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Are you sure you're not looking too far into it?

i hate this. this is a question we’re asked so much and i hate it because of how purely biased it is.

people can make theories on how the three brothers built the veil, about how draco is secretly a werewolf, about how harry being a horcrux is what forced the dursleys to be horrible.

people make theories about the naming conventions of the weasley family, about how draco was secretly on harry’s side all along, about how mrs norris or crookshanks was the potter family’s cat before it ended up where we see it in the books.

people make theories about how you can only be a gryffindor if you ask to be one, about the scientific intricacies of felix felicis, about a million million irrelevant things in harry potter….

yet we’re going too far by suggesting that maybe, just maybe, JK Rowling harbours some discriminatory and prejudiced beliefs, having grown up in a society welcomes such things. people suggest that we’re looking too far into it when we she gives an entire race of greedy, selfish goblin bankers hooked noses and short statures and we have the audacity to claim that that’s antisemitic - because no, jewish people have never ever been described as greedy, selfish, short, hook-nosed bankers before, have they? that’s definitely not a historical trope at all. (spoiler alert: they have and it is!)

i’m not suggesting JK Rowling should be perfect! pobody’s nerfect! we all have prejudice in our own ways, but part of being a good person is accepting how we need to keep trying to eliminate those prejudices, and calling out others who harbour them. i think, as a fan, it is our DUTY to call out those we love the most! to stop them and tell them “what you’re doing if offensive and harmful” - because if we don’t, who will?? it is our responsibility to call out and bring light to the shitty and offensive parts of harry potter, no matter how much we love it!

after all, as a wise old man once said,

Is anyone else strangely protective over Jo?? Like I feel personally violated whenever people comment anything like “She’s just making up stuff to stay relevant.” Or “She’s just trying to make more money.” Like NO I WILL FIGHT YOU LAY OFF MY QUEEN. And half of the problem is that buzzfeed is constantly taking stuff we already knew and releasing it as “new information” like shut up, you muggle. We knew this 4 years ago. She’s not making up more stuff for attention. Also I hate when people call her just “JK” because the K isn’t even real??

“The Mirror of Erised”

Chapter twelve- “The Mirror of Erised” Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments for this chapter.

My thoughts:

  • That moment that you realized the Weasley twins were throwing snowballs at Voldemort’s head.
  • I know I should hate Malfoy, but how can you hate him!
  • It would be awesome to play a real game of wizard chess.
  • Seriously Rowling why did you do that to Fred.
  • I would love to have Harry’s everyday problems instead of mine. For example, who sent me this magical thing. Except for the parents and people dead part…
  • I wish they talked more about Harry’s grandparents.
  • Oh Dumbledore, you with the socks again.
  • Try reading what the mirror says on it backwards.
  • Also erised spelled backwards is desire.

snapchat, insta, and quidditch=games that gryffindor JUST CAN’T LOSE. 

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