jiyong you so cute


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)



  • Seungri: Awe! Is that contact that says 'Daddy' with heart emoji eyes your dad on speed dial?
  • Jiyong: How did you get my phone???
  • Seungri: that's so cute I wanna talk to daddy kwon too!
  • Seungri: /presses speed dial
  • Jiyong: Seungri I will cut all your lines if you don't give me my phone!!
  • Seungri: it's ringing (-:
  • Seungri: They picked up! HELLO kwon residence!
  • Seunghyun: ...Hello???
  • Seungri: .... hyong-????
  • Jiyong: ....I-
Finesse- G-Dragon

Based on the song Finesse by Burno Mars

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You and your boyfriend, G-Dragon, are attending an award show in which you both were leading the nominations. He was nominated for 5 awards and you were nominated for 6.

On the red carpet you both posed together.

“It’s the power couple!”

“How did you get her GD?!”

“How’d you get him Y/n?!” 

“You look beautiful as always Y/n!” 

People screamed as they struggled to get a good picture of you two together. 

You broke your straight face and giggled into his neck.

“They sure know how to flatter people.” You said regaining composure.

“Not flattery, honesty.” Jiyong corrected looking into your eyes. 

“You both are so cute !” Someone screamed and you laughed again. 

“Please anticipate our performance!” Jiyong said as he ushered you inside to your seats.


You were doing a mashup of Jiyong’s song and your song, “Finesse”

You walked out on stage and walked up next to your man.

Ooh, don’t we look good together? “

You lay your arm on his shoulder and looked at him, nodding you sang

There’s a reason why they watch all night long “

You walked away from him and turned around to see him following you, licking his lips.

“Yeah, know we’ll turn heads forever
So tonight I’m gonna show you off “

  He grabbed your hand and pulled you closer to him

“ When I’m walkin’ with you
I watch the whole room change
Baby, that’s what you do “
You sang while pointing at him, “ No, my baby, don’t play.” You winked at the camera.

“ Blame it on my confidence
Oh, blame it on your measurements
Shuting shit down on sight.”
You danced around him.

Thats right” He added in. 

You smiled at him and started dancing with him as you sang the chorus, 

“ We out here drippin’ in finesse
It don’t make no sense
Out here drippin’ in finesse
You know it, you know it.

Once the songs were done Jiyong pulled your arm and leaned his forehead against yours. 

He tucked your hair behind your ear and kissed your nose, then turned you both towards the crowd and bowed. 

GD scenario: Hi, little girl...

Words: 1150

Short summary:

You are a mother of 3 years old daughter Jiyoona and G-Dragon is her father. You kept her as a secret.

After 4 years after you left him, you meet him again at the park and he wants to take responsibility of being a father. 

But did you let him, after 4 years, without telling him you were carrying his baby?


I am writing an essay tomorrow with the theme: Romeo and Juliet.. Wish me luck ^^. I hope you liked the last  G-Dragon scenario: going to MAMA together, and I hope you like this one too. Thank you for all the support <3

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You were walking through the park with a baby stroller and your 3 years old cute little daughter in it. You had no idea you might run to your ex-boyfriend-Jiyong. You had great times with him. You were in love. But he took his job as a priority and that’s why you left him, without telling you are carrying his baby. You let Jiyoona play on the playground when a man approached you. You saw familiar brown eyes when he took off his sunglasses.
“Hello, Y/N.”
It was him. Jiyong.
You wrote a note:
I’m sorry, but I’m leaving.
Don’t search for me,
Don’t cry over me.
I’ll miss you, Y/N
The tears kept falling down while you walked downstairs to your car. You remembered he bought you this car, so it wasn’t legally yours, you walked to the bus station, wondering where should you go now. Your parents weren’t an option, but you still had your best friend. You called her and she didn’t mind if you stayed for some time until you find yourself an apartment. You were so grateful for her. You had many friends, but none of them were so connected to you as your best friend from childhood. You had so many memories together. You fought sometimes, but couldn’t be without each other for more than 1 day.
You came to her house, crying. She was comforting me and kept saying how she’ll always be there for you.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get an apartment and you’ll give a birth to a beautiful baby, okay? I’ll always be with you.”
Her voice so calm and full of worry. You appreciated her a lot.
You picked up Jiyoona and put her in the baby stroller. You had two possibilities.
Talk with him or ignore him.
You tried walking away but he followed you.
“WHY?” he said a bit louder, scaring Jiyoona, who looked up at him.
“Please, just go away.” you said to him, without looking at his face.
He stopped you.
“Let’s talk. I just want to talk. Is she… well… you know… is she mine? I mean it’s been almost 4 years and she must be at least 3 years old…. Tell me.”
You kept thinking in your mind, deciding whether to tell him or not. You were alone for 4 years, raising her… But she should at least know who her father is. And he must know about her.
“She’s yours. What are you going to do now? Introduce her to the public? Visit her secretly until paparazzi find out about her? That’s why I left, Ji. I don’t want her to be famous, she should at least have a normal childhood.”
He was surprised how you were upset. He would never think of a good reason why you left. Now it was right in front of him. He kneeled and gave her hand and said hello then stared at hair eyes for a few moments.
“Let’s just go to your apartment to think about this, okay? I’m upset because you didn’t tell me about her. I have the right to know. I would’ve been there for you and her…”
You couldn’t keep hearing his empty promises and interrupted him.
“Like you’ve been there for me when I needed you? Yeah thanks, but no thanks. If she’d knew who her father was she would just keep thinking you are just an acquaintance. I’m sorry, but let’s just leave this. If you really want to get to know her you’ll have to promise to be there for her. You can’t leave her like you left me. That’s the reason why I left you. You didn’t stay you always just left.”
He remembered all of the fights you went through when he came back home after 2 days being away and working for a couple days straight. He regretted that a lot. He wanted to be a good father and keep her daughter happy. He really wanted to make an effort. She is part of him too. He wanted to be a part of her life.
“I promise, I’ll do anything to make you both happy. That is the past, please give me another chance.”
You never thought you’ll hear him asking for another chance. You always thought you would be the one crawling back to him. ‘It won’t be very bad if he comes over a couple times and plays with her, I guess.’ you thought.
“Okay, I’ll let you see her. You can come whenever you want and come over to get to know her. We’ll see what happens next.” you agreed with him.
He stayed with you and asked you how you were. You felt uncomfortable because he was there. He just came back and you agreed to let him meet Jiyoona.
“Can I talk with her?” he asked and you nodded. You saw his smile when you answered him.
Hi, little girl. What’s your name?” he asked with cute voice.
She was shy for a moment and started to cry, but you stopped and you all sat on the bench.
“It’s okay, Yoonie, do you remember how I talked about your daddy? Say hello, he finally came back. Look it’s daddy.”
She stopped crying and looked at him. Of course, she was still scared of him. He was still a stranger to her. That was the problem, he came in her life now, when she started realizing things and spoke clearly. It made everything confusing for her. She was almost 4 years old and now all of a sudden she gets to meet her father. You know she won’t accept him now. But she’ll get used to him being around.He felt upset because he spent all these 4 years thinking why you left, writing songs about you, he cried. When he saw that note he broke. You wrote you don’t want him to find you, telling him not to cry. He thought it was unfair that you kept her away from him. He was glad he found you. When he saw you walking on the sidewalk earlier he decided to follow you, he was really curious if you cheated on him or if you were babysitting or in the best chance that baby in the baby stroller was his. He was the happiest when you told him she was his.
“Hello, what’s your name, cutie?”
“Ji…yoona. What is your name?” she asked him back.
You always wanted her to be polite to everyone ever since she was a baby.
“Aiiiigooo ~~ You are so cute~~ I’m Jiyong, but you should call me appa.”
They ended up playing together at the playground and you felt happy. You were happy. He was happier. She was the happiest.

57. sickness

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Title: sickness

Pairing: Kwon Jiyong/Reader

Summary: Jiyong was always the one to be taken care of, so he has quite a hard time while taking care of his girlfriend, but he doesn’t regret it.

Jiyong wouldn’t like to admit it, but he was the clingy one in the relationship. There was something soothing about having someone’s fingers going through your hair as you try to fall asleep, or hiding your face in the crook of your partner’s neck as you inhale their perfume as if you didn’t want to forget them. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he said he loved physical touch, much more when he was out of the house for so long. When he came back, it meant that he was going to be all over his girlfriend, trying to cuddle her to no end as a way of forgetting his responsibilities, well…not fully; after all, Jiyong was also a workaholic.

It had been a surprised when he heard his girlfriend groaning in the middle of the night, waking him up –well, he doesn’t even know how he woke up, because he was surely one to have deep nights of sleep- as he trailed his eyes over to his girlfriend, noticing her runny nose and reddened eyes. When Jiyong turned the light on and asked her what was going on, he was surprised when she pointed at her throat, mouthing a small ‘it hurts’ before he put two and two together.

She was sick.

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GD Scenario - ‘Give you the day’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Kitty

This was a horrible idea. You knew it the moment you stepped out of your apartment building. As you walked, each step hammered the thought into your head. Yet, you didn’t turn around. Your legs carried you forward while you thought about all the reasons you definitely shouldn’t be going to the park like you had agreed to last night.


Cold air whips against your face despite your best efforts to hide behind your scarf and your hands had already sapped all warmth from the coffee you’d picked up along the way. Sighing, you shift against the cold metal of the bench in an attempt to find a spot left untouched by frost. Not that it really mattered at this point, you were ready to give up on the possibility that you’d ever be warm again.

Until you felt arms wrap around your shoulders from behind.

“Good morning.” His breath fans across your cheek and it felt like the sun had finally fought through the clouds to shine down on you. When your eyes find his, you know why you had come out and ignored everything telling you not to. You would fight the world just to see Kwon Jiyong smile.

“Morning,” you reply softly. How did he always manage to leave you breathless? He didn’t even have to do anything. You could be across the room from him and make eye contact for a second and your heart would be pounding against your ribcage and threatening to escape. Imagine the stress your heart was under now as he sat beside you on the bench and tugged you into his embrace.

“Have you been waiting long?” Jiyong absent-mindedly presses soft kisses to your cheek while he hugs you. One of his hands runs up and down your arm while the other holds you at the base of your spine. “You feel so cold,” his brows scrunch together with worry as he pulls away slightly to give you a once over.

“At this point I’m more ice than human.” Your lips pucker out in a pout and your boyfriend’s expression quickly turns into one of amusement.

“Well then,” he laughs, “let’s go thaw you out.” Jiyong peels one hand away from your coffee cup and drags you off the bench. You allow him to lead you along with an overly dramatic sigh. As the two of you leave the park, you drop your empty cup into a trash bin and take advantage of your free hand to wrap yourself around Jiyong’s arm. Though you can’t see his lips through the black face mask he’s wearing, you know he’s smiling at you.

“Ji,” you whine, drawing out the vowel and raising the pitch of your voice.

“Mm?” His head tilts slightly and you can just manage to make out one of his eyebrows raised in question beneath the rim of his hat.

“Let’s just go home. We can watch a movie and cuddle and I’ll even make popcorn.” Jiyong shakes his head slightly and you feel his hand tighten around yours.

“Are you really so ashamed of me that you can’t bear being out in public?” His voice is light and teasing but you’re still quick to correct him.

“Of course not! It’s just,” you glance around and lower your voice, “even with the get-up you’re bound to get recognized and I don’t want you to have to worry about that.” To your surprise, Jiyong just laughs at your words.

“Jagi, do you really think I’d ask you to spend the day out with me with no plans to avoid fans and the press?” His laughter makes your heart do a little flip in your chest and you can’t manage to do anything other than stare at him with your mouth hanging slightly open as his smile makes his eyes crinkle in the way that you love. “We’re going on a normal date in the least normal way possible,” he tells you after his laughter has died down.

“What does that me-” you start to question him but he silences you by dropping his forehead to your shoulder and groaning.

“Y/N, please! Trust me on this one, okay? Don’t make me ruin the surprise.” Thirty more questions bubbled to the front of your mind at his words, but you bite down on your lower lip to stop them from being vocalized. If he wanted you to be surprised so badly, then you would let him surprise you.

You walk for a while with no idea of what your destination could be. Just as you open your mouth to complain about your legs being tired, your boyfriend turns and tugs you inside of a small storefront. It was so sudden that you didn’t get a chance to look at the sign to see where you were. There’s an older woman peeking out from a window that leads into what you assume is a kitchen because of the sounds and smells coming from the space, and Jiyong leaves your side to speak with her.

The interior is warm and inviting, the kind of place you could easily spend hours in and feel right at home. The walls were a soft yellow, and one was full of framed photographs that drew your attention. You drift over to inspect them when Jiyong came back to you. The woman he had been speaking with comes out from the kitchen and patters to the entrance. You watch in confusion as she takes a key from her apron and locks the door. She starts to pull down curtains to cover the glass before you turn to Jiyong for an explanation.

He flashes you a toothy smile before he pulls you in front of him. You let out a soft cry of protest when he uses his hands to cover your eyes.

“I haven’t even done the surprising yet, hush.” Jiyong’s lips brush against your ear and his breath sends shivers down your spine. His position against your back allows him to feel the effect he has on you and you feel your face redden at the realization. As you contemplate how to get back at your boyfriend for this embarrassment, Jiyong carefully guides you to a small room closed off from the one you had just been in.

You only stumble over your feet twice before Jiyong’s elbows gently press down onto your shoulders and you find yourself sitting onto a comfortable chair.

“Surprise!” You take in the scene in front of you after Jiyong moves his hands away from your eyes. This room was the same color as the main room, and you figured it was extra seating for if the shop was busy. Fairy lights you had bought for your last anniversary dinner were strung up along the walls and served as the only light in the room. A tiered metal rack sat on the table in front of you and held all of your favorite pastries and desserts. Behind the rack are a few glass coffee pots and matching cups. The last thing your eyes fall on as you scan the table is a flat black box sitting on your plate.

“Jiyong…” Your voice trails off as you struggle to come up with words to describe how you’re feeling.

“You always talk about much you love American cafés, so I rented one out and thought I might as well go all out,” Jiyong pours some coffee into a cup and sets it in front of you as he talks. He had taken off his mask and hat while you weren’t paying attention, and he looked so soft and boyfriend-like that your heart went into overdrive for the millionth time since you had woken up this morning. Jiyong laughs as you just stare at him. “You’re so cute,” he hums, a hand reaching across the table to softly skim his fingers across your cheek. Your body reacts immediately and leans into his touch. You earn another laugh from him and he drops his hand to tap on the box you had neglected. “Aren’t you going to open it?” His voice is reminiscent of the lights around you: light and twinkling with an unspoken promise.

Still too shocked to speak you nod and draw your bottom lip between your teeth. You brush your hands over the box to feel the smooth material before you open it . Jiyong hungrily watches your face for your reaction when you see the necklace he had bought for you.

“Ji,” you start, unsure how to finish your sentence. A part of you hates the cheesiness of the entire situation, but the larger part wants to cry with the overwhelming emotion flooding your system. You carefully lift the silver chain to inspect the pendant. It’s some abstract design that’s very sparkly and very cliché and you love it. “Jiyong I can’t believe you planned all this.” After a second you lower the necklace to look at him. “I can’t believe I almost convinced myself not to come out today.”

“What?” Jiyong’s eyebrows shoot up and he scoffs.

“Nevermind, just get over here and help me put this on.” You lift the necklace again and fondly play with the little piece of metal. Jiyong laughs again, and you will never get used to the way the sound affects you. Of course your heart stutters, but at this point you’ve just accepted that you’ll be living in a state of constant cardiac turmoil as long as Kwon Jiyong is your boyfriend.

His laugh also sends a heat through your body that reminds you of the you hugged him and he buried his face in your hair and kissed the top of your head after murmuring his first ‘I love you’.

His laugh reminds you of stealing his favorite jacket and earning his best neck kisses as he told you how much better you looked in it than him.

His laugh reminds you of all the reasons you love him, and after Jiyong secured the jewelry around your neck, you spin and kiss him with such a ferocious passion that he has to reach out and grab the table to steady himself. You smile as you draw away from him. Jiyong’s eyes stay closed for a few seconds before they flutter open and you observe the way they pick up the light and sparkle.

“What was that for?” A grin stretches across his face and he lightly presses his lips to yours a few more times before you can answer him.

You smile at him for a while and trace his face with your fingers. He only moves to occasionally kiss your wrist or lean into your touch like you had with his, and the two of you share a moment like you had a thousand times before, but somehow still feels like the first time. You answer him when the words come to you.

“For ruining my resting heart rate.”

Jiyong smiles and, forget the sun, it’s like a star exploding and the light breaking through the atmosphere and blinding you.

“I love you too.”


jiyong is so lovely and precious in every way

You act cute around them (BIG BANG)

Jiyong: -he constantly told you that you were so cute and you would fight him about it and you were currently pouting about it- “see you just keep getting cuter”

Seungri: -he always giggled when you did something cute because he loved it and then you would always pout about it- “so adorable”

Daesung: -your aegyo was something people liked seeing because you were so good at it and he finally convinced you to do it for him- “oh my gosh they weren’t kidding about how cute you are”

Youngbae: -you were a different person around him you became so much cuter for him than you would with your friends- “you’re really adorable but you can be yourself if you want”

Seunghyun: -you mainly did it for his attention and when he didn’t give you attention you would pout like a child. He thought it was adorable- “are you done with all cute pouting?”

The Cute Couple (G-Dragon)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Could you write a g-dragon scenario (Its hard to find ones ;-; ) where he and his girlfriend are both on running man?

You smiled as you fixed your jacket “we look lame” you mumble as he laughs “I think we look great” Jiyong told you. You two had on currently matching tracksuits. You rolled your eyes as you two were told to stand in a cute pose together. You were a normal on the show believe it or not. You were a host of the show but happened to be dating G-Dragon after your first encounter with BigBang a few years back.

Despite couples clothing being a big deal in Korea you despised everything about them while Jiyong loved them. “You guys look so cute though” Jongkook teased as you sent him a glare. He was a good friend of yours and he knew quite well how much you hated it all. You guys were in groups of three and lucky enough he was the only one who knew at the moment about your matching outfits. “We look great” Jiyong says again wrapping his arm around you.


An hour into the filming you had stripped yourself of your jacket and threw it at HaHa who wouldn’t stop teasing you. “I will destroy you” you call out as it was time for the classic name tag challenge. “I’ll help” Jiyong spoke as you smiled. Him and Haha have had some history with the nametags.

You and Jiyong stuck together with Jongkook basically using him as a way to stick make sure your name tags were safe which they were so far. A few close calls happened. “If it comes down to it we need Jiyong to sacrifice himself” Jongkook told you while you let out a chuckle. Jiyong felt embarrassed by the fact how quick you two were to out him. “We have years of practice with this” you tell him as you patted your boyfriend’s back. Laughing he nodded.

You screamed as Gary magically appeared in front of you while you were running. Jiyong quickly approached and Gary backed up. You were sure they would be editing something about how amazing of a boyfriend he was into it. As Kwangsoo appaered and ripped Jiyong’s tag off. Causing him to fall to the ground in embarrassment. You quickly ran off getting chased by your two co hosts. “Jongkook out” you cheard called out as you realized you were the last one on still with a tag.


You didn’t win which was obvious as you laughed lightly when others got their prizes. Jiyong thanked the crew of Running Man for letting him on the show and you were getting teased again by your co hosts about him. Once the cameras were off they apologized for all the light teasing “you know I’m used to it I’ve been on this show for a long time” you tell them as they smiled. “I’m leaving now” you say bluntly before turning around to Jiyong who was waiting to get in the car with you to head back to SBS studios to get into your actual cars.

“I had a lot of fun today” he said quietly as you two were pretty wiped out as of now. “I’m glad you did” you mumble back “you should let me on more often” he jokes. You open one eye to look at him. “Its not my choice” you say as he laughs “I know I know I just want to spend more time with you” he says as you smile at his dorkiness.