‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’, Alfonso Cuarón (2004)

Tom DeLonge Leaves Blink-182 Behind to Be Alt-Rock’s J.K. Rowling

As much fun as he has composing EPs for Angels & Airwaves, DeLonge is most excited about the long-term potential of Poet Anderson. Recently, he has secured financial backing for a film based on the first book. The movie should be out in the next two years, and the pop-punk entrepreneur thinks it will blow up like Harry Potter. “Poet Anderson is the darkness of Harry Potter, but it looks like Blade Runner and feels like Star Wars at times. And the main character is like someone in A Clockwork Orange. It’s gonna be amazing. The first film is a $100 million movie. It’s big.”

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What if Harry had named one of his boys Lupin Black Potter or James Sirius Remus Potter (or something of the like) after the 3 true marauders? Makes more sense because then he would be adding Remus Lupin the man that stuck by the group through thick and thin and immediately re-welcomed sirius into his arms just because he realized Peter was alive! I mean seriously J.K. Remus was one of your most amazing characters and you didn’t even include him. He died protecting Harry just like James and Sirus did! And he had a child at home!…

I’m a literature student and I hate the fact that every time that a professor asks me who I admire the most I get mocked by answering “J.K Rowling”. My class is full of people who think they are big shit just because they only like classics, it happens that J.K Rowling IS a classic, but she’s a modern one. Also, her writing isn’t the only thing I admire about her, she’s a great human being and she’s gone through a lot to get where she it today – and people have no idea about her life story, they think she blinked and became rich and famous. I love her writing but I love her heart as well and people have no right to mock me for it.