Best Friends

I’m gonna be starting Magcon boys imagines. This is my first one and it’s about JJ. Also I will be doing requests if you want them. Hope you enjoy!!
So you and JJ have been best friends forever. He means everything to you. The only thing is, you’re in love with him. But you would never tell him that. You were waiting for him to get back from being on tour with Jack G. You were so excited you could barely wait.

“JJ!” You yelled, running right into his arms. You wrapped your legs around him as he held you close to him.

“Y/N, you have no idea how much I missed you.” Jack let’s you down and smiles at you. Once you got to his house you had the biggest smile on your face.

“It feels like I haven’t seen you in forever.” You sigh as you sit on his bed. He threw his suitcase down and sat down next to you. He looks at the unmade bed and back at you.

“Have you been sleeping here?” You immediately blush and look away.

“Maybe…I just missed you so much and it made me feel better.” Jack smiles at you and side hugs you.

“We should have a movie night tonight. We can get Chinese and just catch up.” You nodded eagerly and got up to order Chinese take out. You two sat on his bed and ate dinner while watching movies. By the end of the night you both were leaning against his headboard. His arm around your shoulders as you cuddled his side. Your eyes were closed as you took in the scent of him.

“Y/N, I wish you knew. I wish you knew how much I truly love you. It kills me that you don’t feel the same.” Jack moved some of your hair out of your face. Your eyes snapped open and you sat up.

“Jack? What did you mean when you said you loved me?” Your voice was almost a whisper.

“Nothing. Just in a best friends way.” Jack moved his arm off you and kept his eyes away from you. You took a huge risk and crawled onto his lap so you were straddling him.

“Jack.” You said sternly. He looked at you, slightly confused. You placed your hands on his cheeks, staring at his lips. You pulled his face closer to yours until your lips were smashed together. Jack quickly grabbed your waist and pulled you closer to him. Your lips moved in sync, fitting together perfectly. He pulled away to look you in the eyes.

“I meant I’m in love with you when I said that.” Jack whispered.

“I’ve been in love with you for the longest time. I thought you would never feel that way about me because we’re just friends.” You wrapped your hands around his neck.

“Not anymore.” He smashed his lips to yours. Kissing him was the best feeling in the world. Your stomach filled with butterflies. Fireworks exploding in your heart. The kiss quickly got heated and Jack flipped you so he was laying on top of you. After a while of making out, you laid in his arms.

“Jack, I love you.” You whispered as you played with his hair.

“Y/N, I love you more.” You fell asleep with those words stuck in your head.

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