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I agree Viv is the best wingman ever

Robbie slips and falls on his way to see Sportacus. He quickly gets up. He can’t see me so disheveled, he thinks. He stops right in his tracks when he looks up to see his knight in blue armor.

Sportacus turns around, his face full of shock

Which quickly turns to glee as he sees his cute boyfriend, all dressed up for their date.

“I’m ready,” he says. For he knows he’s gonna get the secks tonight.

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do you have any otps?

aph ro and financial prosperity

My favorite part of Philosopher’s Stone

Albus Dumbledore had gotten to his feet. He was beaming at the students, his arms opened wide, as if nothing could have pleased him more than to see them all there.

“Welcome,” he said. “Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Drarry is my OTP!

“Thank you!”

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Why do you ship Romione? Personally I'm not a fan of the ship, because I feel as if the relationship didn't make sense in the first place. Though also because Ron, to me, does not understand Hermione enough to be a competent partner in terms of her emotional needs and wants. It's just two very contradicting personalities to me, and I'm honestly curious to see what you have to say about it. I'm not against Hermione being in a relationship, but I don't see it with any of JK's characters atm.

I ship Romione because, in the books, they compliment each other. Yeah they bicker and argue but, ultimately, they care so much about each other and have been best friends for so long, they’ve been through so much together. Their crushes on each other are so painfully obvious pretty much through the whole series but they’re so stubborn and proud about it that it causes fights, but, ultimately, they never let anything get in the way of their friendship. They always come back to each other, they always look out for each other.

Ron stands up for Hermione against Malfoy, against Snape, he even offers to sacrifice himself to save her when Bellatrix attacks her. In the battle of Hogwarts, when they finally kiss, it’s because he’s fighting for his life and yet he still thinks of the house elves, because he knows how important they are to Hermione, which means they’re important to him, too. 

Hermione overthinks things and can easily get lost in her own head, and Ron helps balance her out. Likewise, he doubts himself and his own abilities a lot, but as their friendship develops Hermione helps him build confidence.

When they were younger, I definitely don’t think they were ready for a romantic relationship of equal emotional standing, but by Deathly Hallows, I think they’re 100% on the same page regarding how to meet each other’s emotional needs.

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everyone I know that watched tfa without going on tumblr/twitter all thought ReyxFinn is the main pairing in tfa, and that Finn's obviously crushing on Rey, like that was their first impression when watching the movie. the only reason reylo is a thing is because of social media and teenage girls romanticizing everything, they said. what do you think about this?? btw I don't ship reylo but I don't ship finn & rey either. I ship rey with myself lol jk no but I don't really ship in general

everyone you know, huh? 

okay, let’s break this down. 

i can agree that finn is crushing on rey, but the narrative of the film conveys two major counterpoints: A. rey doesn’t reciprocate his attraction, B. finn’s crush is not framed as “cute”. 

remember when han solo tells him women can always tell the truth? finn’s arc is learning that he is valuable without the stormtrooper uniform. in order to do that, he must slowly build an identity to fight against his oppressors. that’s wonderful. you know what he does on that journey? he admits to rey he was lying to her because he didn’t think he could have a new identity. rey is a stepping stone in the process of self-realization. she is not the key. that’s why finn’s “crush” is not encouraged. he starts out thinking he has to be rey’s hero in order to become someone new. and then he slowly learns that it’s not her he has to save, but himself. again, beautiful. 

at no point in this movie is their romance directly addressed or encouraged. 

just because those people noticed finn is “obviously crushing on rey”, they now feel entitled to think this will be the main pairing? how? why? honestly, that sounds like some Nice Guy bullshit. literally, there are so many examples in pop culture and fiction that refute this bizarre notion. finn isn’t there to just “get the girl”. his arc is separate from rey’s. yes, they help each other and i do think they care a lot about each other. but finn isn’t defined by rey. their struggles are vastly different.

so you’re telling me just because finn has a small crush, they think it’s endgame???

and these same people go on about how teenage girls romanticize reylo? LMAO, what the fuck are they doing when they take  finn’s minor crush and turn it into full-blown epic romance??? pot calls kettle black. 

and ffs, if only “teenage girls” like reylo, then, let’s round up everyone who worked on this movie and label them as adolescents. jj abrams and lawrence kasdan would be the queen bees. 

it is completely insulting to everyone who is interested in this ship to call them “immature”, when the MAIN TEXT of this movie is positing these two characters together with a clear vision in mind. i agree that fandom tends to expand a potential ship. it’s what fandom does. but you’re telling me that the lengthy and symbolic scenes dedicated to these two in the movie were just there for shits and giggles? the third act/climax of force awakens is not shooting a death star. it’s not even han fucking solo dying. it’s the battle between kylo and rey. because it announces the major core of the trilogy. the push and pull between two people who may or may not be related, may or may not become romantic. that’s not the point. the point is that they have been placed at the center for a reason. because they matter, together

but i suppose this vile hatred of teenage girls is fueled by the fact that they’re right. these teenage girls are simply following the movie’s obvious, obvious cues. if you spend two minutes on a silent scene of two characters simply staring at each other while their minds are latched in a duel, you are making a goddamn point about their dynamic. we, as consumers, will fucking notice because we’re supposed to. 

and you know what? i’m not a teenage girl, i’m a full-grown woman (although eh, opinions vary on that) and what i saw on the screen surprised me, because i did not even suspect there would be so much material between kylo and rey. honestly, they trailers made it seem like the real conflict would be between finn and kylo. 

so, i, along with other adult or teenage viewers, were given this material to sit on. some people, like myself, wanted to see more of this dynamic. some people didn’t, which is fine. 

what is not fine is bringing out the tired-old argument that teenage girls are the devil. and why are they vilified? for picking up on what, again, is the main text of the movie. namely that kylo and rey, together, matter. 

you don’t have to ship them, of course, but you have to acknowledge they matter. and for those people who claim that finn/rey has got more narrative importance than kylo/rey, they should look at the way they themselves phrased it. “finn’s obvious crush”. oh, how novel. 

anyway, this rant wasn’t meant for you, anon, but thanks for bringing this up because it was about time i settled these things. it also goes to show that communities like tumblr and twitter are ostracized for basically watching movies.

the difference is, we don’t go around blaming people and calling them immature for shipping finn/rey. we accept that pairing as a valid contender, but we also argue why and how reylo, romantic or not, is more central to this movie’s story.

romanticizing exists on both sides, but one side, unfortunately, can’t accept that they are watching a space opera about family, love and betrayal. and for that, they are the whiny brats, not us. 

 (also lol, shipping rey with yourself is probably the smartest move 10/10)

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hi i noticed you are a fan of both jaehwan and minhyun so i assume you ship minhwan? is there a minhwan gc i need more fnas to fan scream with

Hello! Minhwan are my biases and yeah hahaha I lowkey ship them 😖😟 mmm I haven’t met many others who love/ship them so ;;;; also about the gc, nope there’s none that I know of!! Sorry about that :((

if yoongi collabs with jin he said their name would be “sin” which would be fitting since that’s what the yoonjin shippers are doing rn