“Girl groups don’t always have to be pretty or cute and we are showing that girls can look cool too” ”This is like, women don’t have to suit the image that men like. We are creating a new trend for women”

29.01.2016 released “Hate” mv // #thankyou4minute 

4Minute in Bed [smut]

Anon: If your requests are still open, could you please do 4minute in bed?

warning: content ahead is smut-ish!! don’t read if that’s not your thing! :)


  • She’s in charge, let’s just get that straight
  • Even if you’re on top, she’s the one in control >:D
  • She expects to be treated like the Queen that she is and in return, your body will be worshiped and loved, just like you deserve to be.
  • She gives nothing less than her full attention to you.
  • Showers you only with compliments and affections, even as she’s spanking you.
  • “You like that, don’t you, my perfect little (girl/boy).”
  • Can be possessive and has a comfort zone, which is totally fine and okay. So she may not experiment much outside of that comfort zone but there’s nothing wrong with that.

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  • Sometimes, she gets frustrated and she’s not very good at expressing her emotions. So that frustration builds up and it brings out a side to her no one expected.
  • “Strip and get on your knees. You have three seconds.”
  • No matter how frustrated she may be, she always sticks to your comfort zone and will ask permission when introducing something new.
  • She’s very open to using sex toys, from fluffy handcuffs to strap ons and vibrators.
  • Afterwards, her touches turn gentle and if she thinks she’s gone too far, she’ll tearily apologise and kiss your reddened butt better. Even if she hadn’t gotten rough, she still takes care of you, cleaning you up and making sure you re-hydrate.

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  • Always puts you first, whether you’re submissive or dominant. She goes with the mood, with your suggestions and wants nothing more than to fulfill you.
  • But don’t misunderstand that as her being a pushover,, bad girls and boys need to be punished too ;)
  • But if you’re good, you get nothing but rewards and love and everything you deserve.
  • She gets off to your moans and pants.
  • “Tell me how good I make you feel.”
  • Likes conversation during sex, whether it’s body worship or praise or just you talking about the stars as she goes down on you; sex is more than just naked bodies to her. It’s a chance to bond and release stress and grow even closer.

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  • Kim Hyuna is a goddess and knows she’s a goddess. Which means she won’t settle for anything less than someone who’s aware of this.
  • She lives for being dominant and in control, in making you scream her name and her name only.
  • Praise and worship is good too. It let’s her know you’re enjoying what she’s doing and it’s good to know what your partner likes and doesn’t like.
  • But don’t be convinced by this bad-ass persona.
  • The second you flip the tables and take charge, making her submissive, she melts and she’s so giggly. Under that persona is a warm, sweet girl who will blush and whimper.
  • She wants to feel loved and fulfilled too,,

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  • Although pleasure is important, she’s very selfless and will put your needs before hers.
  • Having sex with her may involve some playful bickering as you try to help her finish and she’s instead more focused on you.
  • Gets shy from compliments but also lives for them.
  • “I’m not that pretty, stop making me blush with such cheesy lines!”

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