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J.J. Cale

J.J. Cale // Magnolia (1972)

This song is so beautiful. I’ve been listening to it so much lately.

“Whippoorwill’s singing
Soft summer breeze
Makes me think of my baby
I left down in New Orleans

Magnolia, you sweet thing
You’re driving me mad
Got to get back to you, babe
You’re the best I ever had

You whisper "Good morning”
So gently in my ear
I’m coming home to you, babe
I’ll soon be there..“

- J.J. Cale


Sergio. Confirmed Prencia, obvs if they have joint custody of the cat.

“Your cat has things?”

Garvez bonding before Matty Matt shut it down (let’s be real. He was being honest)


Jemily “I lost a child” look

“Clocks strike 12 twice a day”

The doomsday clock. I could talk about the doomsday clock all day.


“The oceans on fire!”

JJ! Reid! Don’t do it. You know it’s a bad idea.

“What’d Reid And JJ walk into?” I don’t know about you Em But this feels very 2x14/2x15 The big Game/Revelations to me.

Oh look they’re trapped. Naturally.


Reid, Really you’re a genius and you didn’t figure out the code was midnight?

Awe family reunion

Penelope needs a bigger apartment because they were in a bunker?

Matt is precious. “With my family” someone wrap him up and protect this tall cherub from the world.


Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been. I think its unrated for I’ve never seen it on any lists for the most beautiful places in America. Yet this place is unlike anything. It’s filled with beauty and growth, its filled with innocence, the kind of innocence you want to protect and keep to yourself. It truly is one of my favorite places.

Keep Traveling,



Nice Boy Mark won’t play around when someone is carefully following his every movement..


🍀March Journal Challenge🍀

• Day 15: Peace and Quiet, & Day 16: I’m Going on an Adventure! •

This morning I took a walk outside. Now that the weather is finally warming up, the fresh country air did me a lot of good.

Nature is my peace and quiet. Writing is my solitude and safe haven. Going for a walk is always a peaceful adventure for me. It helps center my focus and reinvigorate my spirit. Not to mention, it’s great exercise!

So glad winter is coming to a close and that a trip to the beach is just around the corner! I’m ready to soak up the sun. 😊