What if Harry had named one of his boys Lupin Black Potter or James Sirius Remus Potter (or something of the like) after the 3 true marauders? Makes more sense because then he would be adding Remus Lupin the man that stuck by the group through thick and thin and immediately re-welcomed sirius into his arms just because he realized Peter was alive! I mean seriously J.K. Remus was one of your most amazing characters and you didn’t even include him. He died protecting Harry just like James and Sirus did! And he had a child at home!…

Good morning/evening guys!

So today is my birthday, and I would really appreciate if you could spend some of your time and write me something! My day isn’t going Very well and you always have a way to cheer me up. You have all been amazing so far, thank you. All the love x

  • friend:so what's your favorite song from badlands
  • me:castle, hold me down, new americana, drive, hurricane, roman holiday, ghost, colors, color pt 2, strange love, coming down, haunting, gasoline, control, young god, and i walk the line
  • friend:um isn't that the whole album
  • me:yes the whole album is my favorite song