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SMTM6 Ep 4 Favorite Moments/Highlights/Thoughts


• The show starts with the judges messing around on stage which tbh is the best way to start a show

| 3rd round continuation |

• Jay Park’s “let’s get it” saga goes on.

• I live for Jin Doggae’s piercing

• idk why but Hash Swan and Jin Doggae’s performance felt so vague even thought they’re both great rappers.

• btw this wasn’t included on this episode but i hate how Mnet’s editing makes it seem like Junoflo and Hash Swan hate each other when they get along irl.

• Hanhae’s arrogant attitude vs. scary charismatic Los

• Jay Park: “While preparing, did everything go well?”

Los: “It was easy” *both contestants start death glaring each other*

• Hanhae’s lyrics: “My aunties told me don’t be so well-behaved Hanhae" i wish my aunties said that to me

• Awe things ended good between them

• Sleepy is so nice, asking who wants to compete with him

• Zesty adores Sleepy i’m soft

• Sleepy forgot his lyrics but recovered so fast

• Sleepy and Zesty saying good job to each other i love them

• I love how everyone appreciates how great A-To is.

• “She’s one of the female rappers everyone says ‘wow’ about, he’s one of the male rappers everyone says ‘wow about’ *claps hands* sounds good right?”

• Jay Park fanboying over Nucksal “Nucksal fighting!”

• omg A-To forgot the lyrics twice whyyyy

• Cheese yoooo

•" Our Dean is your fan. Dean is actually complementing.“ Lmaoooo

•Ohhhh ZICO and Nucksal comforting A-To when she cried they’re the best


•” They matched their outfits. Sponsored?“

• They’re getting along so well YES

• Jay park "hallellujah” after they announced it was a tie because same

• Punchnello: whatever is easier for you
He’s so nice to everyone and he was struggling but still got up stage and he thought he never thought about a second round and didn’t prepare anything he just wanted to get that shit done and go to his mom I hope she gets better 💕

• Zico: “he didn’t even rap and we have to vote”

•Punchnello “i feel relieved”
myunDo “i feel uncomfortable”

• “Someone keeps making pigeon noises” lmaoooo

• “Some people might take this as a love confession” looool i love that guy

•Lmao woodie gochild is so cute and his little moves omg

• looool i love it when the producers imitate woodie gochild’s moves

• ZICO: “If you make it to the official rounds I’ll buy you nice googles”

• JJK forgot his lyrics and freestyled his way to victory

• Olltii’s “daebak”

• okay but Olltii and Day’s performance was soooo good

| 4th round ~ judges performances |

• Sleepy: Today’s the day we judge the judges *evil laugh*

• Double Duo: “We’re usually sleeping at this time” ahhaahahha

• Gaeko: “We might end up first or last”
Choiza: “I don’t want to end up the forth. It’ll make me upset. We might even leave the show” hahahahhaahha i love them

• Dok2 (about Dean): I’m curious about his ‘different R&B part.

• Choiza about Gaeko: “We’ve spent more time together than he’s spent with his wife”

~ Dynamic Duo performance ~
• They lit the stage without being in it yet how
• Their stage chemistry is amazing
• Everyone’s hyped af and then there’s Woo Wonjae expressing no emotion at all
• “Rhythm is life” was the highlight of their performance.

~ Tiger JK and Bizzy’s performance ~

• Sleepy: Don’t I look like Tiger JK? lmao @ this boy
• Tiger JK just tied his shoes on stage I’m fucking screaming
• “Bizzy is really handsome”
• “It’s so cool when he says his name” lmao I’m dead
• Tiger JK: *drops mic*

~ Jay Park and Dok2’s performance ~
• Dok2: “ I forgot what my special weapon was”
• I don’t really listen to them but now I understand why they’re so famous

• Gaeko comforting a very insecure ZICO gives me life

• ZICO is very stressed and then there’s Dean smiling like a kid.

~ ZICO and Dean’s performance ~
• lol Dean just appeared and the crowd is already screaming
• Can we just appreciate how talented they both are????
• “It’s the first time I see Dean rap so aggressively”
• The judges joining together and singing different R&B because same
• Woo Wonjae jamming to FANXY CHILD is my aesthetic

(Sorry for being so late btw)

Jimin and other members

So here I’ll touch on the other members before I focus on jikook mostly.  I really don’t want to post a lot of links or video’s on here.  What I did to catch a lot of these moments is going to bangtan tv subs, rewatch video again for all of them, then focus on when J or JK are on and sometimes you just have to watch the background or listen to what they are saying off camera.  The edited clips people make do not do any justice to what’s happening.  Then watch vlive videos same way.  Always get the full length version, again some videos are cut off and fancam’s do a lot better at catching things.

Jhope early on(13 to 14 year) thought JImin was the cutest thing on earth.  Pinch his cheeks, tickles, back hugs, little bit of manhandling.  Although there were a few sexual tension stares mostly at photo shoots which I saw only one instance where Jimin returned that stare(and JK saw it and gave them a dirty wtf are you doing look) Yeah this happened during the couch photo shoot where J and JK are wearing similar blue and yellow outfits. Any other time Jhope came on too strong for Jimin and JImin shy’ s away(looks down, says stop, or how old are you to act like this?)  Even in one of the anniversaries(1st one?) they talk about this and how he lowkey asks Jhope to back off a little bit.  Yes I think Jhope had a mini crush on Jimin early on but that quickly went away and Jhope is one of the biggest supports for Jikook.  He’s also one of the main ones to keep them on check in front of the camara.  BTW can’t wait for Jhope mix tape!

Jin really didn’t get a lot of video time in the beginning and it’s such a shame because the Jin we get to see now is seriously amazing.  I actually love his personality the most out of the whole group.  For all the members during 13-early 15 it’s like bighit(or the members were just too nervous) had them not be themselves.  This really had a lot to do with how worried they were about being accepted in Korea.  Then year 15 hits and all of them I feel felt more comfortable to be themselves.  Jin and Jim def. have that brotherly love.  I think Jin is the prankster and loves making JK jealous, you see this a lot in vlive videos the trio do together and in the ISAC videos.  

So V. I actually do get why a lot of people ship them.  They will be friends for life and no doubt they are soul mates.  They adore one another.  It’s like people want this to be exactly like an Asian drama and you got JK as the main lead and V as the nice guy 2nd main who always comes in last in the end.  This is real life though. You ever had a best friend and then that best friend starts to date someone? Now your best friend spends less time with you and you feel left out.  Of course there is going to be some jealousy.  I see in many of these videos that V feels like the 3rd wheel, I’ve also seen him look at JK and J like they are the cutest thing ever esp. JK graduation night in the car.  V also loves to mess with these two because he knows everything.  I 100% agree that J was in that hotel room that night, thank you V!

RM for me is actually the one I’m still a little confused at.  This one from year 13 to even now he is the 2nd most touchiest member with Jimin that I have felt is sometimes more than just brotherly or friendly.  Red card yellow card anniversary video.  The giggle that RM does because Jimin is the cutest thing he’s ever seen was the start of it all.  RM is the one who termed mochi sexy Jimin.  I think RM really did fall a little in love with Jimin.  If JK wasn’t in the picture I guarantee that these two def would have had something.  JK however always likes to come in first and he made sure he did this time.  RM does have the star eyes, looks at the jibooty, grabs on to his wrist and really yanks him close(not just at that famous fanmeet video) to him, often hugs, is often praising J(because RM knows J needs that).  RM is a lot like J like he has said in the past.  I think both of them are touchy people and so they are able to do that with each other easily.  J loves this attention regardless if he is with JK or not.  JK btw was raised by all these members so he has a little bit of each of them in himself.  I think JK saw that J liked that kind of attention(what he got from RM).  JK does a lot of those things now that he is older and more comfortable on camera showing his affection.  JK has mirrored a lot of the dominate traits RM has because that’s what J likes.  I think RM does a lot of the skinship in later years now because he also loves to mess with JK still, he is also another buffer between JK and J so they don’t get caught too much on camera.

I think I’ll stop there…

i hate it when people say rick tries harder than anyone else like…..i promise u he absolutely does not it’s just that he’s mega famous. like rick tries harder than….jk rowling and cassandra clare and stephanie meyer lmao. he does not try harder than every other author in his genre, and i really advise you broaden your horizons if you think this.

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i recently read a ff where jk is famous and jm is a fan and last night i was thinking about how cute it would also be if it was the other way around (jk going to a fanmeeting and being nervous and shy when he meets jm and jm being really cute and nice to him) and i kinda need you to write about this please

“You’re going to chew your fingers off at this rate.” Seokjin says in amusement as Jungkook keeps nibbling on his finger nails.

“H-How can I not?” Jungkook says as his hands go down to play with his camera, “I’m going to see Jimin Hyung…”

Jungkook blushes as he imagines finally seeing Park Jimin, Angel voice and amazing dance fairy in person. Jungkook was living in American during Jimin’s debut and Jungkook cries over the miss opportunity to see him. Now 2 years later Jungkook is sitting in a fan meeting with waiting to see Park Jimin.

“You’re so cute.” Seokjin, his cousin, coos and pats his head. Jungkook pouts at him and before he can reapond the lights flicker and Jimin suddenly appears on stage. Jungkook gasps as he freezes. How can a human be so beautiful?

“Morning everyone!” Jimin says with a smile, “did you all wait long?”

“No!” Jungkook and the crowd reapond’s. Seokjin chuckles at how enchanted Jungkook is with Jimin. The elder sneaks Jungkook’s camera away so he can take pictures for his cousin.

The fan meeting goes smoothly for the most part. Jimin is charming and makes everyone laugh. Soon the high touch starts and Jungkook feels himself sweating.

“Go on.” Seokjin says handing Jungkook Jimin’s album to get sign. “Tell him how much you love him.” Jungkook blushes as he moves away from Seokjin who laughs. Jungkook soon finds himself next in line to see Jimin.

Again, how is someone so beautiful!?

Jungkook is shaking when he gets on his knees in front of the table Jimin is sitting at. Jimin smiles fondly at him and Jungkook swallows painfully.

“Hello, you’re new.” Jimin says softly as he takes Jungkook’s album and Jungkook freezes when Jimin’s soft fingers brush against his. “W hats your name?”

“Jeon…Jungkook.” Jungkook whispers as his cheeks go bright red. Jimin smile brightens as his pen touches the album page.

“Cutie Jeon Jungkook.” Jimin sighs happily as he signs the page before handing it back to Jungkook. “Come visit me again ok cutie?”

Jungkook eyes widen as his mind goes blank. Jimin looks heavenly in the lighting and voice is like velvet and he is calling him a cutie and so many emotions are going through him and Jimin is smiling at him and he just can’t!

“I love you!” Jungkook declares before he can stop it. Jimin looks a little shock by the sudden outburst before he starts giggling cutely. Jungkook face darkens to the shade of a lipstick while Jimin can’t stop giggling.

“Seriously, you’re way to cute.” Jimin leans forward as he pets Jungkook’s hair. “Come and confess to me again, ok?” Jungkook nods dumbly before staff shoos him away.

Jungkook hugs his album to his chest as he goes back to his seat. Jungkook watches as Jimin entertains other fans as his mind trys realize what happen. Seokjin takes pictures of his cousin who looks dumbfounded.

Jimin announces that the fan meeting is over 15 minutes later but doesn’t leave with out shooting Jungkook a wink. Jungkook blushes and Seokjin pats his back while laughing.


so like taehyung is a famous youtuber or model and his boyfriend is jeongguk of course. when jk goes to work one day, taehyung was really bored and he decided to livestream on his instagram and like when jk came back th’s followers could see them and its really cute and all and they have their private moment after!! REALLY LONG BUT I SWEAR ITS SHORT N CUTE PLS WRITE IT SOMEONE :(!!

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In these days, could imagining the undertaker as a popular pop/rock music star making really great music videos be a far-fetched idea? Or he could be this super-famous tv and movie celebrity that's so very popular. Either choice is bound to bring him millions of adoring fans. But wait, doesn't he already have those fans?

He already has those fans.

Are we sure he’s not now an ice skater using a Russian accent? 😂 jk (They have the same original voice actor, so this makes it all the better.)


170110 Jikook

I’m crying while i write this 😭 but i need to…

Let’s start on how Jm slide trying to cover Jk and the face he made while pinching Jm neck, he loves…no they love to play like this 😢
Then Jm pushing Jk cus he didn’t “fit” on the chair (even when Suga was there just a second ago)🙄…so he keep going close to Jk

But there is where my pain began…they say that this promotions were the most happy ones, so Jk say he is happy…..and so **** Park Jimin in his famous low tone ask..¿because of me? 😲😢😭 no no no….bye 😣😭. But of course Jk say no it’s because of Army *is not that i’m not happy that he mention us, but i know WHO is he happy WITH* 😋😅

But what really got me was how Jm put his hand up facing down and Jk naturally put his facing up 😢…of course they hold hands all the time 🙃 * we can’t see more low than that so it only looks like he hi 5 Jk* but he did take time to let go (and he did it 2 times) 👌👏🙈

I’m gonna stop cus i can’t see with all the tears 😭 and i didn’t even talk about how Jk has looking and smiling at Jm 😨 or how Jm keep showing up when Jk was with the other members 😩😧…Jikook has my soul 🙈🙉🙊

Ps. Jungkook jealous at the end tho 😏😏



First things first. 1) I’m writing this after I’ve watched the four episodes, so I’m probably going to forget something and things won’t necessarily be in the right order. 2) I’m brazilian, so english isn’t my first language, sorry for the mistakes. 3) This post will have a lot of anti Logan and pro Jess, so if you are not a Literati sipper, you should probably skip it. Ok, let’s do this!

1) I wanted to see the opening credits and the theme song, I already knew that there was not going to be an opening like the one in the series, but I wanted the song to be there at some point (when Carole King sang and played the piano or maybe on the last scene).

2) I’m so pissed at the way they treat cheating on this show! Like it’s ok and normal! Rory is cheating on Paul (was that his name? Can’t remember hahaha jk) with Logan (and he is cheating on his fiancée) and she doesn’t even feel bad or guilty about it. C’mob, girl!!! You cheated on Dean with Jess, on Logan with Jess, on Paul with Logan and slept with married Dean! Where is the famous character development here? Her only worry was that Logan was going to spend time with Odette. This really drove me nuts.

3) Queen Paris Geller is here. I’ve missed you! I’ve never imagined that Paris would be working with in vitro fertilization, but it was nice to see her working

4) Michel is gay!!! I’m so glad! This show was in desperate need of some LGBT representation! Team Michel and Patrick!

5) Hep Alien!!!! 

6) First episode is over and no sign of Jess????

7) I can’t believe Paris and Doyle are getting a divorce. I have no hope anymore. 2016 is definitely the worst year for couples

8) Rory is in New York! She is going to bump into Jess in a library, I can feel it!

9) Rory is in a vinyl record store! She is going to bump into Jess there, I can feel it!

10) Ok, no sign of Jess yet.

11) I really wanted Chad Michael Murray to be playing Tristan again. And I wanted him to ask Paris out only to have her say no

12) Where are Madeline and Louise?

13) It was so good to see Paris again! But I kind of wanted her to be more crazy-Paris!

14) Rory and Logan are still doing the whole cheating thing and being ok with it.

15) I can’t stand this musical anymore. Why the hell is it this long?? It’s not even funny!!! This time could be used to…hum… I don’t know… show Paris, or Jess, or Kirk or ANYONE!

16) I just love Kirk’s movies

17) I wasn’t that into the therapy storyline too

18) Yeah, Spring wasn’t my favorite episode

19) So…. Rory is going crazy which means Jess will be here soon to save the day

20) What did I say? Hello, Jess!

21) Yesssss, Rory, you should write that book and name it Gilmore Girls!!

22) No Paris this episode?

23) Emily is dating someone?? I don’t know why, but this seems odd, a little bit ooc

24) Ooh, there is Jason. I haven’t missed you, but it was nice to see an old face. I just hope they don’t bring Mr. Boring Man (aka Max Medina) back too

25) I’m loving Berta! and I think it was really clever to have Emily stick with this one maid that brings her whole family to the mansion other than have her change maids every episode, It says a lot about the difficult time she is having

26) We finally got to meet Lane’s father!!!

27) I really wanted a scene inside Kim’s Antiques

28) And Lorelai is still treating Jess like trash… Right now he is the most down to earth character, give him some respect

29) I’ve never been a really big fan of the Life and Death Brigade, but it was fun to watch those scenes

30) Ugh, Logan is back and him and Rory are acting like a couple again

31) I guess this means I’m supposed to stop rooting for Literati, because it’s not happening

32) Finally they broke up! Bye Logan

33) I cried so much during Lorelai’s story about Richard! It was so full of feelings and just sincere

34) Yayyyy, JavaJunkie wedding is happening people!!!!

35) The book is happening! And it is called “Gilmore Girls”, shocker!! But it’s nice though

36) SOOKIE!!! Melissa’s voice has changed A LOT!!!

37) My Literati feels are back! What if they share a beautiful dance on the wedding and then head to the lake and just spend the rest of the nigh talking? I would be ok with it!

38) OMG, Jess is so in love with her!! That window scene just killed me! They are so getting together!

39) Eloping is the option that best suits Lorelai and Luke, but there are some people missing in this wedding! Lane is there, but no Liz (I don’t even like her, but it’s her brother!) and no Jess? 

40) Ok, still waiting for Jess to show up and share that beautiful dance with Rory

41) Fine, he is not showing up

42) Lorelai: “You will find someone too”

      Rory: “Maybe I already have” (Jess appears)

      That’s what I wanted to happen


Being famous is really stressful, so when JK is feeling frazzled, he goes for a smoke. Except he really hates smoking and he’s trying his best to stop because he knows it’s not a habit he wants to get into. It’s a good thing he’s really good at keeping his stress level low, though it does slip sometimes. Maybe he should try stress eating instead.

I really would make the worst celebrity because I only wear the same like 4 outfits all the time so all the paparazzi would keep taking pics of me in the same clothes and ppl on the internet would get angry and say “why doesn’t he buy more clothes when he has the money? what is he up to??” and idk where I was going with this but basically don’t make me famous

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I can understand the reason you like Taemin. I love him too. ^^ But why do you like Jonghyun? I don't understand... He's weird, and annoying, and talkative, and not-that-handsome, and not-that-good-at-singing, and not-that-funny, and not-that-cute-even-when-he-does-aegyo... Why? Why? :)


First of all, Jonghyun is probably the most ‘normal’ in SHINee tbh - I mean, Taemin’s a complete nutcase in comparison.

External image

But anyway, Jonghyun is probably the most openly caring member in SHINee. He is extremely open-minded to the point that he stuck up for a transgender student on twitter (homosexuality is still considered a social taboo in S. Korea) among many other things such as sitting down outside to casually talk to fans with no cameras or bodyguards around (that’s pretty damn rare in K-pop as many idols are actually scared of their fans).

Next, there’s nothing wrong with being talkative… would you prefer for him to be quiet and antisocial and cold (a bit like Minho was when they first debuted)? No. Him being talkative shows how comfortable he is with his fans and members.

Oh and you’re completely excused if you don’t think he’s that handsome because I respect the fact that people have different standards of beauty but let me tell you one thing - his fans don’t love him because of his looks or his nonexistent ass. They just use him in order to get close to Roo and maybe get an autograph from her (I mean, let’s face it, that dog is more famous than all of us put together…) jk btw.

They love him because he’s cute as hell ok.

And he has the heart of gold.

But I can’t excuse you for saying he’s not a good singer because even if you don’t like his voice, you have to say that professionally he is a REALLY good singer. Anyone who does music would be able to see that. He has a good technique, he belts out high notes with his hands in the pockets, and he’s just ugh I don’t even know why I should explain that. To me, that’s more obvious than the fact our planet is round.

Just youtube him singing any ballad or maybe his songs from Immortal Song 2 and you’d know what I mean.

I won’t even bother with the last two because — really? Since when is someone’s ability at aegyo a measurement of their worth. Aegyo is only good for super feminine girls and flower boys like Taemin (forget Minho for now because he looks like a 12-year old so it doesn’t count lol).

And again, what you find ‘funny’ you depend on your sense of humour but to me, he is funny. Not as funny as Onew falling on his face or Taemin getting rejected by Door-oppa but funny nonetheless. He has this boyish charm to him that’s also rare in Kpop (Korean boys should take lessons from Amber or Eunji tbh).

That’s it! That’s why I like Jonghyun — he’s a complete idiot but he’s not an assholish idiot and did I mention to you how sensitive he is???



External image


And there’s something really mesmerising about that. Probably because men in most cultures rarely cry.

I mean that bastard Taemin laughs when others cry XD

So that’s it! Bye now.