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Pacifica, Supernatural Rights Activist (and other thoughts on Paz)

MABEL DRAGGING PACIFICA TO PROTESTS but they’re both famous so they end up on the cover of every. single. magazine.  and they become the face (and in Paz’s case, the funding) of the supernatural rights movement.  Like maybe she’s not really out there that often, but she shows up often enough that the media are hounding her 24/7.  And sure Mabel, you can host this one event at my place, but then it’s not just one, it’s ten, and so on and so forth.

And she was soooo not ready for this, they’d just gotten those other misunderstandings cleared up, now this?  But after a while she just.  Accepts it?  Like Mabel apologizes over and over, and finally Pacifica just says, “Mabel, if I really regretted this, then I would’ve quit the scene, like, forever ago.”  She never lost those speech habits.

Some protestors wanting to get more ‘active’ during a meeting at Pacifica’s place and she just rips them apart, the same way she used to rip apart people’s outfits.  “You think anyone would take you seriously?  Trust me, sweetheart, these things are all about appearance.  That sort of ‘protest’ would guarantee that you stay exactly where you are now;  Mooching off of some person better off than you, talking about justice but not doing a single.  Thing.  Worthwhile.  So if you want to join the grown ups, kid, you better learn how to play nice.”

Maybe some Pro-Natural people (along the lines of the New Canaan Methodist Church or the club from the fic where Acacia sneaks off to a party) get into Paz’s mansion, because her parents refused to up security because, “you’re being ridiculous, Pacifica, there’s no one who would dare cross us, even if you are part of this despicable movement,” (cue fight), and after that Paz starts carrying more than just some pepper spray and protection beads.  She seriously learns to take care of herself, and after a while people start fearing her for more than just her money and influence.  She’ll never be Mabel, up front, loud, and terrifying, but she’s a Northwest, and a Northwest won’t be anyone’s damsel.

No matter how much she despises her parents, she’s got that family pride to uphold.  She cares about them, sort of, but they’re not really a priority.  Pacifica has other things to worry about.  Namely social justice and hanging out with Mabel, and maybe her new college friends.

Pacifica totally double majors in business and fashion.  And maybe, because she lives in Gravity Falls, she takes a few supernatural courses on the side.  She tries Demonology once, just to learn about Mabel’s brother a little more (know your enemy and all that), but holy shit that junk is scary, and honestly, she doesn’t care for it that much.  Eventually she finds she’s way more into public speaking than business, maybe even dabbles in local politics.  Mostly though, she ends up managing the family fortune and invests.  (Although of course she also has many side projects throughout her life, and puts those degrees to use.)

(also maybe eventually Dipdop has to show up to get those darn reporters off Paz’s lawn.  Dangit Dipper now I’ve got more people wanting to know how I’m connected to Alcor, this was not helpful at all.)

TL:DR Mabel drags Paz into some stuff and Paz ends up being an activist.  I just really thing Pacifica deserves some love.  Probs gonna fic this.  JK I already am I just wanted to share my ideas and get some input.

Also I would sooooo be down for that alternate reality game <3