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WARNING. THIS POST CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FROM THE FILM and is really fricking long. It also contains lots of CUSSING and bad grammar. If you don’t want spoilers I suggest you skip this post but if you want to find out more, plz continue. Oh and it also has a lot of Thomesa comments so if you ship Trenda you probs wont like this…ENJOY!

·      Omg YAS YAS

·      It’s starting

·      Aww little Thomas

·      Aww little Thomas getting dragged away from his mommy.

·      Dream sequence

·      Thomas be like fuck no this again

·      Let the 74th hunger games begin

·      Ooh Minho oppa

·      Lots of shouting

·      So many cross cuts and black outs

·      Ewww Ratman

·      Aiden Gillan is a pretty good actor. Hate his accent though.

·      They’re all really dirty in their glade outfits but they’re still so hot though


·      Lol minho in the background: “woo hoo”

·      Dylan is so hot

·      He’s naked

·      OMG he looks so cool right now. He’s so wet

·      Shouldn’t they be suspicious of injections? I mean I would be. Especially if you don’t know who these people are.

·      Oh at least Newt is suspicious.

·      Wait why isn’t Thomas saying anything

·      Jokes he just asked another question

·      Someone better do a question count for Thomas

·      Minho’s wearing red

·      Soo many teenagers

·      If there was more than one maze, where and how did WCKD manage to find a place to fit that many mazes, along with facilities that monitor them. Also, how many grievers would they have made for this purpose? What if the grievers rebelled and decided to do they own shit? Wouldn’t wckd be fucked then?

·      Oh look its Aris. The loner emo boy wearing a hoodie. Remind you of anything?

·      How old is Aris again? He looks like he’s 13.

·      Thomas be like: no let me see her. Such devotion.

·      Please don’t pick a fight with a guard.

·      Yes Thomas, just walk away.

·      Bunk beds. Why is it always bunk beds?

·      Minho: ‘too slow’ ha ha

·      More dream sequences!

·      Thomas the insomniac

·      Aris creepily saying pssst while under Thomas’ bed

·      Just so happens that the air vent opening is right under Thomas’ bed. #movie logic. If you’re reading this CinemaSins and happen to do a ‘Everything wrong with the Maze Runner the Scorch Trials’ based on this post, you better reference me or at least mention me and get people to like this post on Tumblr. Btw, you guys are awesome! [thumbs up]

·      Thomas: “What the hell am I doing?” yeah Thomas, what are you doing?

·      See!!! He even talks to himself using questions.

·      Air vents, the most common way to eavesdrop on people

·      Ooh dead bodies

·      Thomas picking a fight with a guard-WTF ru doing bro?

·      Jeez Thomas take a fucking chill pill

·      Oh he’s getting the swipe card thingy

·      Sending kids back to their rooms-the most common way of grounding children when they do bad stuff

·      Jeez you didn’t have to shove them in there. Such a rude guard.

·      Newt be like: cant we just be happy for once?

·      Thomas has an idea! Everyone hates it.

·      Everyone else be like: of course Thomas. Of course.

·      Thomas dropping into the hallway from the air vent like spiderman.

·      How are you gonna get back up though?

·      Okay so teenagers are being strapped up to tubey things

·      This totally isn’t child abuse

·      Oh no is that Teresa? Jks no

·      OHHHHH its Rachel

·      RIP Aris’ girlfriend

·      I ship it though

·      #Raris… or is it Arachel? Idk

·      Hiding behind poles

·      Lots of dramatic walking in this film

·      ava paige [sitting down and signing pages like a boss]

·      its good to see that the boss is a woman though

·      oh wait let me correct myself, she’s a “doctor”…doctor my ass, more like a lady killer who just wants to dissect children for money.

·      Seriously Thomas you need to calm the fuck down and just tell everyone else what’s going on

·      Great acting though, Dylan O’Brien [thumbs up]

·      #Follow Thomas the leader…or should I say Thomas the tank engine? Ha ha just kidding.

·      Everyone just blindly follow Thomas when we all know he doesn’t have a plan most of the time

·      Fuck yeah Minho is such a badass by kneeing that guard


·      God he’s hot

·      Guns

·      Yes lets use the lady doctor as a hostage

·      Operation rescue Teresa

·      Found her

·      Thomas is totes in love with her. He’s so concerned about her all the time.

·      so many Thomesa feels rn

·      Yay window smashing!

·      Thomas and Newt breaking glass. #Teamwork

·      aww Thomas carried Teresa

·      Lots of door barging/blocking moments

·      Everyone keeps shouting Thomas! Like we get it. Everyone is obsessed with him.

·      Why is Thomas always the last one to leave? Or the one who stays behind. It’s like he willingly tries to be the last one standing. Stop isolating yourself Thomas. Everyone knows your chances of survival are better when you’re in a group, not when you’re alone. Thomas is so dumb sometimes.

·      Yay Aris. #Aris the hero. What a wildcard!

·      Is Teresa barefoot?

·      Thomas: *shoots at guys with shields with tazer gun. Gun runs out of ammo. Throws away gun before he starts to run for it.*

·      Can I just say that something about Dylan O’Brien holding a gun, or any guy doing badass but somewhat violent actions gets me so turned on.

·      Man that running and sliding under the closing door was epic

·      Yeah Thomas. U GO!

·      Best bit in movie-Thomas giving Ratman the finger [applause]

·      I bet Dylan O’Brien improvised this scene


·      How did they manage to run out people on aircraft and dirt bikes?

·      How can they see where they’re going?

·      Wow lots of sand.

·      Of course he doesn’t have a plan Newt. Its Thomas!

·      lol, mountain people

·      The Right Arm reference

·      Wardrobe change

·      It’s really dark

·      Something bad is bound to happen soon

·      Suspenseful music

·      Why do I get this feeling that I’m watching more of a thriller/horror movie than a science fiction film?

·      No Minho don’t turn on the generator!



·      Run bitches run!

·      Are they inside a mall?

·      Mall chase scene

·      Man, these cranks are scary AF

·      This film is really fast-paced though. It just goes from one scene to another like that-[clicks fingers]

·      Oh look its daytime. Its always safer in daytime


·      The graphics are great though

·      Sand dunes

·      so much sand everywhere

·      Another Thomesa scene YAY!

·      Wait teresa has her memories?

·      Ooh wait…that means…oh okay

·      Wtf Winston

·      Oh god he’s infected

·      Why is this scene being carried out like page 250.

·      He even says: ‘I don’t want to end up a monster’

·      Depressing death scene when its not even halfway through the movie

·      Wait they’re just leaving the gun with him? Oh ok.

·      Everyone just walks away

·      Goodbye Winston

·      Choreographed halting after sound of gunshot. Nice.



·      Minho why would you throw the bottle away? You could’ve saved it for later! You’re in a wasteland for Christ’s sake!

·      Sleeping in the middle of the dessert. NICE.

·      Thomas: I see the light!

·      A storm is coming…jks the storm hit immediately in just 10 seconds

·      Ahhh MINHO

·      Minho got hit

·      Character that almost dies but doesn’t trope

·      Minho after getting told he got hit by lightning: ‘Oh”

·      Oh Minho you’re so cute

·      Everyone turns around and sees a crank

·      [I literally jumped when I saw it]

·      More cranks. Wonderful.

·      Oh look who it is. Brenda.


·      Brenda’s got sass

·      Ha ha lol, they’re all hanging upside down

·      Minho’s sass lines have appeared!

·      Interrogation time

·      JorgexBrenda moment. How sweet.

·      Wait what? Jorge wants to play music? DAFQ

·      Ha ha wckd is confused

·      This is some old ass music for a film that set in the future. I mean they’re still using cd records. Really? I mean shouldn’t it be coming out of like a boom box or something. It’d be funny if they played Gangnam Style or something. It’d be even funnier if there was an ad before the song played.

·      No Thomas don’t go after Brenda.

·      Seriously though.

·      Thomas is like Percy Jackson, never leaves a man behind. Or woman in this case.

·      Wckd guards are idiots. They’re in shooting range!


·      AWESOME

·      That was clever though

·      So many scenes in complete darkness

·      Stop having Trenda scenes

·      Why are you going deeper into the tunnel?

·      Thomas: ‘you think?’ another question. Thank you, Thomas. [sings Girls Generation in my head.]

·      It’s a rat. Gross.

·      Oh and now a crank is eating the rat. RIP rat.

·      It’s time to go now trenda.

·      RUN. Stop standing there. RUN!

·      Oh for Christ sake

·      Epic chase sequence

·      Wow that is some really nice graphics. Really nice.

·      I hate the cranks though

·      Wes wasn’t joking when he said they were scary

·      The cranks look like some RPG zombie game shit

·      Rock climbing

·      Yeah Thomas! Kill that crank!

·      Brenda’s infected. Great. She’s so gonna die…NOT.

·      Finally, there are actually civilians who aren’t trying to hunt down the protagonists or sell them for money.

·      Who the hell is Marcus anyway?

·      Oh that actor. Why is he everywhere? He’s the douchebag bad guy in Dollhouse as well.

·      Yeah sure, just take whatever drink a stranger offers you. Even if they’re acting real shady about it and keep insisting you drink it and go into the party. I mean, I get that you’re trying to find the others but srsly? Would they actually be dumb enough to walk into that party?

·      Yay a party scene


·      Great acting Dylan O’Brien

·      Lol this is hilarious

·      Walk into da club like wow I am so fucked right now

·      Crank execution in a club, why not?

·      For a second I thought the guy killing that crank was Ben.

·      Blue lighting

·      Blue and white are such predominant colours in this film.

·      Okay now Thomas is really high.

·      Hallucinations

·      Eww not Trenda

·      Brenda is so fucking desperate right now

·      Technically you’re not the only two left. You just haven’t found the others.

·      Oh for Christ’s sake you’re both high. Have some restraint would ya?

·      No THOMAS NO

·      Don’t you dare!

·      Fucking hell he kissed her


·      Oh now he’s kissing Teresa

·      YAY Thomesa kiss!

·      Jks its only a hallucination

·      Thomas: ‘you’re not her’

·      Poor Brenda. #REJECTED

·      Thomesa spark is still alive

·      Yes Thomas, I knew I could believe in you

·      Thomas blacks out…again

·      Teresa: ‘we have to stop meeting like this’ ha ha lol.

·      Wait so that guy was Marcus?

·      Violent interrogation

·      Threatening by use of death

·      Bertha????

·      Oh it’s a truck.

·      Wait a second… that looks like Stiles’ truck. They’re both blue. Mindfuck.

·      Lol Newt looks so excited to be inside a truck. Ha ha. So cute <3

·      Ambush

·      There sure are a lot of guns in this movie.

·      Oh look Group B finally makes an appearance

·      Aww! Aris, Harriet and Sonya reunite

·      Why do Sonya and Aris seem to have a thing for each other? Maybe it’s just me but she seems way to happy to see him.

·      Who the heck is Vince?

·      Oh look its Thomas’ mom.

·      Don’t remember? Oh okay…

·      Wait Thomas is the Source?

·      Oh so he’s been backstabbing wckd for ages.

·      Good on you Thomas!

·      I feel like Thomas is the only one with an actual conscience.

·      Of course Brenda gets the cure.

·      Yes Thomas, just stealthily reach into her pocket whilst she’s asleep. #totes not a perv

·      Wait Brenda had a brother? His name is George?/Jorge?

·      Wait don’t tell me her brother was Chuck?

·      Brenda: you remind me of him-WOAH don’t tell me Thomas is her brother

·      Brenda: ‘they didn’t want me’ #REJECTED…again

·      YAY Thomesa flashback

·      Just kiss already

·      Newt calling Thomas ‘Tommy’

·      Just when you think your favourite characters are finally safe…it’s bound to get a whole lot worse.

·      OHHHHH Teresa! Why?????

·      I saw this coming though

·      Thomas looks so disappointed in her.

·      Teresa quoting Thomas

·      So sad

·      The ship is no longer sailing

·      #Betrayed

·      Enter Darth Ava [lol]

·      Ava paige reminds me of President Snow. They both wear white.

·      Ratman you son of a bitch.

·      RIP Mary.

·      Oh lol she must be named after Marie Curie.

·      Explosions!

·      No not Minho. Don’t take away my oppa!

·      Come on Thomas! Rescue him.

·      NO oppa, don’t go!

·      Oh yes, it has to end with inspiring speech time executed by Thomas

·      Thomas: ‘I made a promise to Minho.’ THOMINHO IS REAL!

·      And so it ends.

·      Ha lol the number of times everyone said ‘shit’ in this movie

Glob I am so gonna cry in the last movie.

·      The Death Cure: the journey of Thomas trying to save his BFF Minho who he is secretly gay for whilst dealing with the fact that his crush Teresa betrayed him. I can’t wait!

·      God what am I going to do with my life as I wait for the next one?


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Here Comes Your Man - Chapter 4

Hiii everyone! Thanks for being so endlessly patient with me as I struggled to get this chapter done and out. I just finished it and haven’t really reread my new additions, so if things don’t make sense please let me know so I can fix things up (because who needs a beta, amirite? jk betas are great) Anywho here is part 4, yay!!! Extra thanks to the anons who asked me about when this would be out, and to all y’all who have written in individually or left comments letting me know what you think!

Tag list, let me know if you want to be added or taken off or if I forgot you: kneekeyta, mirandasmadeofstone, mmfdfanfic, ililypop, anglophileyoungblood, mallyallyandra, jackiewalsh2013, flxwxry, tinakegg, endemictoearth, celestev31, raernundo, sammylbc, @pink-royaute, 2muchtosee2littletime, myfinnnelsonpls, alyssaloca, bitchy-broken, @audisodd, losingpudge, milllott, i-dream-of-emus, irish-girl-84, mellamoaiko, happyfrasers, ninjarunningzico, ducky17, bitchesbecrazy89, wandering-soul-7, stephsadickhead, kristicallahan

Links to previous chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Finn had been busy all morning calling in to the radio station, trying to find a way to rearrange his schedule so he could have afternoons off to take the burden of walking Damon all the time off his dad. He made little headway considering he was one of the most recent additions to the station and was one of the few sound technicians who knew how to record a broadcast for podcast episodes, a growing market for listeners of the station who wanted to hear exclusive interviews and in-booth performances by local bands without staying glued to the radio 24/7.

Sighing, he dropped his phone to his bed and turned around to idly thumb at the nearest crate of records, his gaze landing on a beat up single of Spaceman by Babylon Zoo, hands instinctively pulling the LP from the stack to examine it. “Can’t believe I liked this fucking song,” he lamented as he shook his head. “Well, one play won’t hurt… it’s not like there’s anyone here to hear it.” With that, Finn strode over to his record player, carefully removing the disc from its sleeve and placed it on the player. Adjusting the volume slightly after turning on the machine, he dropped the needle and laughed as the opening strains of the song came from the speakers. “Thank fuck da is out with Damon, I would never have lived this one down if he had told Chop or Acher.”

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The 100S2E7 Long Into an Abyss Recap
  • (opens on a pretty field that looks way out of place in the 100)
  • Girl: Wow look the outdoors
  • Camera: Ey girl how u doin'
  • Girl: Actually not too good tbh
  • Evil Son: I'm gonna let her in
  • Lab Coat: Nah that would redeem us in some way
  • Abby: We can't leave
  • Jaha: Tough luck
  • Blondie: Come on chancellor ol' buddy
  • Jaha: Thanks-
  • Abby: No actually that's me sorry
  • Jaha: Rude
  • Abby: So guys we need to stay-
  • Jaha: Actually this is my time for an empassioned speech
  • Everyone: LOL ur not Bellamy
  • Clarke: What about the Mount Weather kids
  • Abby: Tru
  • Jaha: Who's the leader here uhm it's me
  • Abby: Nah
  • Bellamy: Hey Clarke we have kind of a situation
  • Clarke: Cool sucks we have to leave tho
  • Finn: This is all my fault
  • Clarke: Nah bro
  • Everyone: UHM YEAH BRO
  • Clarke: Is that Lincoln?
  • Bellamy: Yeah we though he'd finished out his story arc too
  • Clarke: REVELATION Mount Weather also makes Reapers
  • (mount funtimes)
  • Everyone: This is a bummer
  • Jasper: Don't worry Clarke's coming for us
  • Monty: What if Clarke's dead tho?
  • Jasper: Seriously though it's time we became criminals
  • (dropship)
  • Clarke: Guys he's been drugged
  • Bellamy: Woah this is not even close to cool
  • Octavia: Very not pumped rn
  • Clarke: Look at his neck-
  • Lincoln: SNEAK ATTACK
  • Bellamy: OH HELL NAW
  • Lincoln: *is knocked out in a badass Octavia moment*
  • Clarke: Well that did suck
  • (mount madness)
  • Lab Coat: So I've done science
  • Lab Coat: And we're gonna need to kill the 47
  • Evil Son: Are you sure
  • Lab Coat: At least 32% sure
  • Lab Coat: So death is for certain
  • (not fun time ship)
  • Healer: I can help
  • Octavia: Radical
  • Healer *Kneels over Lincoln* Sleep, sweet prince
  • Clarke: Wait a second
  • Clarke: That doesn't sound very save-y
  • Clarke: U TRYNA KILL OUR BOY??
  • Healer: This is the only way
  • Clarke: Screw THAT
  • Finn: Hey guys it's-a me-
  • Clarke: Woah woah woah not important right now
  • Clarke: *saves lincoln*
  • Healer: Woah man coolio
  • Finn: Nobody can ever love me again
  • Clarke: I CAN
  • Everyone: *vomits loudly*
  • (now you see me)
  • Jasper: Alright team, move out
  • Harper: Why do I have to watch the door
  • Jasper: Because I'm the mastermind duhhhhh
  • Monty: Hacking into the mainframe hollaa
  • (at camp)
  • Clarke: MOM attack can be a no
  • Abby: Hella
  • Grounders: Too late
  • Clarke: Seriously guys this can go down
  • Abby: NO
  • Abby: I believe in Clarke
  • Everyone: #same
  • Jaha: JK putting you guys in jail
  • Abby: LOL TOUGH
  • Abby: BYE JAHA
  • Abby: I believe in you Clarke
  • Clarke: Awh thanks
  • Abby: But you better be right bc if you're not we will all die
  • Abby: No pressure
  • (jaspers four)
  • Jasper: Look how cool man swords and shit
  • Monty: Got in, damn I'm good
  • (Lexa and Clarke mett up)
  • Grounder: Get ready to meet the cool one
  • Lexa: I'm a badass
  • Clarke: So am I
  • Clarke: I can help you beat the Mountain Men
  • Lexa: Intrigue
  • Clarke: I was buds with Anya
  • Lexi: Same, I'll let you live for now
  • Clarke: I escaped Mt. Weather with her
  • Indra: ???
  • Clarke: I can turn Reapers back into Grounders
  • Indra: God can I please just kill her
  • Lexi: No, this could actually benefit us greatly
  • Lexi: Show me Lincoln
  • (mount hella sad)
  • Evil Son: Dad look flowers yay
  • Pres: Dang this is purty
  • Evil Son: So we can kill the 47 right
  • Pres: NAH
  • (back in the dropship)
  • Abby: Let's save a life and stop a war shall we
  • Octavia: Uhm this is not working
  • Abby: We have to make it work
  • Octavia: Uhm wHY IS IT NOT WORKING
  • Abby: Oh no
  • Clarke: Ohhhhhh no
  • Octavia: UHM NOPE
  • Lexi: Awh hell no
  • Indra: Let's kill them all
  • Abby: NOT SO FAST
  • Lincoln: *LIVES*
  • Octavia: LINCOLN
  • Lincoln: OCTAVIA
  • Everyone: *SOBS LOUDLY*
  • (mount hella no)
  • Jasper: Where's Harper?
  • Harper: Wait wrud
  • Lab Coat: Shhh it's for science
  • Harper: #bye
  • (badass leader's society)
  • Lexa: Guess what
  • Clarke: Yeah?
  • Lexa: We're pals
  • Lexa: Also
  • Lexa: We're gonna need to kill Finn
  • Clarke: Whaaa-?
  • (to be continued in the MIDSEASON FINALE GET PUMPED)