jk matt

Edd: “Y-yeah…”

Matt: “E-Edd … I’m scared…”

Edd: “I’m … I’m sure it’ll be fine, Matt … We gave them back their letter…”

Patryk: “…”

Patryk: “Looks like these are the guys.”

Paul: “What about the third one? Tom?”

Patryk: “I’m sure the Red Leader could take him. Besides, it sounds like Tord has some personal business with him.”

Paul: “Fair enough. Let’s just not tell him we purposefully didn’t shoot the third one…”

Patryk: “Yeah … we don’t want to be discharged from the Army.”

Edd: “I … I can’t believe Tord is alive … that he would do this to us … that he would want us dead.”

Paul: “Oh no, not dead.”

Patryk: “Yeah. Just forgotten.”

Edd: “!!!”

Edd: “Wait, what–”


-Mod Matt


this fandom’s obsession with matt the fucking radar technician will be the death of me i swear. but this was so cute to write

prompt -  Matt the Radar Technician! Kylo x reader where he ends up having a huge crush on the reader and awkwardly asks her out and she ends up liking him as well but he doesn’t know how to reveal his true identity to her. :)

words - 1,660

triggers - swearing

*not my gif pls don’t kill me*

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