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Really sketchy Klance comic. I ship these two so hard…! Also, Keith is really, really pretty and Lance is beautiful & You can tell how much I forgot to draw by how sketchy this progressively got.

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head canons for cutie shy pastel kookie, and protective bad boy jimin, pleaseeee. with like jm protecting him from bullies

how did you know i love stuff like this (thank youu <333)

+ jungkook was reeeally hoping that bullying wouldn’t follow him to college. after all, everyone was an adult now. but he’s really not surprised when it does. 

+ jungkook wasn’t really sure why people targeted him. maybe because he was soft-spoken, shy, wore girly colors, had nerdy glasses…he really didn’t know. 

+ on this particular day he had really had enough, he had his backpack ripped off him hard enough to make him fall and his books emptied out on the ground. and later someone took his glasses off his face and stomped on them, cracking the glass. so he went out behind the building and sat down, taking deep breaths and trying not to cry. 

+ when someone else came outside he nearly jumped out of his skin. he didn’t recognize the guy who was dressed all badass, with a leather jacket, ripped jeans, big boots, dyed orange hair. jungkook swore he saw a neck tattoo (but he wasn’t wearing his glasses, maybe it was just a necklace or something). jungkook couldn’t help but mentally prepare for the guy to beat the shit out of him. 

+ the guy took note of jungkook and just lit up a cigarette, taking a few puffs and sighing deeply. he must have noticed jungkook staring. “what? you want a drag?” he offered, holding out the cigarette to jungkook. “no thank you,” jungkook responded. 

+ the guy walked over to jungkook and kneeled down to where jungkook was sitting. “so what do you want then?” he said in a menacing voice way too close to jungkook’s face. “nothing! i just thought you were going to beat me up.” 

+ the guy started laughing hysterically, throwing his whole body around. he ended up with his head resting on jungkook’s thighs. “you think i’m gonna beat you up? why would i do that?” he asked. “you wouldn’t be the first to do it today so sorry if i have my guard up.”

+  the guy looked up at him confused. he smiled at jungkook and bit his lip. it was……attractive to say the least. “who would beat up a cutie like you??” he lifted his finger and poked jungkook’s nose. jungkook was sure he was beet red by now. 

+ he lifted his knees to his chest, forcing the hot stranger to get off his lap. “i don’t know why people beat me up. why would i know that?” jungkook said, burying his face in his knees. “i’m sorry i was just trying to flirt,” the guy said, “well cutie pie. i gotta get to class. i’m already like 30 minutes late. see ya!” jungkook is kind of pissed that he didn’t even get his name. 

+ jungkook asked his friend taehyung about him the next day. he tried to avoid using words like “sexy” and “hot” in his description. taehyung didn’t seem to have any idea but didn’t hesitate to tease jungkook for having a crush. jungkook was more mad that he couldn’t really deny it.

+ the next time he saw him was on another particularly bad day. he had been getting smacked around all day and when he felt a hand grip his wrist he pulled himself free immediately and turned around to see the handsome badass guy smiling at him. he almost cried with relief. 

+ “you know i never got your name last time. i’m jimin,” he said before he even said hello. “jungkook,” he responded. “cute name for a cute guy,” jimin said. 

+ jimin started pestering him for his number. jungkook tried to pretend that he didn’t want to give it away but he’s sure his smile betrayed him. 

+ jimin had texted him that night. it was obvious that jimin wasn’t shy at all. but jungkook couldn’t help but wonder how many other people he was texting. after all, jimin had a kind of player vibe to him. 

+ his hypothesis was proven correct when he saw jimin with a hickey at school one day. he decided not to even approach him. 

+ jimin didn’t stop texting him though. the texts were flirty as hell too, asking jungkook what he was wearing, if he was thinking about jimin, all including winking emojis of course. it hurt jungkook’s heart to think that he wasn’t the only one on the receiving end of those messages. 

+ on one bad day, a rather large guy decided to take his rage out on jungkook. jungkook didn’t know what he was mad about or what he had to do with it but it didn’t seem to matter. jungkook found himself on the receiving end of more punches than he ever had in his life. 

+ he went to the bathroom afterward, spitting out the blood from his split lip and trying to see out of his swollen left eye. why him? jungkook had never done anything mean in his life yet there he was with bruises all over his body. he was sick of it. 

+ jimin had entered the bathroom somewhat out of breath and immediately started rubbing jungkook’s back. “baby what happened?” he asked. “none of your business and don’t call me that,” jungkook snapped. 

+ jimin seemed surprised at jungkook’s outburst. he told jungkook that he was sorry and that he just wanted to help. “why? you just play around with me like everyone else does?”

+ jimin invited jungkook over to his apartment and, for whatever reason, jungkook accepted. when they got there jimin poured him chocolate milk and turned on the tv to some dumb cartoon for him. “are you gonna try and make a move on me now?” jungkook asked.

+ jimin started laughing. “yes. chocolate milk and spongebob really sets the mood don’t you think?”

+ jungkook felt kind of stupid after that. he decided to change the subject. “how did you know that i was in a fight?” 

+ jimin told him he heard people talking about how a frail looking kid was getting beat up by some big guy and he somehow just knew and went to the nearest bathroom to where people said the fight happened. “you didn’t have to come. i’m used to it.”

+ jimin started petting his hair. “honestly i was hoping the other guy was still around so i could kick his ass. who picks on someone who doesn’t even fight back? and is it so unrealistic that i care about you and i don’t want you to be hurt?” 

+ jungkook’s heart fluttered at that. but he couldn’t help but be angry still. “you have other people. i’ve seen you with hickeys on your neck at school.” jimin laughed a bit and it just made jungkook more mad. “are you jealous? if you must know, i had a friend with benefits. but i dropped him a couple weeks ago. planned on asking you out this weekend, you know.”

+ jungkook could feel the tears coming and he couldn’t stop them this time. he started crying a lot. he tried to change the subject. “you apartment is really cute. i thought you’d have like black walls and red furniture,” he said, still sobbing. 

+ jimin laughed, petting his hair. he kissed jungkook’s forehead before saying, “landlord wouldn’t let me. also i can’t bring you home to a place like that can i?” jungkook threw himself into jimin’s arms. he hadn’t been so happy in a long time. “be my boyfriend kookie?” jungkook nodded into jimin’s chest.

+ the next day jimin approached him at school with bloody knuckles and a black eye. “what the hell happened?” jungkook asked. “we match now baby,” jimin said with a smile. jungkook figured it out pretty quickly. he kissed jimin’s lips quickly. “thank you.” 


Every time I watch this, I tear up. Wonderful animation from Glen Keane, who also worked on The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Pocahontas. 


new haircut and an alya pep talk <3

He caught her and never let her go again

So I’m sure that a fair number of people have seen the above post (sorry I don’t know who the op is but credit goes to them. I got his off of pinterest orz), and it got me thinking and overanalyzing, right? And so I keep asking “Where in the hell were the Gems getting the money to pay for the house before Greg became a millionaire?” And so then I start remembering stuff and so here’s my theory, and it gets more profound than just where the Gems are getting money. The Crystal Gems are the freaking Founding Mothers of America.

So for one, Rose Quartz has a giant penny in her armory. I’m still not entirely sure what to make of it, as when I googled “Giant penny”, most of what came up were pannels of a Batman comic where one was used as…a restraining device? Decoration? I’m not sure? Anyways, that’s most all that came up adisdes form a massive work of art that was one giant penny made up of thousands of smaller pennies. My inital thought is, however, that it was bestowed upon Rose Quartz as an honor. (Unliss she just uses it to roll over enemies in battle, which is actually what came to mind the first time I saw the episode lol.) 

But far, far more importantly, we have seen Pearl on coins in the show. Legal tender type coins. 

Pretty famous image, if  I’m not mistaken. (I also could have sworn up and down that I saw a screenshot one time that had a coin in it that had Opal on it, but maybe it was fake. I can’t find it anymore.) 

Now people don’t ge tput on coins unless they heavily influenced American history. (granted I’m hella salty that Andrew Jackson is on our money and Marquis de Llafayette is not, but ya know, whatever.) On top of that, the visage of a gem takes the place of our Illuminati (or whatever it is) pyramid and eye on our own American Dollars in the world of Steven Universe.

Gems were clearly influential somehow. To America specifically, as they see fit to place them on the legal tender.

Now, back moreso onto how the Gems get money, in “Rising Tides, Crashing Skies”, Mayor Dewey freaks out at the word “cover” when talking to Raynaldo, shouting “Cover up? What cover up!? SECURITY!!” I thought this was just a gag at conspiracy humor at first, because it just added to Raynaldo’s whole conspiracy reality and it was funny. But thinking about it now, seems like it’s far from just a gag. 

(also sorry the subs are in Spanish, lol. They just happened to be the most convenient videos I found.)

So this bit’s just speculation for the most part, but like, what if the American Government is supplying the Crystal Gems with money because they basically owe it to them. I mean, the spent over two hundred years since the country was founded likely without asking for anything in return, then here they are suddenly needing to build a house and pay light and water bills and groceries and APPARENTLY give their new son a smartphone. And it’s no tlike they can exactly turn down the 6,000+ year old women and the 5,000+ year old girl who was born inside your borders that also happened to liberate your entire nation from its oppressive colonizers from far away. Sounds like something right up the Crystal Gem’s alley imo.

What if what Dewey was trying to cover  up was the fact that Beach City’s taxpayer dollars were going to housing a trio of jobless women raising a son that they can’t afford on their own because they don’t even need to eat and therefore don’t even need jobs?

Idk it’s a fun thought. And it explains a lot. If nothing else just spread the word that the Crystal Gems are the Founding Mothers of America ok because this calls for its own musical

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This is really random so feel free to not answer this but do you have any good anime recommendations?

Sorry, there are no good animes