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You had been dating Jiwon for about eight months now. In the beginning of your relationship everything was perfect. You guys would secretly go on dates, have late nights talks while cuddling in bed, Jiwon was basically your whole world. He still is, but lately to you it seems like it’s the complete opposite to him.

 Over the last month or so Jiwon has been coming home less and less and when he is home he ignores you and goes to his study to work. You understood that he needed to work because he was making an album with one of his close friends, Mino. But that the same time, you also wished that he would give you at least a little bit of attention. 

 You walked into your empty apartment and shrugged off your coat. You knew that Jiwon wasn’t going to be home again tonight. So you decided that you would make both Jiwon and Mino some dinner before taking it over to the studio. You knew they weren’t eating proper meals, and they needed to eat proper food in order for them to produce good music. You started getting ready to make them the food. After about and hour of cooking you were finally done. You smiled at your work as you packed them into containers. You were excited to see Jiwon, so you rushed out of your apartment to your car. You loaded everything in and headed off to the studio. 

The drive to the studio from your apartment wasn’t very long, maybe a twenty minute drive. When you got to the studio you climbed out of your car and grabbed the food. You smiled as you entered the building. You wondered what Jiwon’s reaction was going to be when he saw that you brought them food. If there was anything Jiwon loved more than music, it was food. You giggled at the thought as you made your way up to the third floor. You bowed to the senior artists as they passed you. 

You always admired what Jiwon was doing. He was fulfilling his dream, that was one of the things you loved about him. He was so passionate about his dreams, and he wouldn’t give up until he achieved them. You spotted the studio door that they usually worked in while you were walking down the hallway. As you were approaching the door you heard some noises that you weren’t expecting to hear. Laughing. But it wasn’t jusy guys laughing, there was also girls laughter as well. Multiple girls laughing. You furrowed your brow as you looked through the glass of the door. Your heart started beating rapidly at the sight you were seeing. It wasn’t anything to bad, they were all laughing and smiling, but the part that hurt you the most was that Jiwon looked the happiest he has in months talking to some other girls than he has with you.

 You looked around as much as you could through the glass, and you could see that they’ve already ate. You could restaurant containers around the room.They already ate. You bit your lip as you stood up straight. A million questions started to run through your mind. “Is our relationship that bad, where he enjoys himself more without me?” “Does he still love me? Or has he found another girl, and he’s going to break things off with me?” “Will we be okay?” You started to hyperventilate at these thoughts running through your head. “I shouldn’t be here, I-I need to go” you whispered to yourself. As you backed up against the wall. 

You saw one of Jiwon and Mino’s producers going to enter the room. “Excuse me!” You called out. “I-I seemed to have some leftover food from tonight, here share it with anybody.” You said as you smiled and bowed to him. “Thank you” you heard him tell you as he was entering the room. You could still hear Jiwon’s laugh. You just wished he was laughing with you and not with those girls. You lowered your head as you started to head back towards your car. You just wanted to go home.

 However luck didn’t seem to be on your side today. “Y/N?” You heard someone call out. You already knew who it was. You could figure out his voice anywhere. You took a deep breath before turning to him and smiling. “Yes?” You asked.

 "What are you doing here?“ You curled into yourself at his tone. It sounded distant, like he didn’t really care as to why you were here. You bit your lip before answering. "I thought Mino and you would’ve been hungry so I made some food to bring you guys, but it seems that you guys have already ate.” You told him as you stared at the ground. As you looked up at him, you could see a girl behind him standing at the door waiting for him to go back in. You laughed softly almost as if you couldn’t believe what was happening. 

“Funny thing, I’ve seen you happier than you’ve been in months in that room, than you have with me.” Jiwon’s eyes widened a bit. “When I saw you all these thoughts were running through my head. Making me feel like I wasn’t good enough to be with you and maybe that’s right. Maybe I am not good enough to be with you Jiwon.” You stated as you gave him a small smile. 

 Jiwon stepped forward only for you to take a step back. You shook your head softly. Tears starting to well up in your eyes. “I-I don’t know what to do anymore Jiwon. It’s like I’m hanging onto something that was never mine to begin with.” You whispered as your heart started to break at your own words. 

“Y/N please, I know we haven’t been having a great time with our relationship, but that doesn’t mean that I love you any less. Yes maybe I was smiling and laughing back there, but that doesn’t even compare to the happiness that you give me.” Jiwon stepped closer to you, engulfing you into his arms. “I love you, so much. Please don’t ever forget that. I’m sorry that I haven’t been home in awhile or that I haven’t given you the attention you deserve, but I’ll make sure that you know I love you every single day. So don’t let your mind go to these crazy places. You will always be good enough for me y/n." 

 You started to cry in his arms at his words. You held onto him tightly afraid that he would leave any second. "I-I’m sorry, it’s just you’re to good to be true Jiwon. Sometimes that scares me.” Jiwon chuckled softly lifting your head up to look at him. You stared into his eyes before slowly closing them and leaning up to kiss him. When your lips met, you felt like everything was going to be okay. 

It had to be.

~I’ve come to a conclusion that i enjoy writing scenarios lol. I hope you guys enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!~