jisoo park

  • Rosé: "Knowledge" is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; "wisdom" is not putting it in a fruit salad.
  • Lisa: That was deep.
  • Jisoo: "Philosophy" is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie.
  • Lisa: That was deeper.
  • Jennie: "Common sense" is knowing that ketchup isn’t a damn smoothie, you nasties.


She wouldn’t be scared, being her dorky self she would walk up to you and say whatever was on her mind. She would hope that she makes you laugh and that you would like to be around her more.


She would watch you from far away not sure if she should talk to you or not. If you caught her looking at you she would blush a little and give you a small smile and wave.


She would sing to get your attention, after she got done singing she would look at you seeing that you were looking at her. She would give you a big smile  and wave at you. She would end up later walking over to you and talking to you.


She would look at you every few seconds to make sure you wouldn’t catch her looking at you. “Jennie, who is she?” She would ask and Jennie would look at you then yell at you to come over. As soon as you were in front them Jennie would say “My friend finds you cute.” She would laugh and walk away. Lisa’s face would be super red but she would start talking to you.



She would do everything to get your attention, every time she saw you looking at her she would give you a big smile and wink at you only to cause herself to laugh and start blushing.


She would look at you with nothing but heart eyes, finding you super cute and wanting to get to know you. After a while of fighting with herself, she would finally find a way to talk to you.


“Who is that?” She would ask the members pointing to you, once they all told her they didn’t know you, she would then do everything to get you attention. She would seriously run to the bathroom making sure she looked good and then walk to you telling you about herself and after a while she would ask you for your phone number.


Sana would look at you for the longest time, to the point that Momo would turn around looking at you. When Sana finally see that you caught them she would hit Momo saying “Why did you look with me? I saw her first. What if they fine me creepy now?” Momo would just laughing calling you over and then leaving only to wink at Sana causing Sana to blush. When she was about to leave she would ask for your number.


She would look at you until you see her and when she notice you are looking at her she would give you a big smile and wave at you. She would end up asking for your number and for the rest of the day you were all that was on her mind.


She would be to shy to come to you, so she would have one of the girls go to you and tell you about her, how she wanted to get to know you. When you started walking towards her, she would start blushing and looking down smiling big.


She wouldn’t think twice. She would walk up to you and just start having conversation not caring if you find her awkward.Once she realize that you were enjoying her stories she would ask if you two go out sometimes. 


She would actually walk up to you after a while of thinking if she should. She would simply ask you about yourself and then tell you a little about herself, then tell you that she would like if you two could talk more.


She would ask one the girls to see if you were okay with her talking to you because she was super shy but really wanted to get to know you. Once the girls come back pushing her to you, she would have a big smile on her face for the rest of the day.