jk not hipster

there was a time I couldn’t even fathom the thought of bringing my girl to the bar or club with me. wanting to just hang with the guys and just talk to women to appeal the thought that I still had it. Overthinking what would happen if i did, wondering what guy would hit on her. Years later, I don’t even have a great time less she here partying with me. Yea hanging with the guys is cool. But when ya girl is pretty much ya road dawg, bangs out to hood shit, and would probably swing on a nigga before you can even put yo drink down… the nights without her are just bleh…so s/o to @livinginvirtualinsanity

In case you were wondering, here’s my vintage, one of a kind copy of FWN. Complete with sticky goo on the cover. Yes, everyone this is what we did in the early 00s. We made cds for each other, decorated them and gave them out as presents. Totally a lost art today. I recommend it.

Il n'existe pas de réponse parfaite dans ce monde d'émotions et de désordre. La perfection est hors de portée. Dans chaque instant rayonnant de bonheur, il y a cette goutte de poison: la conscience que la douleur reviendra. Pour un humain, souffrir, c'est comme respirer.

The marauders

You know what I want? I want a T.V show of the marauders! I want James and peter and Sirius and Remus. I want to see young snape being pranked, I want Sirius flirting with every girl and I want James following lily like a puppy, I want to see Remus making the map and while everyone is in a relationship peter to be on the side eating a donut while flipping everyone off. I want the marauders I want their story I want to see Sirius being accepted and loved by James’s parents, I want to see them going 3 months without talking. I want a marauders T.V show! I want a super epic theme song and for the last episode of the final season I want it to be Sirius being taken to azkaban, why? Because I’m a sick fuck.