I Freaking Love The Timeless Fandom

Like even though we’re small were growing.

Even though we have people who ship different things, we don’t attack each other.

We all agree the Lucy is the The Greatest Historian Heroine ® ever!

We all work out asses off to get more support in, you guys are just awesome!

Do you know what my favorite thing about this fandom is?

1- Everyone agrees (no matter who you ship) that Wyatt is an aggressive cuddler.

2- Wyatt and Lucy’s baby will have Wyatt’s eyes.

3-Flynn at his core is a big softy (even when people write him as a bad guy/character they almost always delve into his teddy bear thoughts or at some point apologize for making him mean/bad bc they know that he really isn’t that way)

4- No one can mess with the Rufus+Jiya ship, like its blasphemy to ship them with anyone else.

5- anyone that lucy has a baby with will in someway have Amy’s name connected to it or that it will have some kind of historical significance to it.

6- the time team will do ANYTHING for each other

7- lucy loves ice cream, Rufus loves starwars and chocodiles (i mean that’s canon but still), and wyatt loves whisky and most likely has a truck or a jeep

8- that this fandom doesn’t start petty fights and wars and we all just support each other.

Thank you guys for being such a great fandom and for continuing to write/update fanfic! It has been so amazing and pleasant being a part of this fandom! :)

Timeless does character building so well. In just 16 episodes we have fully fleshed out main, secondary, and ‘villain’ characters. Something that takes other shows years to reach. We have overcoming diversity, not sugar coating history. Representation of LGBT and POC and women. And the male protagonists are pro alll of that. And our lead is vulnerable and strong and smart and neither of her characteristics preclude the others. How this show is in danger of not getting renewed baffles me. It is everything.


And, by the way, my name is not ‘doll’ or 'sweetheart’ or anything else that sounds like a baby. The women here have actual names. I’m sure you can learn their names. It’s not that hard, kind of like making coffee for yourself. You’re a rocket scientist, figure it out.