jita's rambles

In hind sight, filling out a character spreadsheet each for all my RP characters and unused background characters is going to take months. I did not realize I have 28 character backgrounds to fill out from one family alone, omfg.

I wish I felt as dedicated to filling out the documents in my folders as I am dedicated to organizing my folders.

Hello I'm Moving

Okay so now is probably as good a time as anything to make a PSA since I’ve gained a few followers in the past few weeks. (HELLO????) So for new followers and old alike.

Over the course of the next few weeks I’m moving to Scotland. Tomorrow (Monday) I will be traveling up to the grandparents for a week or so. I’ll have internet access there but it will likely be few and far between. (I don’t like visiting and ignoring.) From the next Monday on I will be scooting to the other side of Scotland and will have absolutely no internet, and therefore this blog will be dead for a few weeks until we do~.

So, I have not died. Will be back. Love all yo’ faces.