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1. Do you watch Korean/Japanese dramas? What’s your favorite one?

i watched lotsa japanese dramas in the past. rn i just can’t bring myself to watch any. my faves include nodame cantabile, tiger and dragon, ikebukuro westgate park, gto (the original one), seija no koushin and i’ve been watching a lot of yamamoto yusuke’s dramas even if they were shit. XD i have yet to watch korean dramas..it will probably start with hanakimi bc that was one of my fave japanese dramas too. i looked into salamander guru for 2min and key but i didn’t watch the whole series. and minho’s piano player thingie. XD

2. What kind of music do you listen to besides kpop?

i’ve mostly been the rock/alternative type for most of my life. a little punk/hardcore and metal as well as gothic, then jrock/visual kei, now besides kpop also some pop and electronica/wave. as a kid i liked dance music, hiphop and r'n'b - with the kpop wave this came kinda back as well. through my parent’s influence i’ve always liked me some jazz and can warm up to some classical music too. even folk/singer-songwriter stuff…the only genre i can absolutely not listen to is german schlager and volksmusik. (like..‘trot’? and traditional german folkmusic? idek…it’s horrible.)

3. Which kpop idol is in your opinion underrated/overrated?

overrated for me is hyuna and whoever gives shindouche a platform for his douchiness is just stupid. underrated for me are groups or individual members that can actually SING/DANCE/ACT decent but are not given a fucking chance to prove themselves bc they are not popular with the public. bias first: key. he could do so much, improve so much..singing-wise, acting-wise, mc-wise. imo he really IS almighty. to reduce him to a fashionista is so utterly disrespectful and ignorant of his potential. and while i think minho’s acting is a little overrated (or his true in-abilities blatantly ignored) i think he could really improve with singing if given the chance. for groups i think it is u-kiss who deserve better and a lot of the really awesome vocal groups that have amazing singing abilities but get the most boring songs/concepts on this planet (just saying code-v here…).

4. Favourite (kpop) song of 2012 so far?

i don’t listen to much outside of kpop rn, so kpop it is! best song(s) for me shinee - sherlock and boa - only one; if we’re talking about promoted singles. i rather like shinee’s mini album as a whole tho…to be expected huh? XD i could surprisingly jam to beast’s beautiful night/not me, i love bap’s warrior/power and big bang’s fantastic baby.

5. Your happiest/favourite memory?
any memory with my deceased cat-gramps…but they’re always connected with the last sad ones…vicious cycle. ;A; and memories with my best friend who i still love…also connected with sad memories ofc….there’s no happy without sad tbh.

6. What would you say to your bias if you met them face to face?

to key: *silent hssdfshfgsfh*…*dies* xD if i could actually say anything it would be something along the lines of STAY FAB BUT LET ME STAY ALIVE PLS!

7. Your least favorite song by your favorite group and why?
altho i can sing along and jam to this now i still hate shinee’s -forever or never- with a passion bc…european 'pre-release’ by cb. XDDD

8. What kpop pairings do you ship?
anything with key in it! 8) jongkey, minkey, onkey, even taekey, keyber, keystal, hyeokey, wookey, boakey and who the hell else he stans himself with. i have a strange luv for sunkey since someone mentioned a probably false rumor about key and sunny dating…but i think they’re so perfect for each other! ;~;

9. If you had to choose one food you’d have to eat for the rest of your life, what would that be?
dats hard tho ;A; unbalanced diet is..oh crap. all the sweets and fatty and unhealthy shit for the rest of my stupid life tbh! 8) no actually i really luv fruits! strawberry, watermelon/melon…djhfdjhfsjd everything! sushi, yakisoba, cream stew, okonomiyaki, ramen, curry rice, katsu don, jsdhhdfj i love japanese food…and i’m sure i’ll like korean as well if i get the chance to finally taste it in it’s original flava! had selfmade korean kimchi in japan - daebak!!! *A*…o shit. for the rest of my life i want…..yoghurt! i can’t live without yoghurt! and it has fruits in it~ 8’D i’m so smart, kkkkk xD

10. (Obligatory) Random fact about yourself:
ppl need to make walking long distances attractive to me, else i will not walk on. 8'3 my parents used to pick 'come-berries’ for me when i didn’t wanna walk anymore. they would pick up blueberries and raspberries, wild strawberries and such in the woods and lure me into walking/running after those berries. like a dog with a sausage in front of him, like a rabbit with a carrot! XD

my questions~

1. which kpop idol do you love following on twitter the most and why? (if you don’t use twitter, do you follow any celebrity/band on a social networking site, who is it?)

2. which (kpop) MV made a lasting impression on you lately and why?

3. is there a korean word/sentence you can’t help but blurt out irl? if yes, which one and why did it stick to you?

4. if you also listen to japanese/chinese/other asian music, which artist do you like most?

5. you end up on a deserted island with 5 kpop idols. who are they and whom is most likely to survive the longest with you? why?

6. is there a non-asian song/mv that you absolutely love right now? link me to it! <3

7. the thing you mostly post/reblog on tumblr? why is that so?

8. is there a country you would like to try living in even if it was hard? living as in…for more than a year?

9. is there a rumor or random fact in kpop that really upsets you, every time you hear about it? what is it and why does it bother you so much?

10. random fact about yourself?

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1. Which group that got you into K-pop? DBSK <3
2. Have you ever tried roleplaying? if yes, as who? Nope, never tried ^^“
3. What’s your favourite food? Uhm does chocolate count? Or sweets in general, I can’t live without my sugar supply x"D
4. Were you into J-stuffs (such as anime, manga, j-pop, j-rock, etc) before you got into K-pop? Oh yeah, I was an otaku and into J-rock. Never into J-pop that much though~ Also I’ve studied Japanese two years longer then Korean (but now I forgot it OTL)
5. Do you have any pets? I have a cat named "Aki” which means autumn in Japanese~ just because it’s my favourite season lol.
6. Who’s your ultimate girl bias? Son Gain <3
7. What do you think about the hallyu wave? Ah this is hard to answer. K-pop definitely does have the strength to be popular overseas, but sometimes Koreans are overdoing it. They are way too proud and self-confident nation sometimes x"D So generally my asnwer is hallyu is a good thing, but shouldn’t be overrated. (lol does this even make sense idek)
8. If you could pick some members from various K-pop groups to be together in a group, who would you pick? *__* Onew the leader, Jonghyun the main vocal, Hyunseung the main dancer, rapper Junhyung, Sungyeol and maknae Sungjong :D (no I totally didn’t just pick my biases)
9. Do you write fanfics? Yes. SHINee, B2ST and Infinite ones. But I suck and don’t write as often as I’d want either :/
10. A random fact about yourself I started writing stories when I was about 10 years old and I have a shelf full of those writings. I have two or three 200 paged novels too trolol

My questions:

1. Which countries have you visited and which do you want to visit?
2. Biases aside, do you have anyone you hate in k-pop?
3. When did you get into k-pop?
4. Can you speak Korean? Or at least read hangul?
5. Which idol would you like to look like the most?
6. Your favourite dance choreographies?
7. Have you ever been to a k-pop concert/fan meeting/etc.?
8. Do you/did you have more then one internet nicknames?
9. What position would you be in a band? (both boy band and rock band)
10. A random fact about yourself:

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I love being tagged. Alright, that didn’t really sound nice. But well… I’m bored often, I’m sick today as well, and fall break started. And this is a great way to have fun for at least few minutes :3

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I was tagged in Top 10 Kpop Biases but let’s stop here for a minute. WHY WOULD YOU MAKE ME DO THIS HOW’S IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE 10 BIASES. Tell me your secrets if you have 10 or less kpop biases.

This might be a little bit longer. We’ll see *it’s already pretty long why am I talking so much*

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1. What is your favorite scent to buy for lotions?
I don’t think I have a special favourite, but I’d go with peach :’)

2. What have you named your ipod? (or computer, phone, etc.)
My computer is Tetsunori (Tetsu-kun), that used to be my character from a sort of manga project I did ages ago (and my comp it from ages ago lol) and my phone is Hyukkie :D Then there’s my mp3 player Shigeki (another chara from same manga) and I can’t remember my tablet’s name D: Yes I like naming every device xDD

3. What size shoe do you wear?
39 (European size), too big for how small I am tbh lol

4. What is one thing that scared you as a child?
My constant fears were my mom dying and our flat being robbed, idek why the second one so much when it never happened.

5.Have you ever been to a concert before? If so which one is your favorite?
HOW DO YOU PICK. but I must say SM Town in Paris, 2011. Maybe because it was the first k-pop one but the emotions were the strongest ;;

6.What is something you splurge on?
Nothing? x"D I feel guilty about spending money when I don’t have a job yet, so I’m trying not to spend much OTL

7. Do you like bubble tea? What flavor is your favorite?
I love the milk ones and TARO, forever fave <3 (tried the yoghurt one just recently and it tastes like those cute lil’ korean yoghurts omg)

8. What is the one makeup/skin care thing you always do ?
BB cream to cover the awful acne on my face xD And eyeliner, I’m too addicted to eyeliners =__=

9. What is your favorite Studio Ghibli movie?
Howl’s Moving Castle <3 First I saw and still the favourite ;; Tho I love all of them ^^

10. Do you have a new obsession? (Totally ripped this question from above XD)
If it can be called new then GAME OF THRONES / ASOIAF! Started watching last year when s3 was coming out, meanwhile I read all 5 books (5000+ pages mind you), rewatched all 3 seasons 3 times (with friends/mom - who loves it too btw :D) and now I’m rewatching alone for the 4th time 8D

11. Orange juice or milk in the morning?
Orange juice, I’m not much of a milk person (only maybe all the flavoured ones *w*)

My questions:
1. What is your dream job?
2. Which countries have you traveled to and which do you want to visit?
3. Do you read a lot?
4. What was your favourite activity when you were a child?
5. If you had to choose just one song to listen to for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
6. Who’s your female k-pop bias?
7. How long have you been a k-pop fan?
8. Coffee or tea?
9. Ever played computer games? What’s your favourite?
10. Do you have a pet?
11. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

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i already wanted to join oiam’s fansite but tbh i’m afraid i’d get kicked out for not commenting lol T.T but maybe i’ll at least try it, thanks to your tips C:

You don’t have to worry, OIAM is very easy to navigate and such^^ Just write a good introduction form, wait for the level up, then you can just click “to jonghyun” and write him something, like a small letter, or “I miss you” etc.. and you’ll have 10 points :) just two/three of these, (on different days tho) and you’ll be safe! i guarantee ;D OIAM is gold cause she have pics and videos from 2012 to 2008

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alright, here we go

  1. Blowsight - Winter Show Mercy (Thank You)
  2. The Wanted - Rocket
  3. Hurts - The Rope
  4. BTS - 13 2학년
  5. EXO-M - Overdose
  6. The Wanted - Satellite
  7. RAIN - Dear Mama Don’t Cry
  8. RAIN - Rain Effect
  9. EXO-M - Baby Don’t Cry
  10. Justin Timberlake - True Blood

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