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The Signs as Contributors to the Discovery of the Atom

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Aries - JJ Thomson (designed the plum pudding model with a cathode ray experiment)
Taurus - Rutherford (dense nucleus, gold foil experiment)
Gemini - Dirac (predicted positron)
Cancer - Anderson (discovered positron)
Leo - Chadwick (discovered and proved neutron)
Virgo - Neddermeyer (discovered muon with cloud chamber measurements of cosmic rays)
Libra - Millican (quantized the electron with the oil drop experiment)
Scorpio - Feynmann (developed graphical visualizations of interactions between particles)
Sagittarius - Pauli (discovered electron neutrino and explained why electrons in beta decay don’t have quantized energy)
Capricorn - Democratus (said that there must be some fundamental particle)
Aquarius - Segre (discovered anti-proton)
Pisces - Chamberlain (also discovered anti-proton)

It legitimately brings me down

That there have been so few new things in the science and real world. Think of the discovery of an electron. It weights 0.00000000000000000000000000000000911 grams. (Im not going to count those zeros but that should be right.) So a man by the name of JJ Thomson (and his friends of course) took a cathode tube, something few knew anything about, and a ruler. Yes. A fucking ruler. Like the one in a classroom or backpack. And by adjusting just a few things he could manipulate what was is basically a stream of electrons. The funny thing is that no one know that they existed. They thought that it was a form of waves formed by nuclei. I’ve done a Thomson expiriment and it is by far the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. You are basically recreating the aurora borealalis in something the size of your hand. Now he did have some help in that orested had discovered the magnetic field already ( and had been dead for 40 years) but this man took a ruler and a beautiful blue glowing stream of particles and DETERMINED WHAT THEIR MASS AND ELECTRICAL CHARGE WAS. now of course I have no sources and probably misspoke at some point during this little story so calm down scientists. But everyone else look for the beauty in discovering something new. Do you know how different your life would be without that discovery? Everything from televisions to iPads wouldn’t exist. Check out the electron gun if you have time to read about cool stuff. So please guys. Give me some more cool shit to read about. I don’t care about the reclassification of some bug species or the discovery of the 10,000th ant species. I want new!! Do you know the last time something new was brought to the table that was significant? World War II. it took the worst war in the entire war to discovery something as spectacular as fission? Start thinking of ways you might find something else out there. The universe will never be smaller than it is right now. I don’t know. I’m slightly drunk and don’t really know how to sum this correctly. Thomson was as badass as any man depictited living, dead, fictional or real in this last century. And more people should take up the sciences. New perspectives are exactly what this world needs.