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when her father dies, jemma simmons meets her long-forgotten step brother, who came to their family searching for his relatives. while being with jemma and her mother, fitz acts as the best step brother in the whole world. after all, he missed his sister. times passes and jemma starts having doubts about leo fitz being her step-brother. because the way he looks at her doesn’t seem like he’s a brother to her. what kind of secrets leo fitz hides and how did jemma simmons manage to fall for him? and how her absolutely-not-step-brother turned into her lover and crime partner? (listen // insp.)


the maze runner au: EXPEDITION

it’s fourteen years after the sun flares destroyed the earth, and wckd has no choice but to deploy the back-up plan no one dared to think truly possible: recolonization. enter the gladers, a group of teens raised to become the superscientists the world so desperately needs. but when their mission to the so-called paradise of an exoplanet quite quickly turns sideways, they are forced to scrap a plan ten years in the making and just wing what is perhaps the most important expedition in human history.

if they fail, there will be no longer be such thing as human history.


I completely forgot

DR3 Despair is going to cover EVERYTHING until HPA’s shut down


That means that we get around 1-2 episodes for each event up there probably (2 eps for others if they could fit 2 or more events in one ep, like say when Twilight Syndrome occurs and when the Kamukura Project begins, both will be in one episode)

WHICH MEANS Twilight begins and ends on the next episode (most probably) :’))) The despair is definitely coming


-the DR0 characters appear
-Mukuro beat ass
-Madarais get beaten by Mukuro (but wait no Mukuro just doesnt stop there–)
-to see Yuto and not see him at the same time (SHSL Spy amiright)
-that ONE interaction between Kyoko and Jin (pls I need to see them together just for once–)
-Matsuda’s lab
-Matsuda’s despair-ridden face when he gets betrayed by the one person he has left in his life :^)))
-that really cool yet creepy labyrinth thing somewhere in HPA with the maid monokuma and other monokuma students watching lame ass video tapes the council students die
-maybe a glimpse of what the students’ dormitory looks like? (in the new school building)
-basically I just want to see a lot of mostly dr0 things (whoops did I say one thing only–)

ALSO if you want to see the timeline, check out this fan made replica of the official webpage of it which is also a translated version of it

There’s also another one of the assessment quiz

Whoever made these translated versions: May Kodaka bless you, your DR3 fave, and your wonderful soul. 


title: confused
fandom: bts
pairing: 2seok/jinhope
au: boarding school
word count: 5,886
summary: seokjin meets a boy with a bright smile and a kind voice. he’s doomed.
warnings: mention of homophobia, just in case
a/n: so i realize i haven’t put summaries on the past three (wtf) fics i’ve posted. what is wrong with me. idk if you can tell but i am actually in bts hell.
the pacing’s a little weird on this and some things could have been done better if i’d had the time, but really i just wanted to finish this. i love 2seok. please enjoy.
also: hunchul is iron, donghyuk is supreme boi
edit: forgot to credit the bf for coming up w/ the idea in the first place bc of boy in luv era stage outfits. thanks, boo

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