“An Obscurus is the repressed energy of a magical child. It is a dark, destructive force inadvertently manifested by a child who was forced to conceal their powers through physical or psychological abuse.”

10 Thoughts After Watching Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

1. Ezra Miller is a gift

2. Could Newt be any cuter?

3. His Hufflepuff scarf!

4. THEY MENTION DUMBLEDORE, and I promptly have a giggling fit.

5. Why don’t I have a whole wildlife centre in my bag.

6. Bakers are the best.

7. They should’ve just kept Colin Farrell and changed his hair colour instead of… umm… Johnny Depp. #sorrynotsorry


9. I am so glad that racist muggle lady is dead.


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Jily Months

January: Cold kisses and hot pumpkin juice. Lily wearing James’s scarf. James loving how it looks on. Cuddles by the fire in the common room. 

February: Snow mixing with their hair as they rush through the courtyard in between classes. Lily wrapping her Valentine’s Day presents in bright pink wrapping paper and leaving them in the common room for him to find.

March: James whispering sweet nothings into Lily’s ear. Whispering them in an Irish accent on st. Patrick’s day. Lily laughing and think of how lucky she is to have him. 

April: James making a magic umbrella to protect Lily from the rain as she moves from class to class. Lily’s hair sticking to the back of her neck due to the rain as she cheers James on during quidditch. 

May: James picking Lily bright yellow wildflowers to give to Lily in between classes. Lily finding this rather silly so she starts to pick James flowers as well. James finding this rather flattering and adorable. 

June: Lily napping in the sun in the common room. Lily watching it rain from the windows in the library. James just watching her and think of how beautiful she is. 

July: James sneaking out to see Lily during the summer break. Bringing her a pie that his mother baked. Smiling at her as she reads the note his mother wrote. She signed it, “Your future mother-in-law.” James didn’t know she signed it that way. 

August: James noticing how miserable Lily is staying at home with Petunia all day and inviting her to come stay at his house since Sirius and lupin are already there. Lily was packed by the time he finished asking the question. 

September: James holding Lily’s hand and carrying her trunk in the other as the board the Hogwarts’s express. Lily blushing when all the other girls gush over her boyfriend.

October: Lily dressing up as James for Halloween and James losing his shit because she looks so adorable and funny in baggy trousers and his glasses. Kissing her during the Gryffindor Halloween party and being mildly creeped out that he’s kissing himself. 

November: The air getting colder and Lily and James getting closer. Lily loves the way the leaves change color. James loves the way Lily’s eyes light up when she sees the leaves. 

December: Lily going home with James and Sirius for Christmas break. The three of them playing cards and drinking egg nog. Lily and James falling asleep on the sofa by the fire cases Mrs. Potter to laugh at how cute they are. She signs all her Christmas presents to Lily “future mother-in-law”.