jk its a big deal

yo guys honestly now, do you actually think owners of stuff you “steal” believe you when you say you just found it somewhere (YEAH SURE like not on tumblr not a chance) so you didn’t know who to credit? even if it IS true, like you didn’t even say that this stuff isn’t yours and someone else made it, so?? sometimes i even feel bad coming at these people in the dm’s, and i believe them when they say they “didn’t know” but then i’m like “wtf?” why did i put my time and effort and this person just “steals” it and don’t give a shit? like yeah, a simple gif doesn;t take that much time to make usually, but when people steal something you really worked on? or even fics?? that’s not okay you guys, stop please

Pokemon: We’ll be releasing pokemon go in july!!

Me: Okay, I likely will be too busy to play anyway, but sounds good.

Pokemom:BTW, here’s some sun/moon pokemon ;)

Me:Wow!! Thanks Nintendo!! :D So great to see so many updates


Me, the very moment it turns July 1st: WHERE THE FUCK IS POKEMON GO

Desolation of Smaug featured a single white woman kicking ass and a handful of unnamed PoC in the background, racism and sexism is OVER good job folks we climbed the mountain