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Throwback to before Jimin sold his jams

to jungkook 

What would Yuzu do as a freelancer?

After @yuzuruspoohsan​ told me that Yuzu said he might become a freelancer after retiring, though I know it will probably still be skating-related jobs but I can’t help imagining what he would do other than skating… So in my head, it’ll probably be:

1. Open a headphone store and talk all day about high-quality headphones/earphones:

2. Become a dancer and showcase his Koi-dance ability to the whole world:

3. Open a Pooh store, handle all these cute Pooh bears all day:

4. Join Disney to endorse Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh:


I was gonna update with some new material, but while reading through the tags this past week, I saw a lot of confusion and questions about full outfits and heights, motives,appearances, etc. I thought you all might appreciate some more insight on the story so far instead. I’ve had so many requests to draw fanart, write fanfic of this, and even cosplay so I hope this helps! Thanks for all the love and patience! (sorry this update was a bit late!!)

 If you have any questions just let me know! To those who have already asked I’ll be answering them tonight and tomorrow! There will be a roster for the Band of Bosses (Ganon’s men*) as well so be on the look out! Sorry also if its hard to read/typos! >A<

More of The Ocarina of Time: a 1920′s Zelda AU, Here

41/100 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

Pairing: Hwang Minhyun / Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 492

Requested?: I mean sorta?

A/N: Wow I feel so bad, I’m taking forever and this is even shorter than normal…

41) “Go back to sleep.” 

Gasping, you shot up right, taking heaping gulps of air as you wiped away at the cold sweat which damped your skin. Your eyes darted wildly throughout the eerily dark room, the only light being the thing sliver of moonlight which casted soft shadows which traced the white walls. Your form trembled lightly under the stress and trauma induced by the dream, as you brought the cream porcelain cup to your lips cautiously.

In an attempt to rid yourself of the sandpaper which coated your throat, you took large gulps draining the cup of its last drop. In your haste, the blankets shifted, pooling around your knees, causing Minhyun to stir lightly in his slumber before he groaned, his hands weaving through the mountain of sheets in search of you.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Minhyun mumbled, drunk with sleep, as he pulled himself up, running fingers through his hair to tame the bird’s nest that sat like a crown above his head.

Taking in a deep breath, you sighed, fiddling with the flimsy pillowcase, smoothening out its wrinkles.

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.” You whisper softly, pulling up the blankets in an attempt to brush of the strange recurring nightmare which haunted you frequently.

Minhyun gazed at you in disbelief before sliding towards you, concern adorning his face as the familiar sensation of his arms wrapped protectively around you.

“Are you having nightmares again?” He questioned as his hands reached up to cup your face gently.

Wordlessly, you nodded, reaching up to brush the fallen strands that lingered in front of Minhyun’s eyes out of the way. Grinning lightly, Minhyun collapsed back into the warm sheets, dragging you down as you lay trapped between his arms.

“C'mon, let’s go back to sleep.” Minhyun cooed softly as his thumb ghosted lightly over the apples of your cheeks.

Adjusting your position, you lay your head against his chest. The repetitive thumping of his heart helped eradicate your worries, pulling you into a drowsy state as a light brush of his lips dusted against your forehead.

“But, what if…” you trailed off, eyes dropping in exhaustion as you stifled a quite yawn.

Minhyun smiled as he watched you stubbornly battle off your much needed sleep. The fluttering butterflies, which he had already been accustomed to, bloomed at the pit of his stomach. Was it possible to be this smitten by someone half awake and completely unaware of what they were even doing? Yes. Yes it was. You were living proof.

“Then I’ll protect you.” Minhyun whispered over a breathy laugh.

You narrowed your eyes in playful scepticism, scrunching your nose in mock distaste as you peered up at him.

“Are you doubting me?” He gaped, leaning forward to press his forehead against yours, a teasing glint in his eyes.

“What if I am?” You challenged. 

“Then I guess I’ll have to fight someone.” Minhyun grumbled in determination, eyes drifting to a shut.

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

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Jikook unsolved: things we shouldn’t know but we appreciate.

Have you guys ever noticed that Jin and Jungkook say things that nobody ever asked them? things that they could’ve perfectly hidden and we wouldn’t even know of them? also the lame excuses.

Like in Bon Voyage season two, why on earth did we have to know that you both stayed up until 4 am washing a shirt? (Do they realize how stupid does that sound? weren’t you guys doing something else until 4 am?) specially when in the actual show, we never saw them washing the damn shirt.

Or how on earth is it so memorable for you Jungkook, that Jimin stays up until 5 am playing on his phone when you sleep with him daily? also why did you fell asleep at 5 am if Jimin was the one playing? (again, lame excuses, JK could’ve mentioned them going to Disney and say the castle was pretty)

Or the lie that has been going on for years that Jungkook sleeps with Jimin because his bed is not accessible? like boy you have enough amount of money to pay someone to design your room all over again, also, then he says in a recent fan sign that Jimin is the one who comes to his room the most so what do you two do there if you can’t lie on bed and there’s only his gamer chair? sit on the floor? sit on your lap? uh….

Honorable mention this year, Jimin and Jungkook spending Chuseok together, something we also didn’t have to know.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful, as a Jikook supporter that they feel confident enough to give us this gorgeous info but like…We didn’t have to know, you guys could’ve kept it to yourselves… Anyways, I’m glad you two trust us enough to tell us about your adventures…when you’re…alone….

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Jin: Where do crayons go on vacation?

Jk: Here comes another lame jokes… Colorado

Jin: Where do bees go on vacation?

Jk: Hyung stop it, its Stingapore

Jin: Where do jimin-

Jk: JAPAN and WITH ME OFC we stayed up until 5am and overslept can you believe jimin hyung is the cutest thing that ever happened i-

shuffle tag.

yooooo guyss. I was tagged by @bigbangmetwicesvt (i love chuuuuu lol). yeaH. OkaY LETs GOOooooO

Rules: Put your music on shuffle, write down the first ten songs that come up and then tag 20 people

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ WhooOoooOOooOo ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ) 

1.  tony montana - agust d

2.  shoot me before you go - seventeen

3.  bingo - 24k

4.  bermuda triangle (ft. crush & dean) - zico 

5.  12:30 - beast

6.  shake that brass (ft. taeyeon) - amber

7.   rookie - red velvet 

8.  and july (ft. dean & DJ friz) - heize

9.  beautiful - up10tion

10. with me - golden child

oh man that was cute :))) imma tag my buddies @princessliz1010 @mimi344 @humorifficrandomness @sleighseo @song-qian @imnottechsupport @sunskittle @svt-seokhoon-17 @kill-my-neck   and you there reading this sentence. yes, i tag YOU (lol that isnt even ten. I DONT HAVE ANY FRIENDS OKAYYYYyyYYy??). oh any you guys dont have to do it if you dont want to lol.

kay lol byeeeeeeeee 。゜(`Д´)゜。

BTS Run 32 - The Jin(?) Harem

Merry Holidays to Everyone! Spread the Love, Spread the Joy and spread the Jin Harem moments!

You’ll understand the (?) as you read on… 

Honestly, as I  was preparing for this post I could tell I was losing focus on Jin and instead focusing on…

Read on to find out :’)

  • Namjin in matching overalls!
  • I love seeing the height difference between the 2 tols


  • Hobi matching overalls with namjin!
  • NAMJINSEOK / Nam2Seok
  • Mirroring Namjin! (one hand in the pocket while gesturing to the cameras
  • (JK looks like he is doing the Bangtan GAYO post)
  • Also When I read GAYO I read it as Gay-o
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • That slight chest bumping Jin did to JK 
  • 👀 WE SEE ALL
  • Everyone looks at Tae after his ‘Dynamic V’ comment
  • Everyone… except…
  • *I got my eyes on you*
  • We get a rare tiny!kook with tol Jin
  • Ahh the roomies are twinning
  • Except we don’t even know if they are still exclusive roomies
  • T^T guys, please update us on the rooming situation!
  • This just makes me laugh cos Giant!Hobi
  • Also, 2Seok eye contact~
  • Jinkook Twins!
  • Day by day, they keep looking more similar
  • Night by night, they keep acting more similar
  • Jin is looking younger and younger while JK is acting more and more lame…
  • JK is getting the short end of the stick the more they hang out

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