Disappointment has become a revolving door.
You never ripped out my heart, but you ripped out my core.
I remember that night, that minute,
you said, “No one you can ever replace you.”
Well darling, somebody is bound to.
And when you walked away, I found a different suitor to take your place.
Her name is loneliness and she kept me comfortable.

Symptoms -ch 1- First Meetings

Genre: Fic, AU, Romance, Future angst/smut 

Summary: After losing his sight at the age of sixteen Kibum has quickly learnt to adapt to living his daily life without the luxury of seeing. It has taken him three years to find a comfortable balance, but after meeting Jonghyun he wasn’t sure if balance is what he needed. 

Pairing: JongKey /Rated M

Word Count: 3990

Side Note: Be kind to me I know it’s been a long time but I’m back now and I hope this is something that you all can look forward to and enjoy <3 Again I’m sorry for being so MIA but I’m here and I’m not going anywhere :) 

Losing something at a young age could be very traumatizing for a child, whether that be a loved one or their favourite toy. As a child your levels of traumas ran on a different scale than as an adult. You handle loss differently, the loss of your favourite stuffed toy may seem more dramatic at the time than losing your aunt or grandmother. Yet these are things that parents are at some point prepared to deal with, hell they practically wrote handbooks on these things. Of course as Kibum found out at the ripe age of sixteen nobody wrote handbooks on losing your sight, and even if they did how would he have read them?

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Ok so these pictures are gross and I look absolutely sickly and I’m sure f–ker is gonna kill me for posting them but I love the progression of my mood here because
I was having a shit day
Not any shit day but quite possibly THE worst day
And no it didn’t get better
Yes I’m still having the shit day
No I’m not really ok
But Em did get a smile on my face and that does mean the world to me
I just really love that you can make me smile even when that’s the last possible thing I want to do