OGS Returns Day 2 fan account

Today’s Jongie highlights!

Zombie jong rises again
My korean sucks but I’m pretty sure he introduced himself as jjongbie today.

During one of the first MCs Myungie edged close to Jongie and handed him a towel to wipe his face. he had already done so, so it seemed a bit unnecessary but Jongie used it anyway. they seemed to have a little chat then and Myungie stepped away. jongie stepped back towards him and touched his waist; they talked again. Jongie laughed but then turned his face away, gah. the way Jongie touches him is so affectionate though, I… (*_*)

Sexy Dance
During an MC Jongie said hed prepared a sexy dance and ran down the stage. i mean really ran and bounded down it!! then he did a very sexy dance that i hope to god is on fancam. i didnt know the song. He looked so happy and confident doing it. then when he ran back to the main stage everyone was chanting his name. the whole stadium!! (^____^) i was so happy right then!!!

then when fans yelled for the others to do a dance too he helped them out! He showed Yeolie a sexy move, with a really good hip thrust!
to Gyu he said ‘down!’ and urged him to kneel down on all fours! *oh my gyujong feels*
myungsoo was unwilling, but got pushed down onto all fours by the others. after he did an embarrassed wiggle, jongie was laughing his ass off but helped him stand up again.
for i think namu, jongie sang a tune!
it was such an awesome section.

Can you smile
Yesterday i couldnt see Jongie doing can you smile, but today i got close to the extended stage and he came and did the dance right in front of my section. so i got to enjoy legs… ass.. the whole man in motion just in closeup oh dear god my heart. he also threw a flying kiss to a girl close by; ahhh he seems so confident and sexy doing this dance.
i got all emotional after that song ended and sobbed a bit about how beautiful and sexy he is IRL. i think most jong stans can relate.

Lately car wobble
for 'Lately’/white confession they were all in cars moving around the back rows of the stadium. jongie and hoya’s stopped abruptly and he kind of stumbled into hoya and then steadied himself.

i saw him take 2 selcas, the first was really good, because he took a selca with someone’s ipad very close to me. he took a little time figuring the angle which was really cute.
for the second he was just about to use someones phone then it was his turn to sing so he held it away and sang, before turning back.
someone gave him a headband with hangul on to wear briefly but he was too quick to give them back; i dont know what it said.

touching his back
i noticed yesterday when they stood for MC, he stood for a good part of the time with one hand behind his back, a bit like a posh waiter. today he did it again, and its not something i have seen that hes done before when they do MCs. so i wonder if this new therapy stuff hes having for his back is just making him change his standing positions a bit. any jong stans wondering if he acts any different in dances since the news of his back problems, i can reassure you hes just as sharp and low to the ground as always; theres no difference at all.

Fixing his clothes again
he turned away to do a big fix during one MC. like it looked like he was undoing his trousers or something but hey thats probably just wishful thinking.

i walked to the back of the venue to see cars waiting, and the guys came out not long after the concert. hoya & Dongwoo did a little dance; namu threw hearts at us. jongie was the last to come out, in sweatpants and hoodie and mask; but he waved to everyone before he got in the van.

and a few other random non jongie things.
- i saw several people get caught taking pics and they were all wrestled out by security. i also saw a sneaky fansite person take some pics. they are QUICK and good at hiding their cameras
-sungyeol gave toys to my section and he kissed one before he gave it away!
-myungsoo looked much more tired today compared to yesterday IMO, and part of his opening sequence equipment didn’t work.
- i didn’t see as many cameras around today so i think they may use yesterday for the dvd.
- hoya looked right at me and gave me the crossed fingers heart as he walked past our section. aw! hoya~~! but you saw me perving at jongie yesterday i know! Does this mean you approve? lol
-fansite masters gave us all a banner to hold up during the last song. they had printed instructions on the back in English too! <3

well thats everything from me… look out for fansite pics and thanks as always for reading!