jiwoon park

au where jungkook and jimin are models under the same company and they both go to the same university/highschool or whatever. but!!! they don’t know each other at school.

when they’re modeling, according to rules on their contract, they go by an alias’. so they know each other as jeon junghyuk and park jiwoon. they’re both really popular models under the company and often make the most money, so they get paired one day because they’d make big money and then it they eventually partner up for tons of photo shoots and stuff.

they get along really well, and jungkook is totally whipped for this jiwoon guy, but jimin doesn’t really know if he wants to reciprocate feelings w/ someone whose real name he doesn’t know. and he also thinks that if it doesnt work out, it could rlly affect their careers, but it doesn’t really matter to jungkook. jimin is also a little different as his model persona, so he’d be scared for jk to find out what he’s truly like at school.

one day they bump into each other at school, not recognizing each other at all. because at school, jimin wears glasses, and his hair isn’t curled like during shoots. jungkook’s hair isn’t parted like it usually is at photo shoots.

jimin’s the first one to say something when they bump into each other, something like “hey, do I know you from somewhere???”

jungkook’s first reaction is “woah he’s cute but gotta turn my face away so he doesn’t recognize me or something” then jungkook just shakes his head awkwardly. then jimin apologizes then leaves. then jungkook gets called to a shoot with jimin and jungkook goes “I met this guy today” and Jimin says the same but they’re oblivious to the fact that the person they bumped into could’ve been each other.

and then blah blah blah they bump into each other more often now at school, eventually learn each other’s names and start to talk a little and then the reveal happens where jimin figures out first but of course he’s not gonna say anything but that creates some tension in their photo shoots and jungkook’s like “what’s wrong” and then it gets revealed and they end up together. happy ending.

kinda wanna draw this since I’m too trash at writing to write it….let’s see how it goes


Hyunmin: Act like my fiancée for nine two twelve, it’s worth 1 million won. / Hawon: …okay / Hyunmin: Good. Let’s play! / Hawon: Remember! When it’s twelve on the dot, it’s over!

  1. Ahn Bohyun
  2. Byeon Wooseok
  3. Lee Chulwoo
  4. Joo Woojae
  5. Nam Joohyuk
  6. Seo Kyeongdeok
  7. Choi Minsoo
  8. Park Hyeongseop
  9. Jang Kiyong
  10. Kim Taehwan
  11. Min Juneki
  12. Jo Minho
  13. Kim Dojin
  14. Ryu Wankyu
  15. Oh Minsung
  16. Jang Jinsung
  17. Jang Jinseung
  18. Lee Uisoo
  19. Jung Donggyu
  20. Kim Sangwoo
  21. Shon Minho
  22. Hong Yoonjae
  23. Kim Yongha
  24. Lim Jaehyung
  25. Kim Insik
  26. Hong Dooyoung
  27. Jang Euisoo
  28. Jang Woohyuk
  29. Kim Jaeyong
  30. Kim Jihoon
  31. Kim Kibum
  32. Kim Minjun
  33. Kim Pilsu
  34. Kim Wonjoong
  35. Park Jiwoon
  36. Seo Hongseuk
  37. Lee Juhyeong
  38. Lee Seokchan
  39. Noma Han
  40. Park Sungjin
  41. Oh Ann
  42. Park Jaegun
  43. Pyung Dongkyun
  44. Kim Junyoung
  45. Ji Gyo
  46. Shin Jihoon
  47. Ha Dongjoo
  48. Tae Eun
  49. Yoon Jinwook
  50. Ki Dohoon
  51. Do Sangwoo
  52. Gang Chulwoong
  53. Kim Chan
  54. Kim Hyunjun