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life is strange au where everything is gay and this action won’t have consequences

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uuughhh millennials and their ‘music’


sorry, I actually went a bit overboard with this AHAH 
So, I wasn’t really planning in expanding the ‘lovechildren’, but I ALREADY BROKE MY VOW so here you go, JJ’s children. 

Jean Jacques Junior is the firstborn. He’s also a skater, he’s the same age as Mamoru and they debuted together. His nickname is Jr, and he’s actually the total opposite of his father. He’s responsible and cool and has a real ‘big brother’ air surrounding him.
On the contrary, his two little siblings, twins Jasmine and Jean, are JJ’s exact carbon copy. They skate as a pair and debuted the current season, snatching away all the golds. Their motto is ‘it’s double JJ’s style!’  
The twins are very fond of their big brother and he also loves them very much (even tho he has to go and stop them from doing unnecessary things cfr.) 
All the children have two names with J and all have at least one name from their father-but I think y’all already noticed-


the not-so-little Noah is the secondborn of Giacometti’s household. Save him as he has a terrific crush on Jr since junior days. (he also has an older sibling, still deciding whether male or female)

Yuri on Ice Lovechildren AU

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This might be really specific but you know how sports people play other sports for charity? I had a vision of everyone playing a charity football game, only Yuuri’s like “Where’s Victor?” And there he is with Phichit and Minami (who’s fangirling) in full cheerleader gear cheering on Yuuri. I also like the idea of Yuri and JJ attacking eachother in the background (with Otabek like “What”) even though their on the same team.