AU Meme: Jaymi came back from his trip and his boyfriend JJ waits at the airport.

-“Waiting here ,so happy to see my boyfriend. How long I must wait to kiss him . I goback and forth . Suddenly I hear the announcement that his plane has landed. I was so nervous but when I saw him it was like everything was gone. So I ran as fast I could to him , hugged him with all my heart  and kissing him slowly and long . After I took his hand smiling and went to the outlet. He called a taxi and went to him , he told me all about his trip.When we arrived, he kissed me passionately and….”

I just wanted to do a little Henslett

Song : Beautiful - Damien Leith (I recommend that you listen to it as you read)

What have I done? That was the only question running through Jaymi’s mind. He couldn’t let the only person in the world who completes him, get on that airplane back to England. “I need to go stop him from getting on that plane.” “Well then what’re we waiting for?! Let’s go!” Josh demanded, grabbing the keys to the Camero. “Hurry the plane takes off in 10.” George’s hand rested upon Jaymi’s shoulder, signaling hope. The boy’s rushed into the airport, searching for the plane JJ was boarding. “There!” George pointed at the door about 30 feet away. “Excuse me, you can’t get on the plane without a ticket.” “I just need to talk to someone real quick. I’m not boarding I just need to stop someone from getting on this plane.” He was restricted from entering without a pass. “Sorry sir, the plane to Manchester has already taken off.” Jaymi stood in front of the window, as his gazed was glued to the plane, as if was off. A tear slid down his cheek. He never felt so broken. He felt as if his life was about to be complete, then the final puzzle piece was just destroyed. Josh and George couldn’t help but comfort their heart broken group mate, who was practically their brother. “Jaymi.” That voice. The accent. Suddenly every memory raced through his mind within a matter of seconds, as he looked back from the window. “JJ.” Jaymi rushed over to the boy. JJ dropped his luggage, catching Jaymi in his arms, as their lips connected. “I’m so sorry.” Jaymi stared into JJ’s beautiful brown eyes. JJ replied with a single smile, as they kissed again. And in that moment, the puzzle was finally complete.