That’s the problem about having a first love when you’re not his first. Every little thing counts. What you’ve done together, you get jittery at the thought of the girls he had before that, the things they’ve done together. There are some memories you know you cannot replace, you try to avoid but at the same time you want to create better ones. You’re stuck in your insecurities and it’s not his fault. It’s not his fault that you’re not his first, that he shared memories that don’t belong to you. But because he’s your first, everything seems to matter more to you. You wish he could be a little more sensitive at times. You wish you could be less insecure. You just wish you’re the one who had the best and purest of him. When it get harders you wish that you had someone else before him, so you wouldn’t feel all the unnecessary, so it could all be easier. But really, you can only hope to be the best that you can be, for him and yourself.

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just imagine Tae finding your tumblr. imagine him as he looks at your selca tag photos with opened mouth and a little smile, glancing at your beautiful eyes. imagine as he runs trough one of the rooms with a childish smile, asking Namjoon to translate what you write in the tags. "she called you super cute" answering Namjoon. imagine him scrolling trough it under the blankets, the phone's screen being the only light as he screennshotting the post where you wrote how handsome he is on that picture


A little animation i did on my phone!
a little jittery, I haven’t really done animation since flipnote hatena LOL
but i had fun doing this! although i don’t think i have the patience for it all the time XD
just wanted to show how i imagined Mango’s hair working!

“I’ll go on a sleep fast. From right now I’m not going to go to bed until the Canucks win the Stanley Cup. If you notice me being a little jittery, drinking too much coffee, falling down or stuff like that, that’s probably why.”

- Cory Monteith on what he would have given for the Vancouver Canucks to win the Stanley Cup

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Anon magic! Shattered glass for a week!

Jittery nerd puppy blinks and shuffles back nervously, tail curling around his legs. “Whu… where am I…?” He looks around, panicked. “Where’s Hoof and Fracture…?”

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Hello love! Can you do how would BI/Jinhwan/Donghyuk/Yunhyeong react if their gf told him he's going to be father if twins or triplets? (of course they are older than now) Thanks!


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Jinhwan would be really excited but also a little shy. “So… So- you have three little mini-me’s inside of you?” and the minute you nod your head, he would be all jittery and loving and just want to go celebrate in peace at a nice restaurant. Expect a lot of pampering and love from this man. He will be conscious of every little action; he doesn’t want to be too rough to hurt you or the baby or let anything slip past his lips that would hurt you emotionally- for the kids. He would be the best support for you as he constantly thinks ahead for your sake. It’s one of his ways of saying he loves you and is excited to finally start a family with you.


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“Wow! WE’RE HAVING TWINS!!” he would yell, dancing around the house. Yo would just stand there, watching him have his little dance parade. You would ask “So- you’re not mad?” and he would reply “Of course not! How could I be mad at my wife! Not only is she the most beautiful person but she’s giving me two kids! At once!” His smile would be contagious as he calls his mom and dad, sister, and friends, telling them that he’s going to be a father.


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The first thing this boy would do is just stare at you. You would bring him back to his senses and repeat the word ‘triplets’ in his face. “Right, right right- kids,” he would say in a panic. He would be looking around the house for pillows and blankets to bundle you in on the couch. When you are settled in the fluff of blankets and pillows, he picks up his phone and as he’s typing away he asks, “So who do you want to invite for the baby shower?” You would be surprised by the fact the he is bringing this up. “I thought you didn’t want kids?” you would ask. He shakes his head no. “I want kids. I just didn’t expect that you were going to have three! I always wanted three kids! Imagine how fun its going to be! I hope they’re like Daehan Minguk and Manse like wouldn’t that be amazing?…” and he’d continue to ramble about how envisioned his family and how its all coming true.


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Donghyuk would be the most excited out of them all. He loves kids, and getting more than one is a blessing to him. He would call his mom, his friends, his members and also Tablo, telling him “I have my own kids now! Twins!” He would be so excited about it he would forget about all his other commitments. He always wants to talk to your kids, sitting by your belly only for you to remind him he has to get ready for work. He would whine about the fact that you are pushing him away from his kids but he is suddenly excited by the fact that he is making money to provide for his kids. The thought of kids makes him so happy that he leaves the house showering you and your stomach in kisses.

A/N: honestly imagining them with kids is making me wanna cry ;-; they’d all be amazing fathers and husbands omg

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au where kise is an aspiring fashion designer in high school and he makes clothes in his art class and one day he makes something really nice + he chooses very shy and quiet s/o to model it for him to see how it fits? blushing and embarrassment and overall dorkiness ensue?

The screaming was incredible, even the teacher was terrified. Kise had his hobbies and one of them included fashion design, something he considered pursuing in the future. This was his final project, his masterpiece. It was something he had spent months perfecting for the annual fashion show this class held.

But he needed something — no, someone — to bring it to its full potential.

Everyone in the class casted nervous, anticipative glances at him and his creation. Everyone was jittery. The teacher was even jittery.

You were busy, trapped in your own daydream, staring out the window in awe at the cherry blossoms spreading a blanket of pink over the school grounds. The shadow that suddenly fell across your desk dragged you out of your thoughts. This time, it was your turn to pink.

“____.” Kise, blonde model, nearly a Greek god on his own, stood before you. Wow, he sparkled more in person. Was he wearing glitter? His teeth were blindingly white as he smiled at you. “Can you do me a favor?”

“I-I—“ You bit on your bottom lip. “I mean, I suppose so. It depends.”

“Would you model for me?” The words came out of his lips like a whisper, a promise. Oh God. If his voice alone could do that to you, you didn’t know what would happen to anyone Kise decided to ask out.

Your eyes widened. “What?”

“Model for me. I think you’re perfect for what I have.”

“A-Are you sure? I mean, I get stage fright really easily.”

“Leave that to me.” He grinned, excitement bubbling up inside of him.

Fast forward a week later…

Kise sat, clapping and cheering, letting out whistles. His golden eyes glowing underneath the light. When he said to leave that to him, you never thought that he’d attempt to boost your ego by wearing your face on a t-shirt during practice runs and even a headband with your name on it.

How was this guy even real?


These moths are afraid of the light,
of its way with discovery, jittery
trajectories intercepted
by a cat’s paw bristling swift;
to take cover, they wear
my favourite midnight dress.

These moths are afraid of the light,
so let’s bring it all out in the open:
night’s brooding bloom exchanged
for ochre morning blaze,
among bright dripping dew
your fingers collecting thyme.

4 times Minerva McGonagall told Remus Lupin she was disappointed in him

Part of the Let’s Set The Sky On Fire! Verse. (Marauders Era, Modern AU)

Pairing: wolfstar (M/M, Sirius Black/Remus Lupin)

Genre: bit of everything, really? Nothing explicit.

word count: 4552

Descritption: It wasn’t often that Minerva McGonagall told her students straight-out that they’d disappointed her. Especially when it came to such brilliant students as Remus Lupin.

TW: homophobic slurs, bit of bullying.

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The captains' reaction when seeing their s/o dancing like in a choreography please?

Daichi resists the urge to scream “That’s my baby!” When he sees them dancing so well. They’e probably dancing to some mainstream song he’s never heard before, but it might as well be a ballet that has fifty dollar tickets because there’s literal tears in his eyes. When they’re done he needs to regain composure before pulling them into a tight hug and telling them how good they did.

Kuroo also seems to be finding his groove as he watches his partner dance. His shoulders are moving and his head is bobbing, his casual and lazy smirk spread perfectly across his face. Most likely his partner is mirroring his looks just a little bit, showing off for good measure. When they’re done he asks them to teach him sometime.

Bokuto probably screams when his partner starts, but his excitement dies down throughout the routine. He’s still a jittery mess in his seat, he’s just not yelling out how good they are anymore because he’s biting his lip painfully. They waltz over when the song is over, asking if he enjoys. He nods enthusiastically.

Oikawa hums along with the song, nodding his head as his partner moves along with the various beats of the composition. It’s obvious he’s proud of them, and while he’d love to yell out how good they’re doing, there’s many other people watching the performance as well and he doesn’t want to ruin it. When they’d done he pulls them close and says “You did good, baby.”

Ushijima isn’t sure how he’s supposed to react, and all he knows is that he feels a bit challenged.  He thinks they’re astounding at dancing, but somewhere deep inside him he wants to jump in alone with him. The sad thing is he doesn’t know how to dance. So when they’re done, he pulls them close to his body and asks if he can accompany them to one of their classes sometime.

Futakuchi is smiling lazily, doing terrible dance moves at them from his seat. He can tell they’re trying not to laugh, making him giggle in the slightest. Some of the people next to him glare, but he only smiles and throws his hands up as if he’s saying “What can you do?” He also claps obnoxiously when they’re done for good measure.

Terushima is a mess. He’s out of his seat, he’s jumping along with the beat, and he’s yelling out streams of compliments at his partner who is desperately trying to ignore him and pretend he’s not there. It’s not really his fault, because he barely notices he’s doing something that could be frowned upon. Terushima asks them to teach him sometime, but he ends up giving up halfway through.

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Hi, can I can request something? I have a problem with stuttering sometimes, so how would companions react to always nervous and stuttering Sole? :)

Preston: He doesn’t care at all, not seeing why it should be a problem. Everyone is different, and has quirks, this is Sole’s. He always helps them when they have difficulty getting  the words out. 

Piper: She’s extremely protective of them if someone makes fun of them for it, going so far as to actually punch someone making fun of Sole. She doesn’t understand why it’s a big deal, it’s just how Sole talks. 

Cait: It makes her feel less pissed than she thought it would, instead making her feel more protective of them. When someone mocks them for being jittery and stuttering, she encourages Sole to knock them on their ass. 

Curie: She asked why they were stuttering when she first met them, wondering why they were so nervous around her. She thought it was because she was a robot at first, but came to find that it was just the way Sole is. 

Danse: He tries to help them with it, tries to make them more self confident than nervous. Doesn’t really mind the stuttering, seeing it as just something Sole does. 

Deacon: Doesn’t even notice their stuttering to be honest, he does notice how nervous they are though. He tries to help them be more confident, joking with them and encouraging them. 

Hancock: Doesn’t care how they act or talk really, he just cares that they’re not a total asshole. He does offer them some chems though, to make em’ less fidgety and nervous. But if someone mocks them, shit’s going down. 

MacCready: He feels angry when they don’t stand up for themselves, but doesn’t care that they stutter. Long as they can shoot straight, they’re good to him. He will knock a bitch out if they laugh at Sole though. 

Nick: He’s always calm with them, telling them to slow down and take a breath. Always makes sure they’re alright. They bring out a protective side in him. 

X6: He’s…surprisingly fine with it. Most of the time things like this annoy him, but he can’t find it in him to be annoyed by this. It’s just the way they are. 

Maxson: At first he thinks they’re scared of him, which he understands, he knows he isn’t the most gently of people. But as he gets to know them, he figures that’s just how they are. 

Sturges: He’s just so protective of them, just like he is with Jun. He doesn’t care that they’re nervous all the time, or that they stutter. They’re still the bravest person he knows, hell, they took down a fucking deathclaw. 


Oh, Sans has always been incredibly smart! He has always pestered me on what I’m doing at work, what I have worked on in the past, the list goes on and on. They’re both very clever and curious in that regard. Not to mention his grades! He could add and subtract by kindergarden! He’s very much on his way to following in his old man’s footsteps, academically speaking, aha.

…Papyrus, on the other hand… Bless his sweet soul, he tries, but he’s had a difficult time concentrating on a single task his whole life. He’s just a jittery little thing… also like his father. But! You should see him play! He’s a very good sportsman! I do wish I could take him out more often, but our nanny does a good job with keeping him occupied.