Lay ‘em down, smack 'em yack 'em.

List of Things I want From The LT Cartoon, Most Of Which You’ve Already Seen Others Ask For

- Decent animation and art style. If it looks like the art style in those shitty picture books I will cry. My babies deserve better.

- Character development for… well, pretty much everyone.

- Jives

- More savage Stingy

- A more in depth look at Sportacus’ and Robbie’s relationship (not necessarily romantic)

- Does Trixie like Stingy??? She kissed him? You can’t just leave it there.

- Jives

- Pixel’s crush on Stephanie to be, y’know, brought up, because it’s only ever shown in the first episode and then POOF! Gone.

- Maybe some more serious topics (but still relatively child-friendly) to be brought up

- Jives

- Penny and Haninn as minor characters maybe?

- Some information on how Ithro and Glanni are connected to Sportacus and Robbie

- Jives

- One or more episodes to be focused on mental health instead of physical health

- Memes

- Jives

- For the ‘song every episode’ thing to be continued because it’s cute and I love it

- For it to be someone’s birthday APART FROM FUCKING ZIGGY’S FOR FUCKS SAKE

- Jives

- Some joke about puppets, obviously referring to the old series

- What about an episode where the Mayor takes a break, and all the kids take turns to be the Mayor.

- More Stingy with glasses


- Jives

- More Pixel talking absolute mumbo jumbo and no one having any idea what he’s talking about because I love it

- An episode focusing on Trixie and talking about how it’s okay not to like ‘girly’ things or ‘boy’ things, and it doesn’t matter what gender you are you can enjoy whatever

- Jives

- More Ziggy being an absolute fuck up

- Where does Trixie live??? I heard that in one of the character descriptions (I think for the plays) it says she lives in a trailer or something?

- Jives

- BODYSWAP. Sportacus and Robbie are the obvious choice, but there are other cool pairings I would step on a lego to see. Ziggy and Stingy! Trixie and Stingy! Wait those are two Stingy ones in a row… ANY BODYSWAP THING PLEASE!

- Jives

25 Synonyms for “Deceptive” and “Fake" By Mark Nichol

Assumed: pretended, as in “an assumed name,” referring to a pseudonym used to conceal one’s identity (and, as a verb, to pretend); also, several unrelated meanings Beguiling: deceptive, duplicitous, or diverting Bogus: not genuine Contrived: false or unnatural Counterfeit: imitation or insincere Delusory: deceptive Dummy: imitation (and, as a noun, a mockup); also, several unrelated meanings Ersatz: imitation or substitute (and generally inferior to the real thing) Factitious: artificial or false Fallacious: deceptive Faux: imitation (usually in the sense of a design element or fashion item that deliberately mimics a more expensive material or fabric such as marble or fur) Feigned: fictitious, or not genuine or real  Forged: imitation with intent to deceive; also, an unrelated meaning of being created by pressure and perhaps heat Fraudulent: deceitful Jive: deceitful (said of talk); also, superficial or foolish, or other unrelated meanings Misleading: deceitful Mock: imitation, in the senses of not being genuine or real Phony: counterfeit, false, or fictitious; also, hypocritical Pseudo: false (also a prefix in hyphenated and closed compounds such as pseudo-event and pseudopod) Put-on: pretended  Sham: false, not genuine Simulated: fake but intended or made to look genuine Specious: deceptively attractive, or appearing genuine or truthful  Spurious: deceitful or imitation Synthetic: not genuine; also, several unrelated meanings

lemme axe you

Why do people delete the text from posts when they share them? Like, they’ll delete the movie titles, etc.

When they delete the text, people start asking in the comments, “what’s this from?”.

Just seems kinda weird, but maybe that’s what the jive talking freewheeling kids of today are into. Who knows.

btw - this gif is from Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)

so wrrex and i were discussing a 1920s jazz club au for dai and

  • krem is a jive-talking sommelier, swinging to the beat and pouring your drink in one smooth move
  • bull is the club’s bouncer with a weak spot for all the sweet misters and misses. he’ll talk sugar but hit hard; horns up, boys
  • sera is the club’s silk dancer and contortionist. the friends of red jenny keep her targets in check, but who they are exactly, no one will know
  • blackwall, the bartender; the big burly one that everyone has stories on, but which one is actually true?
  • josephine is the hostess of the grand upstairs lounge, with connections branching further than thedas itself
  • morrigan, the mysterious owner of club skyhold who makes appearances at the most rarest of occasions, and with her son, kieran. rumour has it that she’s the wife of the don of the grey wardens
  • cullen, the entertainer. he’ll croon the smoothest lyrics to you and take your hand to tango. he is a lion on stage, but a cub behind the curtains
  • solas, the pianist and announcer. his velvety tones and poetic way of speaking make him quite the attraction
  • dorian, the brass player. he enjoys the spotlight beating down on him and the roses that his gift attracts. he’ll gladly serenade you in exchange for the praise of his talents
  • varric, the gossip man. filthy rich and filled with many a story, varric funds the club as it’s full-time regular
  • leliana, the sultry and dangerous songstress. watch your back
  • cole, the backstage boy. he likes to sit up high with the stage lights and play with the cats that scamper into the club
  • cassandra, the fiery head of security. speak romantically to her, and you may catch her off guard. cause trouble and face her wrath.
  • vivienne, a highly revered patroness of the club. with her connections to some far-off duke and the empress, any scandals that happen within the club stay in the club
Ethnocentrism is the tyranny of Western aesthetics. An Indian mask in an American museum is transposed into an alien aesthetic system where what is missing is the presence of power invoked through performance ritual. It has become a conquered thing, a dead “thing” separated from nature and, therefore, its power. 
      Modern Western painters have “borrowed,” copied, or otherwise extrapolated the art of tribal cultures and called it cubism, surrealism, symbolism. The music, the beat of the drum, the Blacks’ jive talk. All taken over. Whites, along with a good number of our own people, have cut themselves off from their spiritual roots, and they take our spiritual art objects in an unconscious attempt to get them back. If they’re going to do it, I’d like them to be aware of what they are doing and to go about doing it the right way. Let’s all stop importing Greek myths and the Western Cartesian split point of view and root ourselves in the mythological soil and soul of this continent. White America has only attended to the body of the earth in order to exploit it, never to succor it or to be nurtured in it. Instead of surreptitiously ripping off the vital energy of people of color and putting it to commercial use, whites could allow themselves to share and exchange and learn from us in a respectful way. By taking up curanderismo, Santeria, shamanism, Taoism, Zen and otherwise delving into the spiritual life and ceremonies of multi-colored people, Anglos would perhaps lose the white sterility they have in their kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, mortuaries and missile bases. Though in the conscious mind, black and dark may be associated with death, evil and destruction, in the subconscious mind and in our dreams, white is associated with disease, death, and hopelessness. Let us hope that the left hand, that of darkness, of femaleness, of “primitiveness,” can divert the indifferent, right-handed, “rational” suicidal drive that, unchecked, could blow us into acid rain in a fraction of a millisecond.
—  Gloria Anzaldúa, Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza

You know what really chaps my ass? People who will talk about how they miss you and all that jazz when they aren’t even making an effort to talk to you.

I got this one friend who has been a major part of my life for the past like 5 years. We haven’t talked in a few weeks which isn’t really what bothers me, but the fact she’s not made any effort to talk to me and then comment on an Instagram post I make talking some “I miss you” when I have texted her a couple times in the last few weeks with no response. If you’re gonna talk this jive at least act like you care. Or the people who will talk about “Let’s get together soon” and make 0 effort to make plans or even talk to you. Like you’ve talked to me maybe three times since you started dating Joe Punkrock in August.

If you really care about someone then fuckin act like it. If you aren’t putting any effort into talking to me or maintaining any kind of relationship between us, don’t act offended when I see you somewhere and don’t pay any mind to you when you’ve been doing the exact same thing for months.

123 Slam
123 Slam

Guttermouth - 1, 2, 3 Slam

Okay here’s a story about my mom and dad,
one was white and one was black,
and I bet you think you’re glad

I’m half breed just look at me,
my skin is fair yet tan
I don’t know what the hell I’m on
So 1, 2,
1, 2, 3 Slam!

Kinky hair when I wake up,
it’s straight when I got to bed
My dad just jive talked to me
I don’t know what he just said

My mother’s she’s a honkey
my dad’s Kentucky fried
I don’t know what the hell I’m on
so 1,2
1,2,3 Slam!

Back at home it black-eyed peas
with a pot roast on the side
It’s hot dogs on Friday night
the chicken’s country fried

My dad says “yo boy pass the peas”
My mom says “pass the squash”
I need something to ease the pain
So go downtown and get some downers

Ya going down (down)
Ya going down (down)
Ya going down baby, down baby,
take me down.

Oh man I’m a little bit slow
but I gotta get up somehow
got no money just a good idea
let me tell you how

I’ll steal my parents credit cards
oh yes I’ll rip them off
I’ll go down town to ?
and get myself some cocaine

Now I’m high and I’m not shy
I’ll get it off my chest
My mom is white she’s always right
she thinks that she’s the best

My daddy’s just a negro
he’s not one to play golf
I don’t know what the hell I am
so 1,2
1,2,3 Slam!

Slam (x3)

1,2,3 said Stop

Article from Sassy Magazine - October 1989.

You saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or Running on Empty or Stand By Me. You’ve read that River Phoenix doesn’t wear leather or eat any kind of animal products. You know the 19-year-old actor lives on an organic farm in Florida with his four strangely named brothers and sisters. You’re wondering: Did River Phoenix spit out his Gerber strained beef in the high chair?  Agonize no more, Sassmasters. For after River finished filming his latest movie, a black comedy called I Love You to Death, he got in touch with our Christina and offered to answer all your burning questions on his favorite subject. Because he thinks it’s really important for you to know about all this. And yes, it was his idea.

Q. What got you involved in animal rights?

A. I was very young, about seven years old, when I first became aware of cruelty to animals. I was traveling by boat from Venezuela with my family. We’d made friends with the crew, whom we liked a lot. Then one day I watched them fishing off the side of the boat.  Every time they caught a fish, they’d hurl it against a board that had nails sticking out of it. I couldn’t believe it. These weren’t bad people, but they’d become totally desensitized to the pain they were causing. My brother and I started asking my parents why we had to take animal lives to eat, and what exactly was in our hamburgers andhot dogs. Pretty soon my whole family decided it wasn’t our place to block another creature’s right of way, so we became vegetarians. But it took us kids to start asking the questions.

Q. Do you think kids are naturally closer to animals?

A. Sure they are. Every child starts out loving animals, identifying with them. But early on, adults start sending them contradictory messages. They’ll give a kid a stuffed animal to hug and love and sleep with. But at the same time, they’re serving them animals for dinner every night. It’s crazy, if you think about it. But when you’re young, you just accept what grown-ups tell you as the truth.

Q. Do you have any pets?

A. I have two dogs back home, Justice and Jupiter. And since they’re part of the family, they’re both vegetarians. They’re very active and healthy.

QBut it must be a hassle being a strict vegetarian. Is it worth the trouble?

A.  If you don’t believe it, if it’s not a true conviction, then sure, it seems like a pain in the butt. It’s not exactly in the mainstream. But is it worth it? Of course it is. If you love someone, it’s worth walking a million miles to see them. If you love animals, then it follows that you’ll watch out for them.

Q. How do your social concerns carry over into your movie work?

A. If affects the core of who I am. I don’t have to wear it on my sleeve for it to show through. It’s just part of me. But naturally when I learn something, I like to share it. And I hope that others would do the same with me. So whenever I can, I try to bring my ethical beliefs to my work. Before I begin shooting a movie, I work with the wardrobe department to make sure my costumes aren’t made from fur or leather. I also ask the makeup people to use makeup that hasn’t been tested on animals. Most of the time people respect my beliefs and work to accommodate them.

Q. There are so many problems in the world- why animal rights?

A. Animal rights aren’t separate from other social, environmental or political issues. What do art and science mean if the Earth is falling apart, if we feel no responsibility to give it space to breathe? We’re very selfish with this planet, and the way we use animals is one of the symptoms of our selfishness. But when you love animals, you feel at one with the little bit of nature that’s left on Earth.

Q. Can loving animals really save the planet?

A. Sometimes we have to start on the smaller things before we can conquer the larger problems. If you notice one homeless person on the streets and see his plight and understand him, from then on you see all homeless people in a different way. It’s the same with animals. Once you become conscious, you can’t stand by and watch them be exploited. And it’s rewarding to protect a defenseless being.

Q. How can teenagers help animals?

A. You start off by educating yourself and by asking questions. That’s when things start happening, when you ask the tough questions. When Columbus thought to ask, “What if the world isn’t flat?” the whole world changed. Nowadays we still need change. Personally, I think biology class is a good place to start asking questions. And for me, dissection is something worth speaking out against.

I think it’s important for students to take responsibility for their education. We accept too much of what we’re taught without question. The idea behind the Students Against Dissection Hotline is to give students a choice about the way they study biology. If someone has ethical objections to dissection, they can call the Hotline about humane alternatives.

Q. What’s wrong with dissecting a few frogs in biology classes?

A. The point is, there are lots of better ways to study biology. You can use models or films or computer simulations. By cutting up animals we just become desensitized to animal pain. We feel very powerful because we’re taking this life in our hands. And because it takes place in a biology lab, dissection seems official and “scientific.” But if you think about it, dissection is really the most barbaric form of mutilation. I just read about a high school student in California who won a prize for cutting out a frog’s brain and timing how long it could swim around before dying. What does that have to do with science?

Q. Do you think animals experience pain the same as human beings do?

A. It’s all relative.  Some small animals have less sensitive nerve endings, while lobsters are some of the most pain-sensitive creatures on Earth.  Pain isn’t so much the point, as the value of all life.  We shouldn’t be killing other creatures when it’s not necessary.  We’re at war with nature if we continue exploiting animals when we don’t need to for survival.

Q. What would you tell a student who doesn’t want to dissect animals, but is afraid of flunking biology class?

A. That’s why the Dissection Hotline is there, to advise you about your rights and to help you find alternatives to dissection. The Hotline can also put you in touch with a lawyer if you need one. If enough students start to challenge dissection, then teachers will look for other ways to teach Biology. That’s how change begins.

Q. Is that why you wanted to do this interview, to help make a change?

A. When I found out about the Dissection Hotline, I wanted to get the word out to students. This issue is more important than jive talk about my career or personal life. I think students deserve to have access to information that can help them become conscious and active world citizens. As my sister Rain always says: “Live on, love all and let live.”



So Today I Watched… Luke Cage (Marvel/Netflix, 2016)

Man you gotta love these Marvel Shows it’s almost like watching a 13 hour film that doesn’t let you go until you are done. Every single one so far has been rock solid and while Daredevil is still the most beloved of the bunch I gotta hand it to Luke Cage on how solid it is. It’s a love letter to Harlem and to Black culture and history. Set in the same Marvel Cinematic Universe as The Avengers, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and the upcoming Iron Fist and Punisher series. Luke Cage was the hot potato of the bunch. If you have read Luke Cage or Power Man comics in the past you may know why. Allow me to elaborate…

Luke Cage used to be a very outspoken character in the comics, when he was created he was all jive talking and a cultural representation of the 70′s. He was from the streets. He was a hero for hire, the one taking down the scum The Avengers or the X-Men didn’t have the time to deal with and he did it for a fee, a move inspired when his first outgoing as a vigilante was compensated with cash in a moment he was desperately in need of it. The modern Luke Cage is bit more altruistic he’s a very cultured and educated black man who was wronged and like his comic counterpart was forced to do time. While inside he is forced to participate in clandestine fight circuits and offered a chance for a reduced sentence if he agrees to be part of an experiment that goes sour and grants him unbreakable skin and super strength.

The series picks up five months after the events of Jessica Jones with Luke working two jobs outta payroll to make ends meet and keep a low profile. He’s hesitant to get involved on anything that will make his life more difficult than it already is but as these things go it’s not too soon until trouble comes looking at his door. He find himself at odds with Harlem’s #1 gangster, a man nicknamed “Cottonmouth” and who has a close relation to Pop’s the last family his deceased lady Reva had and the man who has taken him under his wing. When the conflict escalates and people close to Luke star to pay with their lives he’s gotta choose to face the music or run away from it… and face it he does with some very useful allies. Packed with characters that honors their comics origins we get to see Misty Knight wonderfully cast in the skin of one damn fine Simone Missick, the return of Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple who is by now the glue in the Marvel Netflix Universe and solid acting of Alfre Woodward as Mariah Diller,  Mahershla Ali as Cottonmouth, and Erik Laray Harvey as Diamondback.

On a closing note and speaking of music… lend your ears to the original Soundtrack that has been gathered and created for this series. It features a live performance for each episode by some of the most talented black singers and musicians ever assembled . All in all I find Luke Cage is another solid chapter in storytelling and a damn fine representation of the character and his original struggles brought on to these complex times. Go and bing-watch this and face the music! Sweet Christmas indeed! 

Well, I know that you’re in love with him
‘Cause I saw you dancin’ in the gym
You both kicked off your shoes
Man, I dig those rhythm and blues

             -American Pie by Don McLean

The hallways of their school are empty as they head towards the parking lot.  Chess club just let out, but Stiles waited hours for him.  Derek was surprised to see him leaning against the doorway, believing he headed home long ago.  Surprised, but happy.

It’s when they’re walking, Stiles talking about a new juke joint opening in his neighbourhood, that Derek mentions he’s never been to one.

“Never?”  Stiles exclaims as if it is the most sacrilegious statement he’s heard in a while.

Derek quirks a brow, “You know how strict my father is.”

That segues into a long tangent where Stiles goes on and on about how much he loves dancing the jitterbug.  According to Stiles, Derek is missing out on a lot.  Frankly, it makes Derek jealous.  Not only of Stiles, but also of all his partners.  He wants to dance with Stiles, but he doesn’t know anything but the waltz, and that’s a tad bit too formal for a juke joint.

“Do you think you could teach me how to dance?” Derek asks.  They could go down to their levee, plug an 8-track tape into Stiles’ stereo, and dance as slow, as intimate as they want.

Stiles must read something in Derek’s expression because he bites his bottom lip, gazing up at Derek from under his lashes, “I wouldn’t mind teaching you the hoochie coochie.”

Derek sputters, face flooding with blood.  He might not completely understand jive talk, but that phrase, he knows.  "Stiles.“  Derek whispers, scandalized.

Stiles chuckles, nudging his side into Derek’s as he shrugs, “I can’t help it.  After all I’m just a lonely, teenage broncin’ buck.”

Still surprised by Stiles’ forwardness, Derek purses his lips. They’ve only recently admitted their feelings for each other and haven’t progressed further than stolen kisses at the levee. He knows Stiles is joking, but their relationship is a dangerous one, especially in such a small town as Beacon Hills. But then again, the hallways are empty, and no one’s there to see them, what’s the harm in a little flirting?

“Oh, c'mon, baby, I know you like it,” Stiles winks, waggling his eyebrows ridiculously.

Derek feels himself give in to Stiles’ smile, his big amber eyes.  Shaking his head, he laughs,  "You sweet-talkin’ boy.“

Sterek 60s highschool AU Part: 1 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10