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for the 'would you date me' thing: trans girl, 18 y/o, 5'5, green/hazel eyes, dark brown/almost black hair i luv drawing; sometimes i write about thoughts and ideas i have, or creative writing; nature photography and hiking. other hobbies include: failing ideal date? taking a long-ass walk somewhere quiet, pretty, and secluded

That sounds almost ominous but at the same time secluded woodsy places are my jam so id probably say yes!

i’m 18 today!!!

i have all the legal rights and responsibilities of an adult

i can finally get naked on the World Wide Web and buy my own cigarettes

but really i’m looking forward to a lot of things

legally of age to consent to anything that’d normally fall into the hands of my parents. so i have control over any legal or medical decisions i have to make. thank god.

i can finally change my name legally

and, my birthday just happens to be on the same day that marks the beginning of my 5th month of hormone therapy, i’m going into my adult life as who i truly am, and that’s very important to me.


I was telling my woman, who stole my shirt this day, about how bangin’ this burger spot near my office is. So you know she wanted to try it. lol she’s as hungry as she is fine. 😍 So we went to Grub Burger Bar, in Atlanta, GA and it was fire! She had a BBQ something burger, which came with a big ass onion ring on it, and I had the jive turkey burger with bacon and swiss cheese! Food was bomb! I love it when my food is good, as my view from across the table is beautiful. She tried racing me to the car, but that’s dead. Lol After her food-baby, and me cleaning the plate, the itis took over us. So when went back home and caught some Z’s. Good food, beautiful company, and naps. 🍔😍🙏🏽🙌🏽

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i thought it was only racist when paired with other words (i.e. "jive turkey" or "shuck and jive") but i might be wrong. it's definitely primarily used as a reference to music though

Boof….yeah…I mean i don’t think its a slur by itself, but eeeeehhhh rrrr, I still just can’t trust myself to make a proper assessment. 

Like…i called the story jive to be in reference to lively and vibrant dance/music stylings, BUUUUUUT, I also know that is is CRUCIALLY important to know all the definitions and meanings to a word (case in point, my email technically has “cocaine” subbed in for my first name)  

i see where their coming from. like language is tricky man, like you might be using a word for one definition, and someone else could have an entirely different understanding of the word, and this case is a little dicy?? I’ve also been to one too many english classes to know to just use a word without acknowledging all its meanings 

like I’m attached to the name, but if its gotta go, its gotta go. 


the HIATUS “Jive Turkey vol.1 Live at Blue Note Tokyo 2016 and Tour Documentary” Special Trailer

@mmegarderobe is a jive turkey

     “ Afternoon!  How may I- ”

   As James turned to greet the new customer he found his words were unable to leave his mouth.  Most of the people who bought flowers here were men seeking sweethearts or families buying gifts for hospitalized loved ones.

     …But every so often, a tourist or a widow shopper wanders in- and this particular customer had to be one of the loveliest he had seen in a while.

   Periwinkle eyes locked on the grand lady’s face for a moment, his smile baring teeth and a light blush barely dusting his cheeks.  Not even he could deny: she was cute.

     “…How may I help you?
              Looking for anything or just putzing? ”

Happy Thanksgiving You Jive Turkeys!

I hope you have a day full of love, laughter, and good turkey! Or if you are like me, stuffing! ;) I am so thankful for the incredible people I have met this year and will meet in December!

You guys are truly a blessing & I appreciate and love each and every one of you!

Enjoy your day!



“Jive Turkeys”

From the album “GG DOOM! BUT HOW?”
– Grip Grand remixes MF DOOM.

Music & sound collage by Grip Grand. Rap by MF DOOM, from the song “Ghostwhirl feat. MF DOOM (Acapella)” by Jonathan Toth from Hoth.

Video by Grip Grand.

Let’s be clear about this shit. ‘Aint nothing I care about more than us. And nobody ‘gonna latch on to something going on between you and me and use that to create a wedge. I could be mad as hell with you. I could, quiet as kept, be “tired of being tired”, but I’m still going to ride for my sisters. I  could be disgusted and I’m still going to choose my brothers on the block before I rock with somebody else. I’m worried about racism over every other injustice. I’m praying for your happiness, your safety, your success before anything else. 

I’m not letting no rapper, journalist or pundit, preacher, lover, employer, best friend, college professor, or sidewalk jive turkey gas me up to the point that I give up on you or replace you. You are my everything. When you go to sleep tonight, know this - a complete stranger is ready to go toe-to-toe with the world with/for you. ‘Cause we Black. ‘Cause we family. ‘Cause whether you in Compton, Lagos, Paris or Rio, we are one. We might need some work, but that’s our business.

Next time someone start talking that “the problem with black women/men is this/that” in public lean in slowly and whisper in their ear “would you please shut the hell up?”