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[Trans] 150702 BTS @ Super Junior Kiss the Radio

150702 BTS @ Super Junior Kiss the Radio

DJ : I heard that you guys just celebrated 2 years anniversary. Why don’t someone says something to your fans?
RM : It was already 2 years. Everything we doing now can happens because of your guys. We will spend everyday thankfully and worthy. Let’s go together.

DJ : Normally if someone ask me to put their MV’s link on my SNS,I will do it but for ‘DOPE’ you don’t have to ask me cause I already did that!
ALL : Really, thank you so much!
DJ : Ah? you didn’t see it? You didn’t follow my twitter?
ALL : We will do it today.
DJ : I actually watched the MV with my member and they really liked it too! Donghae and Kangin said that the MV is very cool.How’s the MV?
Suga : I re watched the MV again yesterday and I do think it’s cool.Our fans like it and person who just know us also like it because the outfits are unique.


ASK Rap-Monster
JM : Rap monster, why do you always hit people beside you?
RM : It’s an expression of affection.
SG : Personally, I think Jin’s hyung get hit the most.
JIN : I get hit sometime when we perform because we dance side by side a lot. I have to avoid him all the time because of his dance.
JH : Rap monster, right now, who do you want to hit the most?
RM : It’s Jin hyung. (ALL : LOL)

V : Recently, on our way to work, why do you have to bring a spoon with you?
JIN : I’m the oldest right? and I don’t look as cute as other members so I try to create my own concept.
RM : I want to ask something. If in this world,there were just BTS and food, what would you choose? If you choose BTS, you wouldn’t eat for the rest of you life and if you choose food, BTS would be destroyed.
SG : For me, if I couldn’t eat I would give my food to our members.
ALL : Me too!
JIN : I will let you guys do that and I will just eat.

JH : Jungkook, ask him something (Jungkook was too quite)
JK : I don’t have anything to ask him. (LOL)
RM : Your legs is really slim and many girls are jealous but you think that it is your complex?
SG : Yes,I think they are too slim and can be problem.
RM : But you always wear short?
SG : It’s summer so it’s all about exposure right? I want to appeal girls by revealing my legs.
JH : If you want to expose, you have to shave off your hairy leg hair.
SG : I just did it today.

JK : Jimin hyung, when you’re on stage, why do you always rat you hair?
JM : Because you guys keep pointing it out, now I’m not doing it.
JK & V : It is cool though.

Jin : I have a question. Are you gonna get sick if you don’t eat hamburger? (say to DJ) He really likes hamburger.
V : I need to eat hamburger at night so I can sleep well.
DJ : But you are so slim…
JH : Is it because you have hamburger so the smell is quite…
JH : You can’t stand it now right? Do you have someone you want to hit now?
V : Hobie Hyung xD

ASK J-Hope
J-hope was asked to guess the sound of member’s breathing and SPOIL!!! He guessed V and Jin’s right right away!!

ASK Jungkook
RM : Which hyung you think you shouldn’t live your life like him?
JK : Suga hyung. (ALL : LOL)
SG : Why?  May be because I am too cool.
JK : You can think whatever you want. (ALL : LOL)
DJ : You are still in you 10s right? What is the first thing you want to do if you turn 20?
JK : get a driving license.
JM : If you turn 20, which member do you want to have a drink with the most?
JK : Suga hyung xD (ALL : LOL)
SG : Because I bought you a skewered sheep right?. You think I’m gonna buy it for you again?
JK : I will buy it for you this time :)