Why must I decide about tomorrow, today?

How should I know what tomorrow will bring?

My path and my dreams are fading

If I could turn back time and see my future

I would know which way to go

I would know where my path is

Why are you telling me to choose

When I only have my eyes half-open?

Somebody let me know, tell me which way to go

Cuz I don’t, don’t, don’t know

GOT7 in 7 Words

Jaebum: Being a father of 6 is exhausting

Mark: Leave me alone I’m quiet on purpose

Jackson: Honestly I don’t have an off-switch sorry

Jinyoung: ‘Exude a superior aura’ is my motto

Youngjae: My laughter is heard before I’m seen

Bambam: Your boyfriend is in love with me

Yugyeom: 5sec away from getting my ass whooped

imagine finding a fic, your favorite pairing, a beautiful summary, chaptered and completed. you click on it and start reading-‘I woke up…’-and it’s then and only then you realise…

it’s in first person

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Another day, another Week in Review.

Top of the heap

(Television) Wubba-lubba-dub-dub! Rick and Morty jumps eight spots to No. 5.
(Music) Half of Camila Cabello’s heart is in Havana, but the other half is in the No. 2 spot on Fandometrics.
(K-Pop) Girls’ Generation celebrates their 10th anniversary by taking a Holiday in the top three.
(Ships) We don’t ship Jonerys, but y’all sure do. They jumped 11 spots to No. 4.

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Don’t call it a comeback

(Celebrities) Don’t mess with Hilary Duff, who debuted at No. 13 after shutting down the haters on Instagram.
(K-Pop) JJ Project bounces in at No. 18 with the release of their new song, Tomorrow, Today.
(Movies) Deadpool returns at No. 14 and he’s bringing Domino and Cable along for the ride.
(Anime & Manga) Remember when it was just Swimming Anime? Free! returns at No. 11.

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Jaebum Stands For:


After GOT7 i’ll probably move to a farm and live in solitude

Everyone knows Jinyoung is my husband 

B-boying 4 lyfe

Underappreciated leadernim tbfh

My cats are better than yours

// mark