I worked with bklynlibrary to design their fleet of Bookmobiles, which went from bright green to… covered in my doodles! We also went to Brooklyn Flea over the weekend and gave away copies of 1 Page at a Time while drawing all day.

I want to give a big shout out to @jku_hard_rock for making the best decision for leaving the Audi for this beast! Who else thinks he made the right choice? #jk #jku #jeep #jeeps #JEEPFLOW

The beast doesn’t speak
It sits at the edge of a thought
Sentient, head cocked to the side
It is a shadow in the midst of a desert

A glimpse is the most you see of it
The beast is clothed in human skin
Its face a nebula and a blackhole
Thorns for claws and diamonds for teeth
The skin stretched too thin on black bones

The beast never speaks a word
But you recognize its voice from the void
Its growl fills your mind, cavernous and echoed
Until you’ve forgotten the silence of the numb

This is the curse of the haunted
A beast underneath a tree of thoughts
Shadows rising and falling and always
It dances out of your reach, melts in chaos
A reminder of the dream you ate

Can’t you feed the beast one small memory?
Of sunglasses, foreign movies, papers
Of leathers and knives and yours and his

Feed the beast a dangerous smile
Cleanse its bones with a stolen kiss
Give in to the haunting and pull it out
Of the dreams you’ve buried it in

The beast grows restless, it paces
In the small corners of your mind
Don’t cage it in the worlds of dreams
Only the real world can handle
The depth of a nebulous man

—  the dream heist (l.d)