo who stalked her younger sister, the kid with the drunk father who was never quite clean and never quite tidy? I sort of believe that’s why Snape was so harsh on Harry during that first lesson - not only he saw James on his face and that hurt him deeply, but he was probably terrified Harry would know things about him - things only Lily could know, and what if she’d told Petunia, or if Harry had found her letters? So no, Snape never tried a different way, because the one he was walking - that was painful, but he already knew that pain he could bear. What if a new path brought him a pain he couldn’t bear?

(Which would have been the case, because if Snape had allowed himself to care about Harry, to love Harry, even, in this clumsy, childish, unfinished way that seems the only way he knows how to love people, how could he have let Harry die? He would have turned against Dumbledore, would have done anything to keep Harry safe like he’d done for Lily, and Dumbledore’s plans would have failed, and Voldemort would have won.)

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Omg! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them takes place the year Tom Riddle is born (1926)! Joanne said that the movie franchise will end when it’s the 1940s(1945 if I remember correctly). Tom will be 19 then aka recently have graduated from Hogwarts and will have probably begun his journey upon Horcrux making and death eater collection or whatnot. I have no idea where I’m going with this but I think this could mean the Fantastic Beasts franchise might end with the defeat of Grindelwald and the realization of a bigger threat to the Wizarding World- Lord Voldemort.


Pairing: Newt Scamander X Reader

Requested: Yes

Anon: ooooo can u write an imagine where newt asks the reader for a back massage cause he’s very tense from all his long nights in the suitcase? And it’s very fluffy and cute

A/N: Ahhhh, this is probably not that good, I’m so sorry, ehehehe, maybe I just suck at making things fluffy…thanks for reading anyways!


You yawn and pull your soft blanket over your head, trying to block out the rays of sunlight that were slipping through the curtains. You turn, expecting to come face to face with your boyfriend, Newt, when instead you’re met with nothing.
You sigh, staring at the empty space on the bed. This was happening more frequently now.

Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you wash your face and put on a fresh batch of clothes. You quickly make a stop at the kitchen, grabbing a few slices of toast and two glasses of milk.

You head over to the brown, tattered leather case that was sitting on the living room floor. You had tripped over it a few times when you first moved in together, but you had gotten used to it randomly appearing in different places.

You bend down and open the case, careful not to spill breakfast. Slowly, you climb down and land gracefully on the floor of the very messy shack.
You look around and huff, Newt wasn’t in there. Setting down the tray of breakfast on to his already cluttered desk, you head outside of the shack and begin your search.

It wasn’t long before you saw him curled up on a large rock near the Mooncalves, the funny looking creatures blinking their huge, luminous eyes at him, as if expecting him to wake up. He didn’t.

When they see you approaching, they happily bound over, gently shoving you towards Newt before scurrying off to play.

You gently shake him awake and he jumps, springing up into a sitting position on the rock.

“Oh good morning, love.” he says, his voice heavy with sleep. “What are you doing down here?”

“To find you. You’ve been coming down here every night and I miss you, the bed is lonely and cold,” you giggle at his form, ruffling his nest of hair that had been attacked by the bed head monster. “I’m also concerned about you.”

You gesture to the rock he was sleeping on.
“You’re going to have back problems when you’re older! You need to sleep on a bed once in a while Newt.”

“Darling, I already have back problems, I work in this department don’t I?” he asks, his eyes sparkling and awake, gesturing to his surroundings.

“But that doesn’t mean you have to make it even worse.” you sigh, knowing that you would never win this argument. This man loved his creatures, they were a part of he was and anyone who tried to pull him away would be just plain evil.

“Come, I made you breakfast.” you say, dragging him up to his feet and he complies, gently pulling you in a hug when he’s up.

“Thank you for caring about me (Y/N), I really appreciate it. But don’t worry, I’m fine.” he reassures you with a smile, dragging you back to the shack. You playfully run up ahead of him and you can see him wincing as he walks. You stop him abruptly.

“Newt, are you sure you’re okay?” you ask, worried. He seemed as though his back was indeed in pain.

He forces a smile and says, “Yes, I’m as fit as a fiddle!”
He jumps happily, trying to prove his point however you could see the pain, evident on his face.

“Newton Artemis Fido Scamander,” you say sternly, and he flinched even more when he heard his full name leave your lips. “Don’t lie to me.”

He chuckles, he couldn’t hide anything from you.

“Yes, but I assure you, I’ll be fine. There is no need to worry.” he smiles sweetly and you narrow your eyes at the man you had fallen for. Such an interesting man indeed.

“I worry ten times more when you say that. Lie down.” you command and he blinks with confusion.


Rolling up your sleeves, you Transfigure a large leaf into a soft blanket, and instruct him to lie down on his stomach.

“(Y/N), what are you-” he stops mid sentence when your hands press down firmly on his back, giving him a much needed massage.

He sighs in appreciation.

Your hands dance on his back, loosening knots and tension. You also discreetly feel his muscles, and how they flexed under your touch. At some point in time you also ran your hands through his hair, giving his scalp a nice massage, appreciating his soft hair against your fingers.
When you finish, you were panting slightly, your own arms feeling numb, but it was worth it.

“That was amazing.” he sighs, gently sitting up and embracing you in a warm hug. “I feel much better thank you.”

“You’re welcome anything for you. But please, promise me one thing; sleep on a bed more often, it’s good for you and your body.”

“Now why would I do that if I can earn massages like that from sleeping on a rock?” he asks cheekily and you gently slap his arm.

He laughs and swoops down to kiss you and your bodies mold together, becoming one. You could tell by the way he was moving that he really did feel better. You squeal as he rolls you on the ground, hovering on top of you, your lips still connected.

Breakfast is probably getting cold, you think, but you didn’t care. It was moments like this with Newt that you cherished and you weren’t going to let cold breakfast get in the way.

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please write an essay on your favourite things about Darth "Edgelord" Vader i want to read your ramblings


it’s more of what the character means, though: people fail. we fail badly. one of the most impressive things about anakin is his unparalleled ability to ruin everything he has, each and every time. people fail because they’ve been failed, because they fell through the cracks and somebody, somewhere, missed a sign. people fail because someone didn’t care to extend a hand to pull them up.

love isn’t enough. you can love all damn day long, can throw your heart at everyone you see on the street, but it will mean jack fuckall if you have no compassion. obi-wan loved anakin, but showed him no mercy. anakin loved his son, but he sliced his hand off anyway - because love isn’t enough. love can be selfish and unkind, love can be wrong, but empathy is the one infallible thing. 

compassion changes people. luke, despite everything, gave his father kindness - and anakin, despite everything, returned it. as a professional bleeding heart, as you can see above, that means something to me.

Quick note: I totally live for all the comments, any of the comments, even the :D comments, they make doing this worth it, so like if you think you’re annoying me if you were to comment on everything or whatever, you would never, they make my day.

That Harry Potter fandom feel when you run across an otherwise good writer who insists on ruining their own work by being terribly clever and snide about the Harry Potter series and how bad it really is and “proving” it by constantly lamp-shading what they feel are weakness in the books. Or by derailing their own story by including an out-of-character argument between two characters that’s really an argument between the author and JK Rowling. 

All of this superiority to the source material is so fucking tiring sometimes. I promise guys all these points you’re making are not new, people were pointing out that Dumbledore is problematic by the time book 5 was out, I promise it’s not a revolutionary thought.  

And yeah, I realize it’s a little absurd that they don’t teach math at Hogwarts, but… you guys… that’s the point. These started as CHILDREN’S BOOKS. Specifically as a magical fantasy take on the very established British genre of school stories. So like, yes they don’t have a math class. That’s the point. It’s a fantasy where instead of having to go to regular school you get to go to WIZARD SCHOOL !! where you learn charms instead of maths and potions instead of chemistry and they teach you to fly a broomstick.  

And it’s not that I think you shouldn’t ever criticize or be critical, but I keep running across these stories where otherwise totally cute well written stories are being ruined by their author’s rush to be the Most-Clever-and-Critical™ of them all. 

So just… don’t let your own complaints about the source material taint your ability to write your own good story okay? I promise it’s okay to like something flawed without constantly pointing out every flaw all the time. 


Title: working girl
Notes: I thought of this and decided I would write my first fantastic beast fic right now.
Pairing: Perceval Graves x reader

You happily skipped up the marble floors excitedly, as you reached the top of the stairs the room filled to life with wizards, witches, trolls, and even house elves. Above you there was a clock, a magic clock. At the moment the clock hand laid on a light green level 2: moderate threat. You hopped around excitedly until another wizard gave you a dirty look and you forced yourself to act normal. You marveled at the portrait of president picquery on the wall, until you found the elevator and made your way over. A house elf held the door open for you, he hissed with a scratchy voice, “where ya goin’”. You tried to sound serious but your voice squeaked a little with excitement, “umm…… department of magical law enforcement.” He nodded and shut the door pressing a button, the elevator slid down quickly making your butterflies flutter even faster. “Here ya go toots.” You stepped off the elevator cringing at the nickname, “who are you?”. A woman spoke loudly, making you jump.

“I’m Y/N, y/n y/l/n. I am the new Auror.” She nodded and pulled you into another room, “madam picquery, your new auror is here.” The woman announced, the tall dark woman turned to look at you. You were in awe when you saw her, you had heard so much about her and she stood right in front of you. She smiled at you, “hello, it’s y/n right?”, you nodded your head at her. “Graves, come here.” The man walked over to her and raised an eyebrow questioningly. “Here’s your new ‘partner’.” He looked down at you angrily but walked over anyways. He nodded and walked out of the room, you followed after him. “Are you percival graves?”, he walked through the hallway into the main room the elevator took you to. “Yes I am,” you ran up beside him as he spoke.

Percival took you to a small cubical office in the middle of the big room. “This is your office now, have fun.” He left you walking back in the direction you came from. You sat there silently until you stood up and walked back down the hallway to that room, just as you got to the door and went to knock it opened and percival stood there staring you down. “What are you doing?”, you looked down anxiously, “I don’t know, you never told me what to do. He rolled his eyes and walked passed you down the hallway to a white unmarked door. He opened it and let you in, it was a large office with a desk full of papers. You stood in the middle of the room looking around cluelessly. He walked passed you and grabbed a stack of papers dropping them in your hands. You grunted as the huge pile took you down, you caught yourself and turned around to percival standing at the door waiting for you to leave, “look through the applications like you learned. That should last you the day, I want them all back and finished by tomorrow.” You frowned and walked out of the room passed him as he smirked watching you carry the huge pile in front of you.

The sudden events played back in your head, why was he so grumpy. You had come excited to be here and work with these people and he didn’t even welcome you. What a jerk. You looked through the papers of complaints of dark magic, you sighed at every paper you looked at. You looked up at the huge pile of papers in front of you and sighed heavily dropping your head on the desk. You thought this was going to be fun. You sat up and looked at the papers angrily, “I can do this”. You muttered to yourself hopefully. You brushed through each paper doing your absolute best on each one. A few hours had passed and you had only gotten through a quarter of them. Someone announced lunch break and you set your pen down happily standing up and walking towards the crowded elevator. When you finally squeezed yourself into one of the loaded elevators it took you down to a large cafeteria, you looked around the magical room as people talked and ate, looking for a familiar face. You didn’t see him in the room so you got yourself two sandwiches and sat down waiting for someone to show up but he never did, you had just met him but it didn’t matter you still worried a bit and ate your one sandwich waiting hopefully. When almost everyone made their way back to the office you decided to pack up the other one and go back to your work.

Instead of walking back to your desk and piles of papers you followed the hallway to the unmarked door once again. You breathed in and out hopefully and knocked, “the doors open.” You heard the deep voice through the door, you opened it and percival graves sat at his desk with his jacket off, he was working hard on a paper. You had to admit he was very handsome but you shook that out of your head. He looked up from his paper giving you a frown as he saw your face. “What do you want y/l/n?”. You walked up to his desk and handed him the small paper bag, “I saw you weren’t eating lunch so, I got you a sandwich. I didn’t know what you like so I just picked one.” He took the bag and set it down on the floor beside him, “ok, go”. You frowned at him and left the room heavy hearted once again.

You went back to your desk and worked on the papers enthusiastically pushing the troubles of that annoyingly rude man to the back of your head. You worked for hours until finally it occurred to you how quiet the room had gotten. You looked up and only a few people sat at their desks working, you frowned at your watch and saw that the day had passed without you knowing. You dropped your hand and went back to working on the papers making yourself aware of the others leaving as the room darkened you turned on a lamp and worked through. Everything was silent as you worked alone on the few papers you had left. You heard a creaking forcing you to look up at the empty room in front of you, there was no one. You looked back down at your papers and kept working, “what are you still doing here?”. The deep resounding voice came out of the blue and scared you half to death, you sat back with your hand on your heart breathing heavily. Percival looked down at you from in front of your cubical office, he smirked at you and you answered him. “I’m still working on those papers, you said you needed them by tomorrow.” He looked at you surprised and then he turned and walked to the garbage can across the room and threw the crumpled paper bag away, “thanks for lunch today”, he said not making eye contact while walking back in the direction of his desk. The butterflies were back and you forced yourself to got back to work on the papers.

You had been working for about half and hour more before you finished with the huge pile of papers and you put them down in a drawer in your desk and you grabbed your jacket and turned off the lamp making your way out of your cubical wondering what percival was doing here so late. The curiosity killed you and you turned down the long hallway walking to the unmarked door. Your pushed on the door slightly peeking through the crack at the empty desk . You worried, he was there just a little bit ago, you hadn’t seen him leave. You just shrugged it off and walked out of the building on your way back down the street to your apartment for the night.

The next day you got to your cubical and Carried the papers to his office dropping them on the table in front of them, “I finished”. He looked up and smiled at you for the first time taking your breath away, “ok grab your jacket, we are going somewhere ”. You smiled at him as he stood up and led you out of the room, you both walked out of the building and down the road as he explained the odd goings on in New York City that day that had to be checked out.

Apparently there's a Japanese wizarding school

And it’s called Mahoutokoro.


Mahou means magic. Tokoro means place. This school is literally called “magic place”. 

Is that really the best Rowling could do? She usually comes up with really amazing names for places in the wizarding world but I have to say, this one is a flop. Maybe the name sounds fine to non-Japanese speakers, but imagine being Japanese and having your school name literally be “magic place”. It’s like if Hogwarts was just called Magic School.