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A Breach of Trust: Chapter 8

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Mob had broken his promise.

He was sitting at the stairs again.

Mob sat with his hands wrapped around two spokes of the banister, his weight braced against the edge of a wooden stair. He craned his neck closer to the door. Ten steps still separated him from the thin leaking light at the top. It was enough, he figured, to not endanger the man above. And if no one was in danger of his powers, then there was no reason to stay in his bed.

At least that was what Mob told himself. Mogami had been clear with his rules: do not come near the door when there were voices above.

But then the voice came back, and suddenly that rule was impossible to follow.

Mob sat still, hardly breathing. He loosened and tightened his grip as he listened, tapping along to the natural rhythm in the muffled sound beyond the door. It flooded his mind with wonder. A real person was just beyond the threshold, with a face and a body, a life, a name. It was a person who must see people every day. Someone who walked around in the world outside, someone with a job and clothes—oh clothes—what sorts of clothes did he wear? Different kinds. Not the same every day.

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haru getting back from australia and going straight to the tachibanas’ residence because he promised the twins he’d have dinner with them next time

makoto answering the door and simply beaming down at haru because he knows this means they will be able to talk later once the twins are in bed and that everything’s going to be all right again

Phone Call;
  • Declan: dialed her number as quickly as he could, mostly because his phone wasn't co-operation with him, and his contacts kept crashing. His free hand jittered against his leg as he waited for Alex to pick up.