jiyuu no tsubasa


switched the music from the second opening with the third one and I absolutely LOVED it! So I switched all of them like the curious little shit I am . It’s just amazing how every opening fit into each other automatically.

If you are interested how the other ones sound like below you will find the complete list! Gotta link ‘em all

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For anyone who wanted to listen to the entire OST from both seasons, I made a playlist of all 49 songs PLUS a couple extras (including all three openings from Season 1 & 2! – 53 songs in total)

I just realised when I went to listen to the full songs on YouTube, no one had made a full playlist of both seasons, so I decided to make one! These are only the songs listed on the albums themselves, plus the openings and 1 other song (Wings of Freedom). Enjoy!

Sasageyo, Sasageyo.. Yesterday i saw Bravely Default Concert again!!

I met Linked Horizon thanks to Shingeki no Kyojin in 2013. After that i haved curiosity and i listened more!!! So thanks to Linked Horizon i can’t live without Sound Horizon and Linked Horizon. The first Sound Horizon song that i listen was Asa to Yoru no Monogatari, that is the first song of the album 5th Story Roman (the first time i was listen i thought that isn’t for me, but i giving a second chance and i listened again.) After that i saw the 4th Story Elysion concert, the concerts are great, every album is an story and in the concerts woow!!!!! Now 4 years latter i listen every time that i can Sound Horizon and Linked Horizon. Worth it!!!! Revo is a musical genius!!!! If you like Shingeki no Kiseki, Shingeki no Kyojin openings and/or Bravely Default OST Sound Horizon is highly recommended!!!!! You should saw Bravely Default Concert if you didn’t watch yet because is highly recommended!!!!! I think that Revo is an composer that is like the greatest composers of classic music even if he has a variety of different musics genres in his music, i’m very sure about that. I hope all the world will know who is Revo and Sound Horizon/ Linked Horizon!!!! (because is an artist that can’t be ignored, is an mistake let him infravalue). Worth it!!!!