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newton artemis fido scamander, author and magizoologist: 

I was then but a lowly Ministry of Magic employee and leapt at the chance both to augment my pitiful salary of two Sickles a week and to spend my holidays travelling the globe in search of new magical species.

another bedtime/tea time story for @erwinsalive. (let’s just say it’s an extension of this ficlet[x])

there’s not a lot of whale sharks in captivity, so while levi and erwin are on vacation in japan, they make sure they visit osaka aquarium. levi has a particular fondness for sharks. they’re powerful and ferocious, but in an effortlessly graceful way. honestly, he never really had an opinion until erwin pointed out that levi reminded him of one… and he thought that was pretty cool.

however, he doesn’t love great whites or hammer heads or even nurse sharks; he has a particular affinity toward whale sharks. their size defies their personality. they are slow and goofy looking, their bodies sliding through the water as if it were made of molasses. he likes them because they remind him of erwin. tall. broad shoulders. stoic face. but deep down, that big beast doesn’t stalk prey. he shelters and feeds the little pilot fish that swim along in his stream.

“look at that big ass shark.” levi comments. he pulls a granola bar out of his pocket and starts munching on it. he’ll be damned if he pays the expensive aquarium fees for snacks.

“it certainly is big.” erwin says, a small smile on his face. he looked down at his short husband and wraps an arm around his shoulder. he takes the granola bar from levi without asking and shoves the rest of it in his mouth. levi glares up at him, but he’s too content, too happy, to punch the big oaf in the gut.

“we should take it home.”

“i don’t think he will fit in the house, darling.”

“then put him in the backyard.”

“we live in the city.”

“i thought you loved me.”

erwin snorts. “i do, i do. but i’m afraid you’ll have to do without him for now.”

levi leans into erwin. the big whale shark lazily swims by them again, its mouth open and filtering food through a toothless mouth. “i guess i’ll have to keep you, then.”


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