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here’s some crap doodles i did instead of drawing the next page of zt.

the last 2 are potential page/plot ideas that were scrapped. i didn’t think they properly conveyed the tone i wanted to go for, and didn’t explain the characters’ motivations well enough. the pacing was also a little weird, but drafts are usually a little janky like that!

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I would honestly watch a tv show about you and Ducky, you're both great and so cute together! How did someone so hot, clever, and funny, find a gf who is also so hot, clever, and funny?? HOW? The world needs answers

yeah well i’m about to end things w her cause she didn’t reblog my selfie like how do u date me and do that like wow que wow

ID #16103

Name: Domeniqe
Age: 15
Country: Sweden

Hi, my first name is Domeniqe but I prefer being called Dom. The languages I speak are Swedish, English and a bit Spanish. I’m bi and a Sagittarius and love being creative, my hobbies include reading, watching TV-series, listening to music, drawing and writing. I have no preference in books really, I enjoy everything from JK Rowling to Bill Bryson. I also enjoy reading manga and watching anime. I’d say that I’m a very open minded person. I don’t care where you’re from, what you believe in, what gender you identify as or what your sexual orientation is. All that really matters and what I care about is if you’re a good person or not. I’m a huge dork but also kind of an introvert. I get way too invested in series and care way too much about their characters.
I’d like to get in contact with someone who can enjoy light jokingly conversations as well as deep and more meaningful ones.
I don’t know what else to say, I love cats, BL and dark jokes I guess? I’ve never actually had a pen pal before so I hope that this works out well :)

Preferences: Ages 14-16.

Lemme educate you on a Hufflepuff

(Based on my own Hufflepuff-ness)

A Hufflepuff will: 

- buy a ticket to Disneyland for you and claim they won it just so you can go with them.
- stay behind with you to search for your credit card you lost at the restaurant.
- listen to you and offer their shoulder to cry on when your boy/girlfriend breaks up with you.
- cheer you up by cracking a punny joke.
- not argue with you if they can help it.
- prefer to eat the dessert first.
- stand up together with you the next time that bully passes you in the halls.
- be thrown in jail before exposing your secret.
- get high grades in school but won’t feel the need to tell anyone about it.
- wait until your tirade is over in order to have a diplomatic discussion with you.
- probably cry at that moment in the movie, not because they’re weak, but because they feel comfortable to show their emotions to you.
- finish a project they’ve committed to, even if it takes an absurd amount of time and energy.
- answer your text at 2:00 A.M. asking for their help.
- secretly put you in their “black book” if you break your promises. But will still hang out with you anyway because you’re their friend and no one’s perfect.
- enjoy watching someone play a video game.
- probably, if they enjoy sports, play a defensive position (like goalie).
- prefer reading to most anything.
- take up an uncommon hobby like beading.
- give you their coat if you exclaim how cold it is.
- help you with your homework if you get behind.
- completely miss the subtext in your comment. Then understand it two minutes later.
- make you a cake on your birthday and decorate it themselves.
- hang out with the host’s pet at a party.
- prefer to travel with at least one other person in order to share the awesome moments with them.
- probably still go to that 10-year high school reunion everyone said would be a dud.
- be at your side through thick and thin, because they genuinely care.

Ben Wyatt:  *looks into the camera like he’s on The Office*

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New Theory on Gabriel Agreste

A grand majority of the fandom is pretty sold on Gabriel Agreste being Hawkmoth. 

But I’m about to disprove this theory. 

First of all, Hawkmoth’s main color scheme is black and purples. On the other hand, Gabriel Agreste wears a white suit and a tie with the color scheme of a peppermint candycane. 

Second of all, Gabriel Agreste’s jaw is relatively pointier than Hawkmoth’s. 

Third of all, Hawkmoth possesses some magnificently pouty lips that Gabriel Agreste just plain does not have. 

Fourth of all, Hawkmoth’s eyes seem more slanted than Gabriel Agreste’s eyes. 

Fifth of all



Happy Selfie Night everyone! Here’s me a few days ago and Kira before she got neutered last week. Ya’ girl turned 20 two weekends ago, and also somehow managed all A’s this semester. Which is, like, beyond me considering this semester’s workload was tragic, but also somehow not surprising because not doing well gives me massive anxiety, so…??? 

Anyway, here’s hoping octa.via dies none of the delinquents die tonight!

I’m jk about the crossed out part please know that I am joking, but not really but yes really.

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