leader appreciation post~

kpop leaders don’t get nearly as much love & appreciation as they deserve, yall we need to show them we know how hard they work & how hard it is to carry the burdens that come w/ being the group leader 🌟

Super Junior’s Leeteuk 

  • a father not to only suju, but the rest of all kpop groups. every single one of them.
  • always always supports his members through whatever hardships they face
  • went through some hardships himself after losing his father and other family members, he rly is the strongest person ever to pull through 
  • WHAT A MEME THO his humor is subtle but binch he’ll roast anyone who comes for his kids
  • has the face of an angel, but mind is dirty as hell asdfghjk

BigBang’s G-dragon

  • the man, the myth, the legend…………..kwon jiyong nvm that’s a whole different person
  • the only other thing that’s legendary besides his discography is his fashion sense yall
  • a rockstar pimp on stage, a shy kitten-loving introvert when he’s alone
  • to quote the maknae seungri himself, “he truly is an artist”
  • sticks up for his group and has no time for bullshit 

SHINee’s Onew

  • find u another sunshine human being who’s capable of so much love after all he’s been through…………………….I’ll wait
  • adored by us all bc even tho he’s mostly a silent leader, he does everything for his group
  • raised shinee like a perfect dad would, they love him so much
  • a meme that just keeps on giving shinee pinee
  • is so precious when looking upon his members & you can see that proud gleam in his eye oh my goooood

EXO’s Suho

  • exo’s and exo-l’s self proclaimed guardian angel
  • has trained the longest out of the members and never even knew when he was going to debut and if it was all going to be worth it…….. but man it sure was
  • the punching bag literally and figuratively of exo rip dad jokes
  • all of the members have cried at least once bc of how much they love him & appreciate him being their leader omldfghj
  • voice of a literal angel


  • hakyeon is a leader that puts the group before himself in anything & it rly shows
  • is the reason why vixx is super close, he practically showered them in constant skinship like they were his puppies
  • rly cares and looks out for not only his members, but his precious starlights as well (a charitable king, a charitable fandom)
  • u can thank this man here for all the killer vixx dance routines that make u question life itself uhhhh thanks n
  • a proud parent of the satan maknae, hyuk 

BtoB’s Eunkwang

  • the wildest wild card leader in all the history of kpop
  • you’d never be able to tell from his beautiful voice that he makes the ugliest faces known to man hes so pretty tho ???
  • rumor has it he’s officially gone insane from all the wild behavior from his members rip wang he loves his kids ok he wouldn’t trade them for a potato chip don’t listen to ilhoon
  • smol grandpa wants to be a tol stringbean, he’d sell his soul to be as tall as the makane 
  • super close w/ all the 2012 leaders and they all meme together 

B.A.P’s Yongguk

  • whale deep voice, shy cupcake persona………….
  • it’s rly conflicting but this man has a heart of gold and yall he’s been nominated for a humanitarian award, did someone say angel sent from heaven?????
  • yongguk at any given time at any given place: rly doesn’t wanna be here
  • it is a known fact worldwide that he is the most attractive person alive, not even just on the outside………..don’t look it up it’s just a fact
  • has the most special relationship w/ his members, honestly they adore him so much

Got7′s Jaebum

  • tho he’s rly laid back & chill on the outside, he worries a lot for the members and worries abt proving himself to his company  
  • is actually married to jinyoung, this is another fact
  • is high key jealous of twice & wants to be showered in affection by jyp
  • if nora (his kitty) is around, he forgets abt everything & everyone he’s such a meme
  • constantly doubts himself but he’s so precious n works so hard n deserves all the love he receives 

Seventeen’s S.coups

  • the literal dad of those 12 kids aka the rest of seventeen
  • if he could he would give the whole world to his members bc he loves them that much wow get u a man like this
  • rly smol but his heart is full of love
  • spits bars like it’s nobody’s business, all hail hip hop unit
  • probably the member responsible for turning vernon into the meme he is today

iKon’s B.I

  • could wear a trash bag over his head and still be one of the most beautiful people in the world
  • I always say he’s rly dumb n goofy but I mean that in the best way as in there couldn’t be a better leader for ikon
  • gets rly serious during writing and choreographing and producing processes but it pays off w/ his music 
  • listen I’m not saying he’d give up everything for bobby but that’s exactly what I’m saying uhhh this boy is in love
  • underappreciated squad leader 

Monsta X’s Shownu

  • papa bear // robot // expressionless leader………..u name it, he’s a versatile man lmao
  • body sculpted of gold tbfh n he knows it
  • he is a constant mood bc of all the times he sits back & watches the members’ shenanigans he don’t want no part of it tyvm
  • someone cast him for a drama bc we are not letting this talent go wasted after seeing monsta x-ray 2
  • has a honey-like voice that’s perfect for torturing monbebes  

Day6′s Sungjin

  • bob the builder had a major glow up & now he’s the leader of jyp’s meme bois
  • dbfgjkl no but he is the sweetest and most appreciative guy ever, he pours his heart into their music
  • I mean ye he’ll sell the maknaes for $2 if asked but at the end of the day and thru all the nagging, he loves those kids
  • never shows off his actual god-like dancing skills bc he’s too teased, let him live lmao
  • the nicest muffin from Busan 

NCT’s Taeyong

  • the father of …….17?? uhhhh 18? kids???? look we don’t know how many kids he has but he has enough love in heart for all of them
  • honestly probably has photos stashed of the members that he took when they weren’t aware
  • looks out for his youngest esp
  • is also made into a meme by his youngest aka dream
  • just wants his foreign line to get screen time + lines :(((

Seungri’s everything and the impact of it.