i was having a bad day but i decided to put some make up on anyway and take a few selfies and i ended up recording this lmfao
i just hope you guys are doing ok, please stay safe my friends


That moment when you see a supercharged JEEP. #jk #supercharged #hemi #jeep #jeeps #jeepmeme #JEEPFLOW

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I don't understand this hate on Josh Hutcherson. I've met him once at a hockey game near both of our hometowns. (He's from Union Kentucky and I live in Cincinnati and we were at a cyclones game together) And this was before THG but after Bridge to Terabithia, but he is legit down to earth and oh so sweet! He was with his dad and brother, not even trying to hide the fact that it was him and was sitting with the rest of us. I just happen to look and see him! But he was super nice --

And talked to me like a normal human being! I mean for christ sake he was just eating a hot dog cover in stuff and drinking pop and he was normal! He talked normal, he wasn’t shrouded in paparazzi and he was the sweetest little thing I have ever met before in my life. I personally love the fact he’s the way he is, and yeah we don’t see him often in movies but his movies are outstanding. I have yet to see a bad movie with him portraying a character. He’s staying true to himself.

Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves—Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant was a pretty terrible fucking movie so not all his movie choices can be stellar lol

But yeah, he’s obviously a sweetheart, anyone who meets and works with him adores him, so let the man live, yo.

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are you still very into new leaf

eeeh idk. no? for some reason after december 31st of last year i just never played until now. today i spent like 3 hours tting til i got to the current date. my town is not even halfway done and i still need to get lily back so im gonna try and get back to it :) i think the fact that a lot of my friends are still active and playing makes me wanna get back :)