What happened in Savoy? We were camping near the French border, it was a training exercise we had no reason to be on our guard. We were attacked in the night; most of our men killed as they slept. Marsac and I knew we were going to die, but we fought side by side regardless, like soldiers. How did you survive? I was wounded; Marsac dragged me to safety in the woods. He didn’t go back to fight, he hid in the trees watching the massacre. But I woke up the next morning, I found him sitting amongst the bodies overcome with shame, remorse. He felt he should’ve died too.

He ripped off his uniform and rode away. I should’ve stopped him, told him that he hadn’t done anything wrong, that throwing his own life away would achieve nothing. He just saved my life and I let him ruin his own. In his own eyes he is a coward and a deserter. Not in mine.