A few of my friends said they loved Jaehee except the fact that she hates cats. I don’t think she really hates cats completely. In a call from Day 2, she said she thought cats were pretty until she had a cat thrown on her against her will. There’s plenty proof that Elizabeth 3rd doesn’t like her, either. With what Jaehee said about pets and owners, I’d think she’d be a good owner.

It’s like how some people hate other people’s kids, but their own is a fucking angel. Jaehee would totally love a cat if it was her own. YES IT’S LIKE HAVING CHILDREN

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How much has Greg Universe spent?

Greg Universe has around $10,000,000

Remember those math problems from fourth grade? Well they’re finally coming in to use. 

  • 3 tailor made suits, each being around $3000 average, $9000
  • An overnight hotel (let’s assume the Four Seasons in New York for reference) is $35,000
  • Room service let’s assume was $1000 (Room service is expensive)
  • All those singers/waiters $500 each, $5000
  • the car he bought: Let’s assume since it’s used but could match speeds of a Lamborghini, $4,500
  • Pole $100
  • tablet cost: $200
  • Okay so the boat one was the trickiest bit for me, but I looked up yachts to play it safe. The cheapest one I could find was $1,000,000, it had a 35m deck and was the closest to the show.
  • So the distance from Ocean City MD (City based off for beach city) to New York (Empire City) was  236.4 mi and a 1980 Chevrolet van (Which is a good base for Greg’s van) has 16mpg, which means that it would take 14.775 gallons to go to empire city one way. 
  • Let’s assume that that he filled his tank once in beach city and once in empire city. It would cost $29.55 for the gas in beach city (if we’re still using ocean city , MD as a model) and abut $44.33 in Empire city (if we’re using New York City). Combined adds up to $73.88
  • The Dondai Supremo’s tank of fuel probably cost about $20
  • The tables Greg has bought, let’s assume each one was on the nicer side, so there were three (one broken, two used in restaurant wars) each being $350, so that amounts to $1050. 
  • 6 wooden chairs, let’s assume he got them at Big lots or at Walmart, then it would be $600
  • Now for a speed round, Steven and greg both give out a stack of cash. Let’s assume each is a pile of ones (for cheap sake). A one dollar bill is  .0043 inches thick, which means a thousand of which would be 4.3 inches thick, which aligns with the show’s general image. So $2,000.
  • Valet: $50 (expensive hotel)
  • Greg gives away about $500 to staff as tips, ($100 to broken table to charge his bank account, and $400 to staff members after Pearl stops dancing)
  • As for taxes, I don’t know, but If someone would like to discuss what would be a proper amount, I’m up for it.

So, let’s add this all up, what does it amount to? $1,058,093.88

Which means, he still has $8,941,906.12 left over.

His shenanigans are far from over.