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What i learned in chemistry today: put lemon juice or something acidic on a dead body. It’ll neutralize the base that causes the smell of rotting flesh, and even though it won’t get rid of the smell completely, it will help and the rotting corpse will now have a nice lemon-y touch

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Sooo Kookie, TaeTae said that you may know Agust D!! Will u help Jimin witg that like pls he needs youuu

Jungkook: Tae never said a thing about me knowing who Agust D is! I only know him because other Jimin hyung likes him a lot! Also how can I help him when I still need to get Jin hyung to like me?


I SIT UNDER A NIGHTLESS SKY, WONDERING WHERE MY HEAD HAS GONE. the grass i touch is green and gold, my lipstick sharp and terrifying. i ask myself again, “where has my head gone?”

I WAKE UP IN HOPES THIS IS A BAD DREAM. my head is lost, and i am cold and shivering. there is a placid emptiness in my chest. to feel is the scariest thing of all.

∗ ∗ ∗ ♡ ◦ ◟· independent original character / an inhuman human / written by mojo.


title: confused
fandom: bts
pairing: 2seok/jinhope
au: boarding school
word count: 5,886
summary: seokjin meets a boy with a bright smile and a kind voice. he’s doomed.
warnings: mention of homophobia, just in case
a/n: so i realize i haven’t put summaries on the past three (wtf) fics i’ve posted. what is wrong with me. idk if you can tell but i am actually in bts hell.
the pacing’s a little weird on this and some things could have been done better if i’d had the time, but really i just wanted to finish this. i love 2seok. please enjoy.
also: hunchul is iron, donghyuk is supreme boi
edit: forgot to credit the bf for coming up w/ the idea in the first place bc of boy in luv era stage outfits. thanks, boo

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Everyone stop what your doing!
- Helping the poor
- Studying for finals
- School
- Working
- Killing some one
- Drinking tea
- Using the bathroom
- Life
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Isaac Lahey in Highschool

He walked into the school, smelling something different. It wasn’t a bad different, but definitely enticing whatever it was.

“Do you smell that?” Isaac asked Stiles, looking at him wide eyed.

“Yep, I’m the one with the super sniffer. Smells like adolescent teenagers and hell.”

Isaac rolled his eyes and began to follow the invisible trail of that sweet scent. He pushed past people, turning for a half a second each time yelling out, “Sorry!”

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