jk i have no plans

my bias in wanna one is Dipsy 


Plance draws ;///u///;;;
FFXV AU and Goblin AU

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hello I'm new to your blog. Do you have some kpop stuff? :) like albums or whatever? sorry if I'm being too curious

I will only show you the albums and dvd’s or the photobook because my other things are somewhere else at the moment. 

And this is how it looks every single day. 

Btw, I will probably use this answer in the future to update my “collection” (??) if something new will arrive. 
I will get a B.A.P album tomorrow and preordered the BTS ones so I will probably add them after the preordered ones arrived. Just so you know.

And sorry for the bad lightning, the sun doesn’t shine into my room. xD

If you wondered who my bias is in these groups above:

BTS - Jungkook
Bias Wrecker - Suga
Monsta X - Hyungwon
Bias Wrecker - Kihyun
GOT7 - Jaebum
Bias Wrecker - Yugyeom & Mark
Bias Wrecker - Hoshi & Wonwoo

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When will you stop doing youtube?? I'm just asking because I need to be prepared😁 xx

D: i honestly have no plans (in life) (jk) (but really) to stop doing youtuber ever! you come to realise just how special youtube is. it’s a completely open platform for independant creativity where you are in complete control. there’s no one controlling what you do or say and that’s too precious to let go of! plus it’s based on the internet where all the people i actually want to talk to are so that helps. i don’t know what will change, but i can’t imagine what i’d do without youtube!


I’m rewatching the entire series over the summer - not only because my memory bank is in dire need of refreshing, but because what else are we supposed to do during hellatus? Meet up with friends, go to the park, enjoy the sunshine? *snorts with derision* (okay I’ll be doing that too) (I’m not staying in all summer watching SPN and writing meta) (*shiftiest eyes*) I wanted to do this as part of this awesomeness and will attempt to catch up. If I can’t: *shrug* What can I say? Real Life and all that. Yes, friends in the park with sunshine. (be honest) I work. A lot. Of the hours.

But to make it up to you, I’ve planned THIS

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No, I’m not going to dress up as Marilyn Monroe and come to your house and shower you with champagne. (or am I?)  No, don’t be silly - I can’t do that! Instead, I’m going to encourage you all to drink! By introducing the Spectacular and Penultimate and so very Necessary Drinking Game. (*SPNDG for short) For those who do not partake of the alcohol or for those of you who are underage there will be soda pops involved. (considering how much I curse I sincerely hope each and every one of you are of age)

You with me here? AWESOME! This will be us come end of summer:

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Though possibly not quite so fishy… Either way, we’ll be ready for S13, peeps!

So, I had this ambition to do this Snapshot Commentary thing for each episode, getting through one or two a day. This post has taken me four days, the hours I’ve had to invest interspersed unevenly at best, and @margarittet was nice enough to do the maths - my ambition would take me over two years to fulfil at this pace. Yah. And as I lack a Time-Turner (god I wish I had one WHY JK ROWLING??) I may just have to watch the series as planned and write meta on the episodes that stand out as deeper narrative beats, both plot and character wise. Fuck. I already know there are so many of them. But I’m excited to get started! Writing this meta has been so much fun and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I know I’m probably repeating stuff someone else has already said, but do you know what, I haven’t gotten to say it, so I’m saying it for myself now. Keep a lookout for them drinking prompts, because that means fun times up ahead, and don’t forget to drink responsibly. (remember nesnej) (oh god we’re all gonna get sloshed) (or very, very high on sugar)

Here we go!

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queen’s thief daemon au shit

because i’m too lazy to write a fic

  • irene was used to people asking what chares would settle as.  something pretty, perhaps, or something soft.  after her brothers’ deaths, chares settled into a king cobra instead.  rumors hold that it was his venom that killed her groom.  they’re not true, but irene lets them circulate.
  • eugenides was completely unsurprised when xenia settled into a housecat.  he would stick her in his tunic as they climbed sometimes, but their bond could stretch farther than anyone else’s he’s met, anyway; she can spy and steal for him.  once he loses his hand, she helps him hold down papers and get his arm through his sleeve.
  • costis thought alexandra would settle into a wolf or a dog.  instead he ended up with a bear.  he’d never even seen a bear, but she seems to scare the shit out of criminals, and her bulk will fill up a door enough that even the king can’t slip past her.  after particularly long days, she’ll carry him back to his rooms.
  • chares and xenia were awful around each other at first, sniping physically and verbally.  it’s chares who warms up to eugenides first, though; xenia avoids attolia altogether for months, and flinches if she gets too close
  • the first time costis sees eugenides touching the queen’s daemon he nearly punches him again, no matter that half the court is watching.  but chares apparently slithered around the king’s neck of his own accord.  the king looks very pleased with himself at the ensuing shocked silence, and for the rest of the meeting afterward.
  • xenia almost never talks to people, but she takes to costis immediately, addressing him when eugenides is busy in another room.  costis is alternately pleased and unsettled.
  • alexandra takes more than one arrow for the king and queen in their line of duty.  costis worries every time, but she always reminds him that he would do the same thing, so he can’t really scold her for it.  doesn’t make it any less awkward when the queen is injured and alexandra ends up carrying her.

If she could put in details that hinted at plot points that would happen 6 books later, she definitely fucking noticed the fact that Remus and Sirius seemed really gay for each other.

Changing Winds [Part 1]

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