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Somewhere in my inbox someone requested D6 (kissy face) Otabek and B2 (hysterical laugh) Yurio, which I thought was kind of an odd combo.

So naturally, I ran with it.  XD

And then I had an idea for a bonus picture.  ^^

When Otabek and Yurio became friends, I wondered what in the world they’d even talk about because their personalities seem so different.  Then I thought about how Yurio would probably just make fun of everyone else and make Beka laugh.  XD

Green Eyed Monster (Part 3 - Final)

Prompt: Imagine a new girl coming onto your team at the BAU to replace Emily, but Reid and her take a shine to each other and it doesn’t settle well with you…

Warnings: Language, jealousy

Word Count: 1254

Note: Beta’d by my amazing betaaaa @like-a-bag-of-potatoes thank you a million!

I want to thank all of you who asked to be tagged and wanted more of this fic. I honestly didn’t think anyone would care for it. Also, I feel like I should explain why the reader says she’s good at hiding emotions but so clearly has outbursts. The key thing is, is that nothing has ever challenged reader’s feelings for Reid until now. It’s easy to ignore something that doesn’t have to surface.

Also, this next part seems like I make JJ a bitch, but it’s more of me being protective over Reid since it’s based around season 7 episode 2…

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Part 1

Part 2


Two months had passed and Jesus Christ what a roller coaster. Emily was back from the dead, literally. Seeing her was like breathing fresh air but immediately the air became contaminated. You had missed her but more importantly, Reid had missed her. Losing her sent him into a bad depression for months earlier in the year. He had even confided in you that he was thinking of going back on dilaudid. Thankfully, you had talked him out of it.

Not to mention, now JJ was back on the team and you never got along well with JJ. She was always more concerned with the touchy feely side of the mission rather than actually getting the job done and you could never stand that. Or perhaps it was yet another bout of jealousy, as her and Reid seemed to be the closest.

Between Reynolds and JJ, you were losing your mind with two perky, bubbly blondes that effectively did nothing. You sucked it up though because you knew if your bad behavior toward Reynolds continued, you wouldn’t stay on the team much longer. You were also keenly aware that the team would eventually deduce why you didn’t like her.

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Peace of Mind

Song Fic Season 1 Supernatural Soundtrack @torn-and-frayed 

Summary: AU. Jensen is a widower and working class mechanic. He’s trying to make a life for his daughter, JJ with YN’s help. I’m petty proud of JJ’s voice in this; I made her 6 years old. Jensen is just looking for some Peace of Mind.

Boston’s Peace of Mind Listen Here

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Daddy’s hands were darker than mine no matter how hard he scrubbed at them with that funny looking nail brush and soap.  He called them, “the workin man’s hands” I guess because he worked…alot.  My daddy was a mick-mack- sorry, a mechanic.  He fixeded cars. He was good at it too, all the ladies who came to the auto shop said so.

I used to go to the car shop with daddy, but he said lately it ain’t no place for a princess. So, YN watches me. She’s NOT a babysitter because I’m NOT a baby. I am always going to be daddy’s baby girl, but don’t let my friends hear that at school.

I like YN, I really do.

I don’t ‘member my mama that much, she’s in heaven with the other angels. Daddy shows me pictures, says she’d be so proud of how smart I am. I look like my daddy but I get my smarts from my mama. That’s another thing daddy says. He’s pretty smart himself, like with cars, loving me, and keeping the house nice. He is a neat freak.

Daddy hired YN to pick me up from school, help with homework, and hang out to do girlie things. She is so funny, always making these faces at me or behind daddy’s back, that once, I spit milk out of my nose!

YN has wild hair. I hear daddy grumbling about how it is always in the way of her beautiful eyes. “Can’t see her dang eyes,” he mopes. He mumbles alot but I can hear him. He turns red in the cheeks alot too, when he comes home and she has a burger, slice of apple pie, and one of those grown men drinks ready for him. We usually eat before he gets home.

“Wash those hands, Mr. Ackles,” she scolds my daddy, “don’t wanna ruin my dinner having car grease in your burgers.”

“'Cause they ain’t greasy already,” he talks back and then murmurs, “it’s Jensen, YN, Mr. Ackles is JJ’s grandpa.”

YN just laughs and swats him with a dish towel. “Okay, okay, Jensen.”

They always joke around like that. Always laughing. I think my daddy has a crush on YN. My friend Shep tells me that Dylan has a crush on me, but Dylan isn’t so nice to me. He’s funny, but not like my daddy. My daddy ain’t ever mean to YN. Shep doesn’t know what he’s yapping about.

I’d be ok with my daddy having a crush on YN. She makes him happy and makes me the best grilled cheeses.

Daddy always prays for what he calls “peace of mind”. I asked YN what it meant and she told me that daddy just wants to have the best for me and give me everything I deserve, but without going crazy over it.

YN is our peace of mind. She makes us crazy happy and don’t tell her, but I heard daddy praying to mama last night, asking if it’s ok to love YN, if she’d be ok with that. I saw a shooting star that night.

I think mama said “yes”.

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okay hear me out..

I know JJ is this cocky arrogant asshole through out the show I mean his short program is about himself… it’s literally just a song about him winning and beating everyone because he thinks he’s better than everyone else.

and what’s worse is he knows he’s good

I mean honestly how much more self-centered can you POSSIBLY get? BUT! In episodes 11 and 12 we start to see a change in him. He begins to start off his free skate with the usual mentality thinking he’s going to have a perfect performance and win 

but then…

he makes a mistake which I think we can tell he obviously isn’t used to. After he screws up his first jump he makes ANOTHER mistake and at this point it’s very clear something is happening to him, he’s very obviously loosing it. At this point I was sitting on the edge of my seat and I knew this was going to be big

He’s letting the pressure get to him and we can safely assume he’s never had to deal with pressure like this before which is where his arrogance and cocky attitude comes from. With this new found pressure it’s destroying him, he doesn’t know how to deal with it and 



falls apart

he knows that he just failed and now he’s plummeting and sees his fellow competitors high above him looking down at him like he once did to them and he’s reaching out and knows he isn’t on the same level as them anymore

This is the guy who has himself on a fucking pedestal and we see him hit rock bottom, here we see him just give up, this right here is his lowest point and he’s accepted it.

but then…

he claws his way out of this hole and he decides that he is not going to give up 

he’s going to take risks and he’s going to mess up and that’s okay now because that’s what risk taking means

and yuri recognizes this. This is the challenge that JJ has taken on and he is choosing to fight with everything that he has left.

this poor boy has just had the most difficult performance of his entire career, it has taken everything out of him, he is exhausted. 

Like I said before, JJ probably hasn’t ever had to face a challenge, or anything like this before, he has no idea how to handle it, he can’t even begin to understand why or how this has happened, he’s never gotten this low of a score. Everything he knows has just been tossed out of the window.

He is absolutely crushed and defeated. Up until this scene I wanted to see JJ fail so badly, I just wanted to see him to make one mistake and then when it happened I was kinda just like oh shit no not like that.

once his score is announced, you hear a gasp from the audience but then they all start cheering for him

and he is so surprised and shocked, he cannot believe they still believe in him 

he thought he just failed terribly but here you have the entire crowd STILL cheering for him and shouting his name 

Hearing the crowd cheer for him after seeing him hit rock bottom motivates him to get back up because it’s all just apart of JJ style! He wants to show the audience that he’s gonna get back up and keep going because if they continue to believe in him then hes going to continue to believe in himself.

And now we move on to episode 12…

After completely bombing his SP he’s loosing this competition

He’s so out of it because of yesterdays disaster that he even misses his que to start the performance

He’s lost in his own mind right now and he’s making such simple stupid mistakes right off the bat

He’s drowning, everything has changed and he doesn’t know why. Things are different and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. He feels so exposed and weak because of this new and sudden pressure that he’s experiencing. 

Here we see him completely break down during practice. He’s so lost and confused because this has never happened before and he just doesn’t know how to handle it, he has no idea what to do. 

He’s completely falling apart and breaking right now and again these are all things he’s seemingly never dealt with before and he cannot cope. He’s loosing confidence in himself and he knows it. He’s experiencing all these new emotions for the very first time. 

JJ thrives off attention and the applause that he gets, he loves it . He loves how much everyone else loves him and his performances that until now have been flawless but now he’s making all these mistakes and still gets an applause but this time he doesn’t want it. He knows he’s messing up and he knows he doesn’t deserve this applause, he wants to earn it.

Here we see him recognize that he knows there no chance of him winning gold now and the only way that’ll happen is sheer luck and that’s not going to happen either. Him winning because of sheer luck isn’t like him at all because he (just like any other skater) has worked so hard to get to this point. He wants to work hard and earn his gold medal.

This part I think is essential to learning more about JJ’s character and how he got to where he is today. We see him trying to form his own sense of style for his skating and kinda see his coaches reject it.

Because of the previous scene we learn that “JJ style” is JJ being true to himself.JJ style” is JJ doing everything his way, which is the only way he knows. He wants to stay himself, he doesn’t want to change who he is as a skater. He is undeniably, authentically himself (even if that means being an asshole to others)

This is also an extremely important part because this is when JJ breaks through the barrier he’s been facing the past two episodes. This is when we start to see a new JJ. He’s now leaned that a plan is just a plan, nothing has to be perfect, plans change, he can mess up and take risks and that’s okay because that’s what makes a good skater.

Despite the mistakes he made he still comes up with a new high score because despite his obstacles he’s managed to stay true to himself. He has gone through so much in the past two episodes and it has benefited him as a character and a skater. 

Until episodes 11 and 12 I hated JJ, he was a cocky arrogant asshole and i couldn’t STAND him. But he went through some HUGE changes in the last two episodes and I cannot WAIT to see JJ’s character development continue into season 2. Everyone always focuses on all the other characters developments through out the show (which are also incredibly and equally important) but I haven’t seen anyone talk about JJ. I think he’s gone through just as much, if not more changes than the other characters (even if it took him the whole season) and I have gained so much more respect for him as a skater and as a character. I can’t wait to see how he continues to evolve next season. I really think this is the beginning of a different side of JJ that we’re going to see. I’m so proud of the persons he’s becoming. I truly believe in JJ and so should you.

YOI party headcanon

- All the skaters attend a homeparty at Yuuris and Viktor’s place.

- Viktor gets drunk with Chris, Mila and JJ until Chris challenges them to a body show off and Mila is the judge who has to decide on who has the best body. They strip off and do some posing.

- Emil convinces Micky to be his partner in beer pong, they compete against Sara and Seung-Gil who was forced to be a part of the game by Sara. Sara secretly hopes to get him to open up this way. Emil and Micky win and Sara and Seung-Gil getting wasted.

- Leo, Guang-Hong, Yurio, Otabek and Phichit play truth or dare together. They all wonder why Yurio is so bubbly and full of excitement, they don’t know he stole a bottle of beer and drank it. He comes up with things like “Guang-Hong you have to give Leo a kiss” and watches with satisfaction as Guang-Hong blushes, but gives Leo a shy kiss on the lips. Phichit is there documenting every dare they fulfill.

- When Otabek realizes why Yurio acts that way, he quits the game and takes him outside to sober up and gives him some food before getting him to bed where he stays on Yurios behalf to watch over him.

- Yuuri is stressed out all the time and tries to keep everything in place and teen-friendly until Viktor convinces him to join them and do some shots. After he loses a few drinking games, he’s letting go and dances together with the others.

- Surprisingly Guang-Hong is a pretty smooth dancer and Leo is pleasantly surprised. Sara and Mila dance while Emil and Micky watch them (the first one with excitement, the second with annoyance), after a few minutes Seung-Gil joins the girls and shows them his badass moves.


Part 2 to “Peace of Mind” which can be found here.  Read this before you read Stolen.  Again, told from JJ’s POV, this is how the Reader and Jensen get together.  Pure fluff. This is for @iwantthedean song fic challenge.  Listen to Stolen by Dashboard Confessional here

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