Uni!Luke sharing one of those 4-person apartments with these 3 messy boys who are also his best friends. And there’s you who occasionally visits and occasionally studies with him privately in his room and occasionally shares a few kisses that occasionally lead to more, but ofc you’re just friends. And so far the other boys seem to believe that bc they don’t really care. So they readily accept when you stay over bc you bring homemade food, which face it, they wouldn’t have otherwise, and you’re just a great person to be around. As a group, you’ll chill by watching a movie and eating snacks, but you notice how jittery Luke is. He tries to remain nonchalant and waiting it out, but you’ve never seen him move so quick as gets you up and to his room as soon as the credits play and the boys are passed out on the couches and floor. Immediately, he pushes you against the door and you’re heavily making out and grinding, trying so hard not to make sounds bc these shitty dorm walls are paper thin. And you’re gasping against each other’s mouths, managing to move to the bed and strip at the same time, the creaky bed shifting slightly. He presses wet kisses all over, giving special attention to your sensitive tits, making you arch your back in pleasure and next thing you know, his leaking cock is wrapped in a condom pressing into you and you can’t help the moan that leaves you in the middle of the night. Both your eyes widen and you giggle together a little bc it’s a little funny if you’re caught, but Luke stops the humor by pulling out and thrusting hard, swallowing any sounds that leak from your mouth. Neither of you are sure how you managed to last long at all, so when Luke finally pulls out, you’re both so exhausted and sweaty and try to clean up a bit before collapsing into his bed. He pulls you closer and presses kisses all over your face, giggling at your facial expression before whispering a sweet “good night princess” and snuggling into your neck. And no, you don’t wake up to one of the boys squawking “what the hell happened to your back?” No, definitely not. :) (sorry for any mistakes)

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How would Hinamori act around Sayuri? I imagine she might respect Sayuri to some extent because of her relation to Sousuke but I do think she would be very jittery and nervous around Sayuri as well.

Oh, she genuinely respects her, she’s just hella intimidated by her as well.

INFPs I’ve Met (by an INFJ)

What I noticed and observed about them: (3 Males & 2 Females)

  1. They are the introverts with a lot of friends. 
  2. Each of them have some sort of hidden talent that I don’t even know why they keep hidden in the first place. They are just so humble. (It’s annoying– I LOVE THEM). Their hidden talent most likely has something to do with the arts. 
  3. They are writers. The ones I know write blog posts, poetry, witty Facebook statuses, music, and lyrics. Self-expression is definitely a necessity for them.
  4. Two of the INFP males I know have this innocent aura that will make you want to be super nice to them and even take care of them and not bully them even if they look so easy to bully. They’re that pure.
  5. The other INFP male I know looked very tense and jittery before I first talked to him. But once I got him to start talking, he easily opened up. You just gotta reach out first.
  6. Once you reach out to them, they will open up and you’ll discover that they are such cool people with strong opinions and beliefs. (pretty much closet ENFPs)
  7. The two INFP females on the other hand were the ones who seemed loud at first–probably ‘cause they were with their friends–but ended up being really deep and humble people (I love it).
  8. They are nice and civil to everyone. They don’t show it when they dislike someone (however, their close friends will know). They’re just that easygoing, which is why they have a lot of friends. (who are actually just mostly acquaintances to them–but they won’t tell them)
  9. They have such good humor. Especially their sarcasm. AND THE TIMING OF THEIR JOKES IS PERFECT.
  10. When they’re with their friends, you wouldn’t even think they’re introverts. They are so loud and lively with them (mostly the girl INFPs I’ve met are like this–the INFP males on the other hand are more obviously introverted). 
  11. Everyone likes them. I’m serious, what’s not to like? They are such good-hearted and open-minded people (even if they have strong beliefs). Before you know it, you’re completely yourself when you’re around them. They just make you feel homey.
  12. When they’re in a bad mood, they distance themselves. They just don’t want to be a burden, even to their friends. No matter how many times you insist to be there for them, they will shake their heads and handle their problems by themselves. After all, the fight is in their head.
  13. When they present alone in front (in class), they can be the most awkward people ever. But they do have a lot of meaningful things to say. They just aren’t used to taking the stage.
  14. Most of the ones I know suffer with anxiety. This is most likely due to the fact that they feel so deeply and tend to keep it inside–after all, Fi is their most dominant function. 
  15. They are the nicest people ever (even if it’s not all that obvious), but if you hurt them on purpose–they will remember you for it. But they will forgive (on the outside).
  16. They are the life of the party even if they aren’t loud. I don’t know, like when they aren’t present in their group of friends–there is obviously something missing. 
  17. They are good with one-on-one conversations. It’s amazing how even though they aren’t good with big crowds, they have this ability to talk to a stranger for a second and make them feel comfortable (if they want to, that is). 
  18. They are not boring at all. It’s an Ne thing–their second dominant function–that makes them so talkative and animated. If they aren’t talking about something, they’re either making weird sounds to make others laugh or saying funny movie lines aloud (similar to INTPs). 
  19. They are smart. They have their own way of understanding things and they are not clueless–I swear, they know a little about everything. Just give them a topic, and they will have an opinion about it.
  20. They have trouble saying no. I swear, the last thing they want to do is hurt someone. (Unless it’s for justice)  
  21. Music is extremely important to them. The INFPs I know either dance, play guitar, sing, or well–just need their earphones with them everyday to block out the world when they feel like it. 
  22. The vibes they give off, equal to their current mood. They are infectious.

Well, what do you guys think? :)  Agree or disagree?


So I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the Marina Joyce situation, and I’m sure a lot of you are confused, so I’m going to explain this the best I can. Marina Joyce is a beauty YouTuber with 600k subscribers and recently in her videos she has been acting very strange, repeating things, stuttering, acting forced/frightened, and moving as if she is just very uncomfortable and jittery. She also appears to have many cuts and bruises all over her body and in her most recent video a voice can be heard saying “help me” at 0:13. This has lead many to believe that she is either using drugs, or that she is being forced to make videos by an abuser, possibly her boyfriend or father, and they also might be drugging her. On social media she’s expressed that she’s fine, and she’s also replied to most YouTube comments claiming to be okay, but it’s likely that that’s her abuser who’s actually replying/posting for her or they are closely monitoring what she posts online. On one of her more recent videos, however, someone commented asking if everything was okay and she replied yes, and then also commented no under it. This comment has been deleted but I have provided a screenshot. She also replied to a comment theorizing that she edited in the “help me” saying that she did edit it in, but that was also deleted and she liked a tweet asking her to like it if something was wrong, although she tweeted saying that everything was fine. Her mom was also contacted by someone and she claimed that Marina was fine, which leads me to believe that it’s possible she’s involved in the abuse, or that she’s covering for her father, and Marina does live with her parents so that’s very possible. It’s also possible that she’s abusing drugs such as heroine or speed, which could explain her behavior and the bruises on her arms may be track marks, but it doesn’t explain the bruises all over her body. In her most recent video there are bruises that can be seen on her arms, neck, back, and legs and in her “Annoying Things Girls Do” video there are very clear cuts and bruises on her legs. Another thing is in her Q&A video when she answers a question about if she’s changed, she gets very jittery and looks almost like she wants to cry, and even says she didn’t do anything to deserve this. Additionally in many of her newer videos her eyes dart around a lot, she looks behind the camera a lot of the time, as if she’s looking at somebody.
Finally, in her everyday makeup tutorial, a shotgun can be seen in the corner of her room starting at 1:43. Marina lives in London, and shotguns are illegal there, which makes it even more suspicious. I’ve heard that many have already tipped the London police, so hopefully she’ll get help if she needs it soon. Feels free to reblog with corrections/more information.

when they're sick

sherlock: VERY drama, shouts a lot, literally just constantly groaning and making horrible noises to reflect how horrible he feels
john: grumpy, disoriented, always making that squinty confused angry face people making when they’re in the sun with no sunglasses on, would very much like to sleep until it’s over
both: want to be held by the other