So the (hashtag) #creepercult has been flying round a little more than usual lately, and it’s easy to see why. On the promise of one year (ish) and 5 really great songs, this band have landed a signing with Roadrunner Records, a support tour with Misfits and from the sounds of the two new tracks from the upcoming EP ‘The Callous Heart’, this band are not fucking around in any shape or form. ‘The Honeymoon Suite’ is great too; spooky as you like with enough catchy hooks to keep you humming along all night long. There’s a real crew feeling to this band, and those moments come across really nicely in this video. You look at the graffiti, the matching jackets, the lurking around at night and it makes you want to be a part of it. It makes you feel like a part of you could fit in right alongside them. Will I always be sad that Our Time Down Here ended? Of course. However, I’m more than happy on the promise of what Creeper have given in such a short space of time. It’s a little dark, a little romantic and it’s been on repeat for the last 24 hours. 


Lay ‘em down, smack 'em yack 'em.

Ethnocentrism is the tyranny of Western aesthetics. An Indian mask in an American museum is transposed into an alien aesthetic system where what is missing is the presence of power invoked through performance ritual. It has become a conquered thing, a dead “thing” separated from nature and, therefore, its power. 
      Modern Western painters have “borrowed,” copied, or otherwise extrapolated the art of tribal cultures and called it cubism, surrealism, symbolism. The music, the beat of the drum, the Blacks’ jive talk. All taken over. Whites, along with a good number of our own people, have cut themselves off from their spiritual roots, and they take our spiritual art objects in an unconscious attempt to get them back. If they’re going to do it, I’d like them to be aware of what they are doing and to go about doing it the right way. Let’s all stop importing Greek myths and the Western Cartesian split point of view and root ourselves in the mythological soil and soul of this continent. White America has only attended to the body of the earth in order to exploit it, never to succor it or to be nurtured in it. Instead of surreptitiously ripping off the vital energy of people of color and putting it to commercial use, whites could allow themselves to share and exchange and learn from us in a respectful way. By taking up curanderismo, Santeria, shamanism, Taoism, Zen and otherwise delving into the spiritual life and ceremonies of multi-colored people, Anglos would perhaps lose the white sterility they have in their kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, mortuaries and missile bases. Though in the conscious mind, black and dark may be associated with death, evil and destruction, in the subconscious mind and in our dreams, white is associated with disease, death, and hopelessness. Let us hope that the left hand, that of darkness, of femaleness, of “primitiveness,” can divert the indifferent, right-handed, “rational” suicidal drive that, unchecked, could blow us into acid rain in a fraction of a millisecond.
—  Gloria Anzaldúa, Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza

So Today I Watched… Luke Cage (Marvel/Netflix, 2016)

Man you gotta love these Marvel Shows it’s almost like watching a 13 hour film that doesn’t let you go until you are done. Every single one so far has been rock solid and while Daredevil is still the most beloved of the bunch I gotta hand it to Luke Cage on how solid it is. It’s a love letter to Harlem and to Black culture and history. Set in the same Marvel Cinematic Universe as The Avengers, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and the upcoming Iron Fist and Punisher series. Luke Cage was the hot potato of the bunch. If you have read Luke Cage or Power Man comics in the past you may know why. Allow me to elaborate…

Luke Cage used to be a very outspoken character in the comics, when he was created he was all jive talking and a cultural representation of the 70′s. He was from the streets. He was a hero for hire, the one taking down the scum The Avengers or the X-Men didn’t have the time to deal with and he did it for a fee, a move inspired when his first outgoing as a vigilante was compensated with cash in a moment he was desperately in need of it. The modern Luke Cage is bit more altruistic he’s a very cultured and educated black man who was wronged and like his comic counterpart was forced to do time. While inside he is forced to participate in clandestine fight circuits and offered a chance for a reduced sentence if he agrees to be part of an experiment that goes sour and grants him unbreakable skin and super strength.

The series picks up five months after the events of Jessica Jones with Luke working two jobs outta payroll to make ends meet and keep a low profile. He’s hesitant to get involved on anything that will make his life more difficult than it already is but as these things go it’s not too soon until trouble comes looking at his door. He find himself at odds with Harlem’s #1 gangster, a man nicknamed “Cottonmouth” and who has a close relation to Pop’s the last family his deceased lady Reva had and the man who has taken him under his wing. When the conflict escalates and people close to Luke star to pay with their lives he’s gotta choose to face the music or run away from it… and face it he does with some very useful allies. Packed with characters that honors their comics origins we get to see Misty Knight wonderfully cast in the skin of one damn fine Simone Missick, the return of Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple who is by now the glue in the Marvel Netflix Universe and solid acting of Alfre Woodward as Mariah Diller,  Mahershla Ali as Cottonmouth, and Erik Laray Harvey as Diamondback.

On a closing note and speaking of music… lend your ears to the original Soundtrack that has been gathered and created for this series. It features a live performance for each episode by some of the most talented black singers and musicians ever assembled . All in all I find Luke Cage is another solid chapter in storytelling and a damn fine representation of the character and his original struggles brought on to these complex times. Go and bing-watch this and face the music! Sweet Christmas indeed! 

so wrrex and i were discussing a 1920s jazz club au for dai and

  • krem is a jive-talking sommelier, swinging to the beat and pouring your drink in one smooth move
  • bull is the club’s bouncer with a weak spot for all the sweet misters and misses. he’ll talk sugar but hit hard; horns up, boys
  • sera is the club’s silk dancer and contortionist. the friends of red jenny keep her targets in check, but who they are exactly, no one will know
  • blackwall, the bartender; the big burly one that everyone has stories on, but which one is actually true?
  • josephine is the hostess of the grand upstairs lounge, with connections branching further than thedas itself
  • morrigan, the mysterious owner of club skyhold who makes appearances at the most rarest of occasions, and with her son, kieran. rumour has it that she’s the wife of the don of the grey wardens
  • cullen, the entertainer. he’ll croon the smoothest lyrics to you and take your hand to tango. he is a lion on stage, but a cub behind the curtains
  • solas, the pianist and announcer. his velvety tones and poetic way of speaking make him quite the attraction
  • dorian, the brass player. he enjoys the spotlight beating down on him and the roses that his gift attracts. he’ll gladly serenade you in exchange for the praise of his talents
  • varric, the gossip man. filthy rich and filled with many a story, varric funds the club as it’s full-time regular
  • leliana, the sultry and dangerous songstress. watch your back
  • cole, the backstage boy. he likes to sit up high with the stage lights and play with the cats that scamper into the club
  • cassandra, the fiery head of security. speak romantically to her, and you may catch her off guard. cause trouble and face her wrath.
  • vivienne, a highly revered patroness of the club. with her connections to some far-off duke and the empress, any scandals that happen within the club stay in the club

Jive talk in Mandarin. I can dig it. 

Sometimes I think a certain band should not be fucked with. Certain songs should not be covered. I thought this was a rule set in stone for some folk, such as The Smiths, Joy Division and The Cure. However, much as Nine Inch Nails brought a whole new darkness to the Joy Division classic ‘Lost Souls’; I find myself eating my words after hearing how cool this Tigers Jaw cover of ‘In Between Days’ is. And that’s exactly what it is; cool. It doesn’t stray too far from the original, but it got me feeling the same way any Tigers Jaw song does too. They made it their own, without really taking anything away. It’s a fine art; and one that you can’t take lightly. Do a little YouTube lurking and find the acoustic take of this song by Tigers Jaw too if you’re so inclined. Some purists may disagree, and that’s fine. But this is a total charmer for me; a genuinely great pop song getting a sweet makeover by the cutest duo around. 


Augmented Reality CD Package By Jive Talk

You ain’t no jive turkey. You just meant to "jibe".

You’ve got your sailors. And you’ve got your jazz musicians. Each came up with a word that sounds eerily similar to the other. And we’ve been confusing them ever since. Today, let’s put a finger to the wind and set the record straight.

“Jibe” is a sailing term for turning into the wind and letting the boom move from one side of the boat to the other. When you’re jibing, the sail is in harmony with the wind. Life is good. (As long as you duck and don’t let the boom smack you on the head. I only made this mistake once.)

To “jive” is to talk nonsense or smack, as in, “You’re jiving me,” or my personal favorite, “You jive turkey”. And who can forget the great jive talking scene in the movie Airplane?

So here’s the pop quiz: A guy is telling you what he did last night and it doesn’t agree with what his wife said. Knowing what you just read about “jibe” and “jive”, which would you say?

A. Your lame story doesn’t jibe with what your wife told me.


B. Your lame story doesn’t jive with what your wife told me.

If you said A, you get a virtual gold star. He’s jiving you, but his story doesn’t “jibe” with her story. Confusing, yes. But not when you think about it. 

So call him out for the lying SOB that he is and tell him he’s a jive turkey for his weak alibi that doesn’t jibe.

Next week, I’ll cover the other sailing term you may be messing up, too.