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With all this we got married shiz lately and how Jung Joon Young’s reputation is being tarnished; I thought the only thing I can do to support him is to show everybody why we love him. I really wish I can be in Korea supporting him but that’s not going to happen until December =_= So these are a collection of my favourite gifs and credits to mongki-maejikheespyuk4d-raccoon, roypang, young-rocker, and to whoever made these amazing gifs!

Jung Joon Young; rocker at heart. Has a deep voice that would leave you in aw. Don’t believe me? Click on the link:

Click for eargasm

Trust me, once you hear his voice, there is no escape. 

He’s really cool right. But wait, he’s not just your typical idol who might be all manly and cool at all times. Joon Young might be a badass rocker but he can be quite adorable.

This has to be one of my favourite gifs. How he just picks up his mic and smile. He wasn’t worried, he just seems really comfortable and happy singing to his fans.

Joon Young has a phobia of bugs. I know its kinda mean to laugh at him being scared but its just too cute. That face is just priceless.

You must be wondering who did that. Well its roy kim. JOONROY… LET THIS SHIP KEEP SAILING. -sigh- They just took bromance to a whole new level ahaha. Love them too much! 

Not only is Joon Young a singer, but he is also a model… . 

who looks the best in knits… .

who doesn’t mind being naked on national television.

Is he getting too manly and cool for you guys? Well its okay. Its not only manly and cool he is also… .beautiful? 

Although, Joon Young is a badass rocker, he actually really, really cute in a devlish way. Just look at that smirk.

Not cute enough for you? What about this? 

Still not convinced ? 

Come on hes cute okay? Don’t make him made though … or he’ll come get you… with his crazy dance moves? Jk, thats not a dance move, its just him on 2 days 1 night being the dorkiest little thing on earth.

well here are his dance moves. damn boy, you got the moves ;) 

Someone please stop him please LOL

What happens when we stop him from  dancing ^ > > 

We still love you and your awesome dance moves la~ 

The thing I love the most about joon young have to be his smile and laugh.

Yup, I like the dorky and funny laugh of him…my friends think im crazy

> > but his laugh is just contagious. You can’t help but laugh with him!  

This post can go on forever but I’m just going to end it on this. Maybe I should make a part 2 to this? It would be great if more people make posts like this one and talk about what you like about Joon Young :3 

Lets keep supporting him like we always have!

Last gif… . .  he loves us… he really does … this gif is not relevant at all but I just love his sneaky face and cheeky smile in this <3