“Come previsto, qualcuno direbbe che non è hyung?*
#WINGS Comeback Trailer #BoyMeetsEvil

Traduzione video:
: è così fico!!
JM: è così fico!!

(*N/B: Jimin intende dire che J-hope è stato indubbiamente bravo e che ha soddisfatto le aspettative di tutti)

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Why I love 2016.

Can a year be the joke of the year? If so, 2016 definitely has. It seems like 2016 knocked on everyone’s door with a passion to destroy and the claws to do so. The series of unfortunate events became the norm, and when the next bad event would happen, my friends and I would simply respond with: #2016. Maybe I’m writing this too prematurely since there are still a few months left of this year. But as terrible (understatement?) as this year may have been, I think it may also be the most incredible year of my life thus far. GASP. Did I just say that? Yup. Here’s why:

Growing up, I never questioned who God was. My parents taught me that God is good. My Sunday school teacher taught me that God is my strength. My VBS leaders taught me that God is my comforter. My youth pastor taught me that God is for me. My mentor taught me that God is love. Etc. And I totally believed all of it. Nothing rivaled those claims. As time went on, I’d watch friends and family question if these things were really true. Some even concluded that it was all false. But I never really felt the urge to challenge what I had been taught. Perhaps it was a lack of curiosity. But I actually think God had graced me with the gift of faith, and I’m incredibly grateful for it. For 24 years of my life, I believed every single bit of these things about God to be true. It just was.

[Insert 2016]. The marathon of trials this year put me in a place where I could no longer counsel myself out of despair. (I’m usually pretty great at slapping on an optimistic smile, repeating “but God is good!” loudly, and marching forward quickly before a bruise could form). But this year, I was so at the end of myself that the only thing I could do was lay in bed every morning and say, “God, today I need you to show me that you are good.” And for that day, He did. The next day, I’d lay in bed and say, “God, today I need you to show me that you are my comforter.” And for that day, He did. This continued every day for months and months. Day by day, I’d meditate on one thing scripture told me God is, and I would ask Him to reveal it to be true. And He never failed to show up in that way. It was absolutely beautiful.

It would always stick out to me whenever Jesus told someone, “Your faith has healed you.” Huh? Wait Jesus, didn’t you heal them? But I’m realizing that when all hell breaks loose, some will run toward a quick fix, and some will wait until the only One who can heal shows up. It’s faith that will move someone to linger, even when life screams, “Run!” I’m learning that those who have faith will stay, and those who stay will ask, and those who ask will see.

I love 2016 because God took the idea of faith to a whole new level. All my life, I believed so many great things about God to be true. And they always have been. But the events this year took me on a journey where I saw all of it come to life. I no longer just believe. I know. I know because God never failed to show me. And the best part is, I think He was eager to do so.



okay so I drew this picture back in July I think and I just took this photo today and I was like ‘hmm that looks familiar but why?’ And then I put the two together and BLAM!!

Anyways its like two in the morning so I’m going to bed but I thought this was crazy.

***While I’m making a post I might as well update you guys and let the GIVEAWAY WINNERS know that all of the sketches for you’re prizes are done and now they just need to be taken into the computer. I’ve been pretty swamped with life which is why it’s taking so long but worry not they are getting done c:***

How much has Greg Universe spent?

Greg Universe has around $10,000,000

Remember those math problems from fourth grade? Well they’re finally coming in to use. 

  • 3 tailor made suits, each being around $3000 average, $9000
  • An overnight hotel (let’s assume the Four Seasons in New York for reference) is $35,000
  • Room service let’s assume was $1000 (Room service is expensive)
  • All those singers/waiters $500 each, $5000
  • the car he bought: Let’s assume since it’s used but could match speeds of a Lamborghini, $4,500
  • Pole $100
  • tablet cost: $200
  • Okay so the boat one was the trickiest bit for me, but I looked up yachts to play it safe. The cheapest one I could find was $1,000,000, it had a 35m deck and was the closest to the show.
  • So the distance from Ocean City MD (City based off for beach city) to New York (Empire City) was  236.4 mi and a 1980 Chevrolet van (Which is a good base for Greg’s van) has 16mpg, which means that it would take 14.775 gallons to go to empire city one way. 
  • Let’s assume that that he filled his tank once in beach city and once in empire city. It would cost $29.55 for the gas in beach city (if we’re still using ocean city , MD as a model) and abut $44.33 in Empire city (if we’re using New York City). Combined adds up to $73.88
  • The Dondai Supremo’s tank of fuel probably cost about $20
  • The tables Greg has bought, let’s assume each one was on the nicer side, so there were three (one broken, two used in restaurant wars) each being $350, so that amounts to $1050. 
  • 6 wooden chairs, let’s assume he got them at Big lots or at Walmart, then it would be $600
  • Now for a speed round, Steven and greg both give out a stack of cash. Let’s assume each is a pile of ones (for cheap sake). A one dollar bill is  .0043 inches thick, which means a thousand of which would be 4.3 inches thick, which aligns with the show’s general image. So $2,000.
  • Valet: $50 (expensive hotel)
  • Greg gives away about $500 to staff as tips, ($100 to broken table to charge his bank account, and $400 to staff members after Pearl stops dancing)
  • As for taxes, I don’t know, but If someone would like to discuss what would be a proper amount, I’m up for it.

So, let’s add this all up, what does it amount to? $1,058,093.88

Which means, he still has $8,941,906.12 left over.

His shenanigans are far from over.