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robstar "first time" headcanons? ;)

  • Ironically it’s Robin who starts thinking about it first.
  • You’d expect Starfire to be the one who brings it up first but turns out she’s just so content finally being his girlfriend and she knows he has trouble taking big relationship leaps so she just kinda figures it’ll happen eventually when Robin’s ready.
  • (Doesn’t mean she doesn’t tease him or let her hands linger in… places.)
  • Robin does some meticulous research into Starfire’s biology.  He’s pretty sure they’re compatible since in most respects Starfire is almost identical to a human but he just doesn’t want to be thrown for an unexpected loop and he’s not sure how rude it would be to just simply… you know… ask.
  • Fortunately it appears that Tamaranians are fully complementary to human biology.
  • He’s nervous and jittery for like a week while he works up his nerve to spring the question on her.
  • He’s just not sure if he should just set something up and plan it all out or feel her out first to see if she’d be up for it and and just go with the flow and this is not exactly something he can call Batman about.
  • So he just frets and stews over it, thinking of different scenarios and ways it could play out.
  • His nervousness is a constant annoying tinny empathic buzz and it drives Raven absolutely nuts.
  • She’s very irritable the whole week he’s working up to it.
  • (She would later describe it to him as “secondhand empathic blue-balls”.  Robin wisely did not ask for any further elaboration, and quietly worked on improving his mental shields.)
  • Finally he eased the topic into their conversation.  Not well, as he started stammering and getting all embarrassed about bringing it up.
  • An amused Starfire took note of his red face and his babbling and accurately surmised, “Robin, are you asking me if I would like to copulate with you?”
  • “…Yeah.”
  • She giggles and leads him off to her room.
  • (Robin made sure to keep protection on hand.)
  • They’re a little awkward and full of nervous giggles.
  • Starfire knees him in the face once.
  • They basically just experiment and try to figure out what works and what feels good.
  • Raven can feel the release of tension from on the Tower roof and she’s like, “FINALLY!”
  • Beast Boy can smell the sex on them when they finally decide to emerge, and he and Cyborg and giddily congratulatory.
  • Speedy and Aqualad owe them fifty more bucks. 

Cadavillar- Exoskeleton Pokémon

Type- Bug/Ghost

Ability- Rattled/Unnerve (Hidden)

Cadavillar are formed from the amalgamated souls of insects killed by humans. Confused and afraid, they desperately cling to the bones they possess, their only tether to this world. The bones are not their own, but are rather collected from other corpses and reassembled into a familiar pattern. Their movements are jittery and hesitant.

Entomortis- Exoskeleton Pokémon

Type- Bug/Ghost

Ability- Graveyard/Unnerve (Hidden)

Evolves from Cadavillar at level 50.

When all the souls making up Cadavillar achieve peace with each other, they evolve into Entomortis. These Pokémon fly across Novrai in the dead of night, absorbing any ambient souls into themselves. Many say that seeing an Entomortis take flight means you’re marked to become part of one when you die, but these Pokémon aren’t malicious or dangerous, they just want to make sure lost spirits have somewhere safe to stay. Be nice to them.

Graveyard is the signature ability of Entomortis. When this Pokémon is hit by a Ghost-type attack, it takes no damage and its own Ghost-type moves are powered up.

humans more like ew-mans am i right

the lovely @dadhopper gave me the idea that Steve becomes a cop in the Hawkins PD and I just… needed headcanons

  • Dustin helps Steve study for the exam, and quizzes him on all the important codes
  • Flo immediately adopts Steve (subsequently, she grandmothers Dustin)
  • Hopper blackmails the mayor so they could have room in the budget to have Steve come on as an officer and get paid.
  • The party visit the station all the time. 
  • “What if instead of using guns we use nail bats-” “Not happening, Harrington.” 
  • Steve is kind of jittery on his first couple of robberies and Eleanor Gillespie owl attacks, but he quickly gets the hang of it.
  • Hopper finds out quickly that Steve is the best at handling hysterical people?? Like there was a domestic disturbance call and Steve called the wife down while Hopper arrested the husband.
  • So Steve becomes like the unofficial face of the HPD and he kills it. Everyone loves him. 
  • When Steve drives Dustin home, he sometimes lets the kid press the siren button
  • Callahan and Powell don’t like Steve at first, but he quickly wins them over
  • Steve tries a plain donut dipped in coffee and nearly gags “How do you guys do this every day”
  • Dustin: “I’m getting bullied” Steve: “Okay, I’ll arrest them-” Hopper, from another room “NO YOU CAN’T” 
  • the first time steve gets to taser someone is “one of the best days of his life” 
  • Steve is a great cop and Hopper and Dustin are very proud of him

thanks leah this better become canon

in honor of my team maybe going to the world series (knock on wood friends), how about some baseball shance??

like lance is the hotshot pitcher that just got traded to shiro’s team, and everyone’s on pins and needles as to how it’ll turn out. the lions have a long history, but they’re actually a really young team: shiro’s one of the few older players. 

there’s a lot riding on this trade. management spent a bunch of money on lance’s contract and the eyes of the sports world are on them as possible contenders for the championship. there’s also some unsavory rumors about lance’s ability to work with a team, so the lions are worried about that too.

only he fits in with the team like a dream, and he pitches like a nightmare. the kind of unerring precision and cool head that makes batters sweat.

the lions go to the playoffs for the first time in decades and everyone is super emotional. lance pitches a no-hitter in the qualifying game and shiro blurts out, “I literally love Lance McClain“ during an interview. 

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Cracker Jacks and kiss cams

Summary: A story in which Bucky Barnes is very smitten, there’s a baseball game between the New York Mets and the Chicago Cubs, and Cracker Jacks are consumed.

Prompt: “I never thought you’d break my heart”
Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None. A bit of language maybe, but this is all just sappy fluff. 

A/N: This is my submission for @just-some-drabbles​ Rom-Com writing challenge, thanks for letting me join last minute and congratulations on reaching 4k! This story came about because I really love baseball, I really love the Chicago Cubs, and I really love Bucky Barnes, so all in all, it felt like a win-win.


(Bucky, opening Google search)

“how do you know if a woman is interested”
“when do you know if a woman wants to kiss you”
“how to tell a woman you love her without saying it”
“why do I suck at talking to her”
“oh my god why can’t I just ask her out” 

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